5 Benefits of Using Wood Products in Your Kitchen Refurb

June 5, 2023

Being the number one area in your home for socialising, convening, and (of course!) eating, the kitchen is the very heart of your home. So, when refurbing it, choosing the proper materials is vital to ensure its functionality, durability, and aesthetics. While you might flit back and forth between quartz, granite, stainless steel, marble, soapstone etc., wood products are among the most popular choices due to their timeless look and versatile nature.

From cupboards and flooring to countertops and accessories, choosing wood products for your kitchen refurb is very advantageous. Not only does it give your kitchen a timeless look, but it also allows you to personalise it, is good for the environment, and will its longevity outweighs most other material choices for kitchens.

Suppose you're in the middle of a kitchen refurb or considering a kitchen makeover in the next few months. In that case, we outline several benefits of using wood products in your refurb and how opting for wood products can transform your kitchen into an area of both aesthetics and practicality – continue reading for more information.

Easy To Install

Depending on how your chosen wood products have been made, whether it's a countertop or cabinets, they're typically much easier to install than most of the other materials used in kitchen refurbs. Generally, most wood products have an outside frame, raised/recessed centre panel, and soft-closing hinges; they will typically arrive at your property untouched, so you can position them in your kitchen exactly how you want by drilling your own hinge/handle holes.

On the other hand, you might order wood products that are handleless and have integrated pull handles. Either way, wood products tend to be very straightforward to install, plus they can also be customised easily if they don't suit your specifications when they arrive, which makes them such a popular choice for homeowners.

For instance, have the cabinets you've ordered for your new bespoke, modern kitchen arrived but are slightly too big? No worries! You can easily edit wood products to suit your design ideas or save yourself the hassle in the first place and order MDF cut to size directly from providers like Cworkshop.

Whether you want your panels spray painted differently to suit your new theme or want MDF cut to size, they offer various services/products to help you create the kitchen of your dreams. Consider visiting their website to browse their full range of services, read customer testimonials, draw inspiration from their dedicated hub, and more. Or contact them directly for specific inquiries, and see how their products/services could help you hone your culinary creativity today.

Good For The Environment

As time has passed, sustainability has become a trend that we can no longer ignore, with a large percentage of the UK population vowing to make small changes to their day-to-day lives to reduce their carbon footprint and make more informed choices in the future. Due to this, many homeowners are opting for eco-friendlier materials when furnishing their homes, like solid wood kitchens/bathrooms.

Since wood is a renewable resource, it's an excellent choice of material for your kitchen refurb if you're eco-conscious. Not only does it help save the planet, but it also creates an aesthetic that is classic, warm, and impossible to ignore.

Plus, depending on where you source your wood products, many retailers have a tree-planting system in place, meaning that every order placed with them will give back to the environment by planting a new tree in the felled one's place, further lessening your environmental impact. Not to mention, if you ever decide to give your kitchen another makeover, wood products are entirely recyclable and can be repurposed in various ways – making them even more adaptable.

Adds Warmth

As the social hub of your home, you want your kitchen to look warm and inviting, which can sometimes be challenging to achieve with other popular kitchen refurb materials like marble, granite, stainless steel etc. However, using wood products, you can make your kitchen look like it has just been plucked out of the pages of a storybook or like a timeless piece of Victorian history, as wood adds an air of sophistication and elegance that is hard to achieve using stone materials.

Since wood products have long been associated with good craftsmanship, using this material in your kitchen refurb elevates it further and ensures that your culinary space looks and feels welcoming to anyone who steps into it. It also makes the area seem more comforting as it lacks the cold exterior that most modern synthetic kitchens have, breathing life into the room without dampening its functionality.

Retain Its Value

Whether you're looking to sell further down the line or are putting your home on the market, another reason why wood products are a viable choice in your kitchen refurb is that they retain their value. So long as you look after your solid wood kitchen, your investment will pay off further down the line since it can add more value to your home as it is appealing to various demographics.

However, a fine line exists between adding value to a property and taking away value. As some kitchen refurbs featuring wood can leave the area looking dated and dark. In contrast, others can look refreshed and welcoming, so ensure that you liaise with your project manager/designer to make the best choices for your property and those that will grant you financial return further down the line.

Flexible Designs

Another selling point about using wood in your kitchen refurb is that there are many versatile designs, patterns, colours etc., to choose from. Whether you want to create a bright, airy culinary space by opting for oak kitchen cabinets or if you'd like a more sophisticated, moody kitchen using painted wood kitchen doors, there are no limitations when it comes to expressing yourself (and your home!) through wood products.

From shaker-style kitchen doors to boldly painted wooden cabinets, you can find various wood products to suit your needs without compromising aesthetics, creating a kitchen refurb that is both beautiful to look at and equally as lovely to create culinary masterpieces in.

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