5 Popular Myths About Air Conditioner to Forget Now

June 17, 2023

The air conditioner is an electronic device that is very commonly used in various places, whether at the home, office, or other public places. However, as is the case with many other technologies, air conditioning is also often associated with untrue myths. Ignoring or believing these myths can lead to disadvantages and misunderstandings about using air conditioners. To clarify this, let's address some common myths about air conditioners that are not true!

Air conditioner can cause cold or sore throat

This myth may often be heard, especially among older people. However, the cause of colds and sore throats is usually airborne viruses or bacteria, not from the use of the air conditioner itself. A well-maintained and clean air conditioner can help maintain indoor air quality by filtering dust, allergens, and other pollutants.

An air conditioner can cause a fever

Fever is not caused by using air conditioning. Fever is the body's response to certain infections or health conditions, such as the flu or a cold. Air conditioner only regulates room temperature and is not directly related to the increase in your body temperature.

The air conditioner must be set very low to cool the room

The air conditioner works by dissipating heat in the room and adjusting the temperature according to the settings you specify. Setting a very low temperature will only make the air conditioner run longer without providing faster cooling. In addition, temperatures that are too low can also increase energy consumption and result in higher electricity bills.

Air conditioner can make eyes dry and irritated

Some people think that air conditioning causes dry and irritated eyes. However, usually, this is caused by low humidity in the room due to the constant use of the air conditioner. Setting optimal room humidity by using additional humidity controllers or adjusting your air conditioning settings can help solve this problem.

Air conditioner is only used for cooling the room

Air conditioners are known for their ability to cool a room, but not all air conditioners only function as air conditioners. Modern air conditioners are often equipped with heating modes, air dryers, and air circulation systems that can maintain indoor air temperature and quality throughout the year.

It is important to find the right information about using an air conditioner so that you can understand exactly how it works and how to use it efficiently. Dispelling untrue myths about air conditioners can help you make an informed decision.

All the Do's to Know When Using an Air Conditioner

Due to the importance of this device in maintaining a comfortable room temperature, not only should you debunk any unnecessary myths from your list, but there are a couple of things you should also do to ensure that the air conditioner functions optimally.

Here are some "do's" that need to be considered when you are using air conditioners on a daily basis!.

  • Use proper setting mode: Take advantage of the setting modes provided by the air conditioner according to your needs. For example, the "Auto" mode allows the air conditioner to adjust the temperature automatically based on the current room temperature. This mode can help save energy and keep the room temperature stable.
  • Turn off the aircon when not in use: If the room will not be used for a long time, turn off the air conditioner to save energy. Leaving the air conditioner on when no one is in the room will only waste unnecessary energy, and make you pay more for your electricity bill.
  • Maintain good ventilation: Make sure that the room ventilation around the air conditioner is not blocked. Make sure no objects or furniture are blocking the airflow from or into the air conditioner unit. This will help the unit work more efficiently and cool the room properly.
  • Pay attention to humidity: Proper air humidity is also important in the use of air conditioners. Keep the room humidity between 40-60% to avoid excess humidity which can lead to mold growth or uncomfortable air conditions.
  • Perform periodic maintenance by technicians: In addition to maintenance that you can do yourself, it is also important to schedule regular inspections and maintenance by a professional technician. They can clean hard-to-reach parts of the air conditioner and ensure that all components function properly. If you are currently in need of a professional and reliable aircon technician to hire, you should check out www.luceaircon.sg/. Whether to clean, maintain or service your air conditioner unit, the reliable Luce Aircon team can help you to get the best treatment for your air conditioner needs.

By following the steps above, you can ensure the efficient use and proper maintenance of your air conditioner. This will help extend the life of the air conditioner and maintain air quality in the room!

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