8 Essential Features When Building a Custom Home Design

June 15, 2023

Building a custom home should be a thrilling experience, but it involves some intimidating parts, especially when you don’t know where to start. As with every creative project, it’s vital to have reliable inspiration. Fortunately, the NAHB releases annual reports identifying the features homeowners want in custom homes. Luxury in any custom home depends on your preferences, vision, and lifestyle. Here are some must-have features in your custom home design for optimum practicality and luxury.

1. Custom Media and Living Room

The living room is among the main spaces where your family gathers to relax. The living room must be comfortable and designed to serve your family’s needs. Modern technological advancements offer endless entertainment media to create your custom home theater. Movie and TV enthusiasts might want a media room with giant screens, luxury seating, and a professional sound system.

Alternatively, you can create a space in a sunken lounge to escape from technology. Also, you can include floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and acoustic space for your musical hobbies. Regardless of your passions and preferences, the area can be customized to suit diverse interests.

2. Kitchen Storage

A custom kitchen is exciting for most homeowners since it can be personalized for various use cases. For instance, you can include additional drawers for kitchenware like pans, pots, and dishwashers. Also, you can include storage solutions that are friendly to children.

Custom designs offer the liberty to choose a tailored finish in your kitchen. Typically, you can consider marble or granite benchtops and kitchen sink faucets to complement the design. For a more sophisticated kitchen design, you can integrate your dishwasher and fridge into elegant cabinetry to create a unique effect.

3. High Ceiling With Custom Decorations

Ceiling height is an essential factor in a custom design since ceiling design is often an afterthought in most home projects, but high ceilings are great since they create an illusion of height in your spaces. High ceilings also make your home feel huge, providing enough surface area for natural light to illuminate your home. However, they’re best combined with extra-large windows for an optimum effect.

Typically, high ceilings provide enough space for custom interior design choices that make a home look luxurious. For instance, you can use the extra vertical space to display artwork and install light fixtures like chandeliers and pendants to create a dazzling impression. This feature can transform your interior home design into a mesmerizing abode.

4. Ensuite Laundry Room

Lugging your laundry from your basement may not be convenient. If the master bedroom sits on the main floor, consider designing the laundry room on the main floor. If most bedrooms are upstairs, include a practical laundry closet around the area so the children can load their laundry.

However, most homeowners include laundry facilities in the master bedroom closet area, while others have multiple laundry facilities when the design layout allows. Typically, accessible laundry facilities ensure the work is quickly done since the essence of building a custom home is improving your life and comfort. However, if you have a busy work schedule and you want some help with cleaning around the house, Eco Mama house cleaning experts from Scottsdale can handle all your home cleaning needs.

5. Smart Home Automation System

Smart home automation technology includes different systems, allowing you to control security systems, thermostats, appliances, lighting, and door locks. Your smart system has a hub –a device connecting the home internet to all intelligent devices. This means you can control different features of your home through an app or remote control. You can set timers for the devices to schedule runtimes for various features depending on your lifestyle and needs.

If you need to monitor your home remotely, you’ll have access and control over the cameras and other devices so you can ensure everything is perfect even when on vacation. Most importantly, you can install voice control features to give your smart home verbal commands without touching anything.

6. Home Office

During the pandemic, many businesses and employees had to create space at home for remote work during the lockdown. Notably, most employers shifted to a hybrid work model, abandoning the traditional mode of work. This incident justifies the need for a fully-equipped home office now that hybrid work models are here to stay.

A dual home office is a custom space for work and personal tasks. Typically, the space can serve as an office, library, boardroom, study area, or artistic space. Whether you want a space for personal business or a private room for uninterrupted focus, dual offices are increasingly trendy. The space increases productivity and offers privacy. And you can enjoy cost savings from tax claims. A custom home office is often ideal for working parents and children who need a quiet environment for homeschooling and other intensive school projects.

7. Custom Home Gym

A custom home gym can help you save time and money. You can create a dedicated area for your daily workouts. Whether you need a minimalistic space with basic equipment or a large hall with state-of-the-art gym amenities, a practical home gym can be a game changer.

Depending on your exercise regime, you can add different machines and accessories that help you during workouts. However, including audio-visual systems and mirrors can make your workout sessions enjoyable. In the long term, a home gym can minimize gym membership fees and travel time.

8. Outdoor Living Space

The freedom of combining outdoor and indoor living features in a custom home is the epitome of luxury. Most new homeowners view the exterior living space as an essential extension of their indoor living space. However, most homeowners seek home designs with architecture that allows a seamless transition from an indoor living area to an outdoor relaxing area. You can incorporate large glass doors, verandas, fire pits, and an outdoor kitchen with bars and lounging space to extend the entertainment space in your home.


The best way to convert your custom home design into a dream home is by involving an expert in the design process. However, understanding your most valuable features is vital so that you can guide the designer on what you want to achieve. If you’ve already built your home, you can still work on upgrades to make your home more luxurious and practical. 

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