8 smart ways to organize your makeup

June 23, 2023

 Do you have a beauty routine? Are you someone who can wear a full day of makeup one day but go minimal the next? But still, you have so many beauty products that fitting them well is a bit challenging. Saying yes to all this. Then this blog is for you.

The blog discusses organizing your makeup finely so it looks classy, stays well, and is organized. When you organize your beauty products, you give them a long life. It also makes it easier to find that Fendi lipstick you adore so much when you need it. Finding anything will be challenging if your makeup is cluttered everywhere. Understandably, finding a system with varying sizes of bottles, tubes, and palettes is challenging. But you can achieve this by using the smart tips mentioned below.

Use a lazy Susan to put all your beauty products up

A Lady Susan is the perfect way to organize your makeup. It displays everything perfectly, and you can stack big bottles on it too. This carousel organizes your makeup on a spinning device. So, finding anything you want or need becomes easier. It comes in different sizes; you can choose one or more according to your space and requirements.

Use a makeup box

A makeup box is always a great idea to organize your overflowing products. It also helps when you travel, as you can just carry your makeup box and go. The box has multiple slots and dividers for brushes and other necessary things. Again, the size varies, and makeup boxes come in multiple shapes too. You can even get multiple materials, so choose the one you love the most.

Make use of a decorative tray.

If you have a lot of makeup, you can get creative while organizing it. For instance, if you have decorative trays, use them to organize the beauty or makeup products you use daily. Put the kajal, mascara, lip glosses, and lipsticks you use daily in the tray. Keep them on the makeup station for easy access. It will make getting ready easier and keep the products organized.

Wooden bins in a drawer

Do you have a makeup drawer with a full-sized mirror? Now you cannot put everything on the surface. Use the cabinet to organize your makeup. But if you put everything in the drawer without using any organizational tools, it will look messy. The best thing to do is get wooden dividers. The wooden dividers in the cabinet will look spectacular. Moreover, it will ensure that everything from nail clippers to brushes to blushes has a place.

Use glass jars for lipsticks.

Do you have a few glass jars lying around in the house? Then use them to organize lipsticks and the best lip glosses of 2023. This way, you will have them in a transparent jar and can easily use the one you want. Also, you can organize them in many ways this way. You can organize them by color, brand, or size.

Re-use your candle jars.

Do you love scented candles and have empty jars lying around? Then re-use them to organize your makeup brushes. It is an eco-friendly option and saves you money as you do not have to buy makeup organizers. The jars are sturdy and beautiful, so having them in your makeup station doesn’t look out of place.

Create a shelf just for makeup.

If you do not want a proper makeup cabinet and all your closets are full of clothes, go with this option. A shelf in the bathroom or your room near the big mirror is perfect. Organize your makeup using trays, lazy Susans, bins, and more on the shelf.

Use holders for sponges.

Do not throw your makeup sponges in the tray, bag, or drawer. It will accumulate mold, and you will get acne or other skin issues. The best thing to do is buy makeup sponge holders. They are inexpensive and keep your sponges clean.

Use a makeup organizer, decorative tray, or more to now organize your makeup and beauty products. If you care for them, they will last a long time. Otherwise, you can splurge money on the best products but never find them on time.



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