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With its vibrant economy, picturesque environment, and population of 55,000+ as of 2023, Olympia, WA, would be an ideal home for your family. The weather is mild, the traffic is bearable, and the residents seem really into sports for some reason.

So, how will you go about planning a stress-free move to Olympia?

Switching homes isn’t easy; you must leave a familiar region behind and move to a new place. However, a few simple tips can help you organize a comfortable and hassle-free move to your new home in Olympia, Washington. Now, here is how you can resume your life in the Evergreen State without much trouble:

1. Plan your move

The secret to a stress-free move lies in two things: planning ahead of time and making a proper budget. Calculate all potential relocating expenses to Olympia, WA, to go through this process comfortably. When creating a realistic moving budget, reserve at least $500 for unforeseen expenditures.

Start planning the journey a couple of months before the relocation date. Make a moving checklist to keep track of all the tasks involved in this process. It’ll help you stay organized when moving.

2. Rent external storage

Moving into a cluttered house can ruin your relocation experience, particularly if your home isn’t spacious enough. You need to look for self-storage facilities in the Olympian neighborhood before moving.

Search online to find options for storage Olympia WA provides its residents. These climate-controlled, easily-affordable units can be reserved online. Renting a storage place gives you more room to breathe after moving to Olympia, and you won’t have to come to a home filled with cardboard boxes.

3. Label your stuff

Packing your household items is delicate and requires at least a week. Most people will find it the most stress-inducing task in the moving process. Honestly, they are not wrong! It’s difficult to pack your belongings in their entirety. However, you can make packing easier by:

  • Start packing as soon as possible
  • Declutter and take fewer items with you
  • Gather enough packing supplies for packing
  • Pack one room at a time and start with the least-used one
  • Label all boxes with the room’s name to make unpacking much easier


4. Ask for help

Nothing wrong with asking for help when packing your possessions. Ask your family and friends to lend you a helping hand. With more people involved, packing doesn’t take much time.

Moreover, a friend may procure some quality packing supplies and give you empty cartons to pack all your stuff easily. Everything can be organized and stress-free with more hands on deck.

Here’s a fun idea: hold a packing party in your home where your pals come and help you pack everything, after which you can reward them with some pizza and beer night.

5. Hire professional movers

Homeowners often enlist their neighbors’ help when they’re maybe moving just a few blocks away. A long-distance move, however, requires professional assistance. If you’re relocating to Olympia from a different city or state, consider hiring a professional moving company to get the job done.

Look around your neighborhood, ask your friends for recommendations, or search online to find well-reviewed, experienced professionals. Make sure they are BBB-accredited and have proper testimonials furnishing their websites. Only work with movers who’ll give you long-distance moving insurance.

Also, take pictures of your belongings before sending them off with movers for insurance reasons.

6. Pack your essentials

As per a recent survey, 38% of homeowners believe moving can be more stressful than any other event in their lives. Uprooting yourself from familiar surroundings isn’t easy. But you can make your move to Olympia stress-free by packing and carrying your essentials when traveling.

These essentials include everything your family needs to spend their first night comfortably in the new place, such as meds, clothes, toiletries, phone charges, and other tech. Having easy access to all these supplies shall ensure your family’s comfort in case the movers are delayed in their journey.

Also, pack your ID cards and other documents in your sack of essentials when you are relocating.

7. Organize your utilities

Relocation can become easily stress-inducing when you forget to cancel all utilities before moving and installing them in your new home. Take final meter readings before leaving your old home. Inform the service provider that the house has been sold and you won’t need these utilities any longer.

Also, before moving to your place in Olympia, WA, register with local service providers to schedule the installation of all necessary utilities. These include gas, water, cable, internet, and electricity. Make the place livable for your family so you guys can relax here after an exhausting journey to Washington.

8. Notify important parties

When leaving your hometown, notify all relevant parties about your relocation plans. Create a list of all the private/government organizations that must be informed about your address change. Try to update this crucial information a few weeks before you relocate to prevent unnecessary service interruptions. For instance, share your new address with friends and family so they can stay in touch with you. Moreover, you should inform the following institutions:

  • Postal services
  • Insurance providers
  • Financial institutions
  • Subscription services
  • Government agencies

9. Prepare for arrival

When you’re ready to switch homes and arrive in Olympia, don’t forget to prepare it for your family. Hire professional cleaners to deep-clean the property and eliminate all remnants of its old owners. Cleaners will get rid of dust, dirt, and hidden pollutants from every nook and cranny of your new house. Change all the locks for extra security; you don’t know who else has a key to your house. Child-proof the place if you have kids by securing hazards, such as electrical outlets.


Moving can be a hassle, particularly when not planned properly. However, the tips mentioned in this blog can help you relocate to Olympia, WA stress-free. You just have to pack everything right, hire reliable movers, transfer your utilities, and prepare your new house for your family’s arrival. Also, rent self-storage facilities in Olympia to store your additional belongings for now.


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