Basement Waterproofing in Scarborough: Reasons to Think About it Now

June 5, 2023

To ensure that your plans are not broken because of aggressive groundwater, you need to think about high-quality and effective basement waterproofing scarborough not to spend money on expensive repairs in the future. During the construction phase it is obligatory to conduct waterproofing in your basement. However, it happens that people build their own houses and forget about this important step. Here is a comprehensive guide why you shouldn’t forget about basement waterproofing.

Why Do I Need Waterproofing from Groundwater?

In addition to the inconveniences faced by the owner of a flooded property (impossibility to go down into the basement and store anything in it), the lack or deficiency of waterproofing of the basement from the inside of the water has much more serious consequences:

  • Moisture damages the supporting structures of buildings causes corrosion of metal elements, and there is a gradual destruction of the foundation walls. Unless the basement is waterproofed, the reliability and durability of the entire house are at risk;
  • In a damp basement, mold and fungus develop, spoiling products and being dangerous to the human body. You cannot store anything in such a room;
  • A flooded basement cannot be used as an additional room in your home (for a gym, workshop, or laundry room): finishes, appliances, and furniture may be damaged by water;
  • Insects and unpleasant odors are also consequences of constant dampness in the basement;
  • Mildew that has appeared in the cellar over time can spread to other rooms, especially if they are bound by wooden beams and support structures or surfaces with mineral finishes. The problem can be combated only by complete and quality waterproofing of the problem area.

Why is There Dampness in the Basement?

No matter how hard the builders tried, the basement is very often damp if no measures have been taken against moisture.

Here are the main causes of moisture ingress:

  • In old buildings, because of the temporary deformation of the foundation, cracks can form, through which water penetrates. Most often they are formed in the area of the joints between the wall and the floor;
  • Water appears in the basement and if the basement lining was not created during construction or it has collapsed over time;
  • Penetration of groundwater due to rising water levels can also cause moisture in the basement or even flooding.

Especially dangerous for the basement is close to groundwater. The fact is that it is impossible to get rid of this underground flow because it is controlled by nature.

At first, after the construction of the building, groundwater will not penetrate so much, but over time it will expand all the possible cracks and the building will be regularly waterlogged. There is no point in pumping the water out because it will get there again

How to Waterproof the Floors in the Basement?

The basement as one of the most important and necessary rooms in the house should always stay dry. Comprehensive measures to waterproof the floor will save the owner of the building from the penetration of groundwater in the basement, and thus prevent the destruction of the foundation. If there will be no excessive moisture in the basement, it will not settle pathogens, mold, and mildew.

Waterproofing measures are usually carried out during the construction phase of the building. However, if necessary, some of them can also be carried out in a ready-made room. In general, waterproofing is a set of measures and works that will result in a dry basement or other room.

Often people confuse waterproofing and sealing, but the two concepts, although they have a common purpose, are different.

Sealing is the application of a thin layer of a special substance on the surface, it protects the room from capillary penetration of moisture from the ground. However, this measure is ineffective if the bulk of the water enters the basement through cracks and joints between the walls and floor, in masonry, etc.

Waterproofing is more significant in its scope of work, it also involves sealing all of these cracks with special compositions or materials.

Tip: In areas where the floors in the basement are below the water table, you must also organize an additional drainage system.

It is worth remembering that the greater the risk of water penetration into the basement, the more reliable should be the protection of the room against it. Ideally, waterproofing work is carried out both inside and outside the basement – then the water will not threaten it.

When Should I Start Working?

In practice, the best solution is to perform the entire list of waterproofing measures during the construction phase. But if you failed to do this, it is worth carefully observing the microclimate parameters in the room itself.

If you notice an increase in humidity or an unpleasant smell of dampness, then you should already be alert and take the necessary measures before there are leaks or moisture on the walls. The sooner the work is done, the lower the chance of damage to the permanent structures.

How to Protect the Basement from Groundwater? Additional Recommendations

Choose the right season. The best time to perform basement waterproofing is during the warm period when there is minimal rainfall. In most cases, the surface must dry well after the application of the insulating agent.

It should be noted that not all products are universal and may be intended only for certain surfaces. Therefore, it is necessary to consult with experienced professionals and not to safe money on high-quality construction materials.

After waterproofing it is necessary to ensure a good air exchange inside the basement. Otherwise, moisture can form again, and as a consequence fungus and mold.

The Final Word

The basement waterproofing scarborough is necessary not only to ensure dryness but also to protect the entire building from excess moisture. Consult with a professional home renovation contractor Will Fix today and protect your house from water for years to come.

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