Best Red Light Wavelength For Skin 

June 22, 2023

A plethora of problems could be treated by red light therapy without posing any threat to the body. No matter the issue, red light therapies have become the go-to treatment form.
To witness any form of change to your issue with the use of red light, you must be knowledgeable on wavelength, frequency, and duration of exposure to red light. It is recommended to take multiple short sessions of this therapy instead of taking longer ones at a higher wavelength and frequency. 

This is why knowing about the best red light wavelength for skin is highly encouraged by its users. This article will provide you with detailed information on red light and how effective it is. 

Best Red Light Wavelength for Skin 

Red light therapies have been used for a number of reasons at this point. Whether it is used on the face, the body, or the scalp for hair, this form of treatment is reliable, non-invasive, and comes without any risk factors. 

This is why knowing about the wavelengths, frequencies, and duration of the LED light is essential. Here are a few ideas on the best wavelength of red light for skin - 

650nm For Fat Loss 

Losing weight using light therapy is a safe and effective form of weight loss. In order to notice any change, staying consistent in using it is crucial. Light therapy has no detrimental side effects to the body even after prolonged use and can be relied upon for effective results. 

However, maintaining a constant wavelength of light is vital to notice such results. Maintaining 650nm of red light exposure can help the fat cells shrink and lose built-up stubborn fat. 

650nm wavelength of red light is ideal for promoting weight loss as it can penetrate through the layer of fat that is difficult to shed with exercise and diet. 

635nm For Inflammation 

A number of reasons can cause inflammation of the skin. Weather changes, diet changes, allergy triggers, and hormonal changes could cause it. As a result of these triggers, the skin's surface may appear swollen and red or even pale in some cases. Luckily, light therapy can help reduce inflammation and prevent it from recurring as often. 

Red light therapy at 635nm is the perfect wavelength to stimulate and increase blood flow which helps reduce inflammation. Proper blood flow to the damaged tissues will help blood circulate through the body better and promote oxygen. 

Keeping the wavelength of the red light exposure at 635nm is recommended because blood is at its optimum consistency at this wavelength. Hence, better circulation promoting through the tissues and reducing inflammation. 

660nm For Sore Muscles 

Whether your muscles are sore from your posture, workout, or from an overactive body, relieving sore muscles is imperative. Both red light and infrared light therapies come in quite handy when healing sore muscles. 

However, red lights at 660nm precisely can dramatically help relieve sore muscles, body aches, and stiff muscles. At this range, it is not going to create any heat as it is under the range of infrared lights, yet it offers results just as similar and effective. 

Exposure to red light at the 660nm range for just about 5 minutes can be enough to offer relief from stiff muscles and soothe them. It may take multiple sessions depending on what caused this soreness. However, maintaining 660nm of exposure for a limited amount of time is necessary to heal properly. 

630nm For Collagen Production 

Collagen is responsible for our skin appearing to be glowing, youthful, and holding up its shape. It ensures your skin is held in place and prevents wrinkle formation, sagging, and the appearance of fine lines. 

Exposure to red light at 630nm can help boost collagen production in the body effectively and without any damaging side effects; when the wavelength and frequency are maintained without any risk of killing the cells. 

Red light directly acts upon the mitochondria, increasing body energy and collagen production. The more the body can produce collagen, the better it will be able to help maintain the skin's firmness. It offers structure to the skin, whether on the face or the body and helps replace dead skin cells with new ones that ensure better and smoother-looking skin. 

660nm For Sensitive Skin 

Sensitive skin that is prone to acne can be very reactive to most mundane products and things used in daily life. 

Even sun exposure on sensitive skin can be very difficult to deal with as it could lead to sunburn, inflammation and peeling of the skin. Light therapy offers healing properties and soothes reactive skin without further damage. 

Red light therapy at 660nm wavelength can help with cellular regeneration and improve blood circulation in the body with consistent use. It is not a permanent solution. However, this therapy is definitely calming for sensitive skin. It can penetrate just deep underneath the skin and impact the cellular level. 

Red light can also help minimize the appearance of any scar and allow fading of it with exposure to red light at 660nm. However, consistency is the key to achieving effective results. 

650nm For Hair Growth 

Hair fall can directly affect one’s self-confidence and create a sense of inferiority in them. It is an inevitable problem that everyone has to deal with. However, in some cases, extreme hair loss can become quite concerning. Alopecia, poor diet, and specific scalp issues are some common reasons that could trigger extreme hair fall. 

Luckily, this problem can be treated with red light therapy exposure at 650nm wavelength. It has been clinically tested, tried, and proven that red light therapy at 650nm promotes better blood flow to the scalp and helps trigger better hair production in both men and women. 

Consistent exposure to this wavelength will prevent the hair follicles from entering the catagen phase, identifying the end of active hair growth.

Bottom Line 

Light therapies have become widely popular and a reliable treatment source, no matter the problem. The convenience of getting it done at home by yourself with an FDA-approved device also adds to its benefit of not having to go to a salon. This treatment is proven to be completely free from any detrimental side effects while being absolutely effective in its treatment. 

However, knowing the best red light wavelength for skin, its frequency, and duration is important to achieve these outstanding results from the treatment. Over-exposure to light will not do any good, so sticking to the recommended duration, wavelength, and frequency is always best. 

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