Civil Engineering in the Natural World: 101

June 30, 2023

When you hear the phrase ’civil engineering', you would be forgiven for imagining a huge industrial warehouse or factory and large pieces of machinery that produce high volumes of manmade products.

However, even though, of course, some subsections of civil engineering are concerned with the mechanical world, there are also many specialisms that solely focus on protecting the environment.

So, with that being said, here is civil engineering in the natural world: 101.

Water Resources Civil Engineering

Water resources engineering is, in essence, the more environmentally-friendly cousin of hydraulic engineering and is heavily concentrated on the efficiency of a structure or building without causing destruction to the natural world around it.

Water resources engineering involves the management and initial collection of water in terms of a natural resource and works to concentrate this extraction both above the ground and below the ground.

As an individual, there are many ways you can work to protect the natural world and your local environment, namely to reduce your water usage, both in the context of cooking and gardening, and to only ever use the volume of water you need. Additionally, reducing the number of baths you take and instead having a shower will also serve to make a difference and reduce your carbon footprint.

Community-Based Preservation of Local Areas

Not only are professional civil engineers employed by large national and even international businesses, they are often also tasked with assisting the local community in their efforts to preserve and protect an area of natural interest, such as an overgrown lake, for example.

Should you be in such a position and need a qualified engineer to ascertain the validity of changing the direction of the water drainage, say, then do not hesitate to contact site master planning services in St. Louis.

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical engineers are one of the leading groups of professionals who work to design and oversee the strengthening of environmentally-minded structures to protect the earth, cliffs, hills, and water sources.

Working closely with soil scientists and geologists, geotechnical engineers investigate the changes to soil and rock conditions over time and advise and present their findings to construction bosses and government advisors before a structure is ‘green lit’.

Environmental Engineering

Obviously, no list containing the applications of civil engineering in the natural world would be complete without the role of the environmental engineer.

Once called sanitary engineering, environmental engineering concentrates on the purification of water, land, and air, the treatment of chemical and biological and thermal waste, environmental remediation, and waste management of hazardous materials.

Earthquake Engineering

Finally, an incredibly scientific and specialist branch of civil engineering that is entirely focused on the natural world is earthquake engineering.

Earthquake engineers identify, analyze, and solve issues and problems linked to the occurrence of an earthquake and, more specifically, the aftermath. A detailed and extensive knowledge of everything from marine engineering, structural engineering, seismology, architecture, and geology are all required in order to be a successful earthquake engineer.

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