Decoding the Etiquette of Wedding Invitations

June 6, 2023

Invitations are an important element of any event, especially weddings, because they are the starting point of your event and they provide guests with all the key information about the upcoming event, from the venue to the dress code.

There is always an opportunity for creativity and innovation during a wedding, but the invitation's wording and layout should adhere to standard practices. Here are solutions to the most common wedding invitation etiquette questions that couples have. You can have custom cards for marriage invitation designed at

1. What does the wedding invitation include?

The event type and your own tastes will dictate the particulars. It is proper etiquette for wedding invitations to consist of a principal card with the invitation text, the date and location of the event, directions to the venue, information on the dress code and after-party (if one is planned), and a request for a response. The last 4 letters stand for "Respondez, s'ilvousplait," which is French for "Please respond." In other words, this card serves as a confirmation or denial of attendance form for the event's invited visitors. Stamps and return addresses are standard fare for RSVPs. When should the rsvp deadline be for a wedding? It's important to have a cutoff date for guests to RSVP to wedding invitations. It's customary to do so around three to four weeks before the event. Now is the moment to finalize the seating arrangement, inform the caterer of the exact number of guests, and buy any additional chairs or tables that may be needed. Experts in the field of wedding planning claim that the design of the invitation itself might serve as a subtle dress code hint.

2. When should invitations be sent?

It is customary to send out invitations two months in advance. Even the busiest of your invited guests will have plenty of time to make travel arrangements and attend such a significant occasion if given eight weeks' notice. Make sure the letter gets to the receiver at least three months before the event, especially if you're arranging an international celebration. Guests need enough time to organize their vacation, including securing necessary visas and making other arrangements. Many couples set the RSVP date for the wedding early in the wedding preparation period, about 6 to 8 months before the event. The only details in this brief announcement are the wedding's date, the couple's names, the location (if applicable), a website address, and the promise of an invitation in the near future.

3. Do I have to create a wedding website if I have paper invitations?

It's really up to you. A printed invitation shouldn't include too much information, and anything more may be posted on the website. There's room for a list of desired presents and flowers, a menu and schedule for the big day, clips from the Love Story set, and, after the event, a layout of the photographer's best shots. More visitors will be able to respond quickly and easily through email than via snail mail when you send out invitations. Adding the address of the wedding site is what to put on the back of the wedding invitation, so that guests can find more details about the event via the link.

4. "Come without children." How do you get the information to your guests correctly?

Inviting people is the first step. If you're welcoming a married couple, address them as "Dear Collin and Mary..." A guest who expresses interest in bringing their three kids to the wedding after receiving an invitation should be contacted privately and politely reminded that the event is intended for adults only. If they don't want to bring their children to the wedding, ask if they may still come. The fact that there will be no kiddos at your wedding should be made clear on the site.

5. Should I include a "plus one" invitation for a single guest?

Nope, it's not necessary in any way. If the invitee is not engaged nor in a long-term relationship, they should merely get a simple "name only" invitation. The party is "for your own people," and we're certain that everyone you invite will understand and appreciate that. Instead, you may go out of your way to invite the best man or best woman to accompany the wedding guest who has a date a few months away from the big day.

6. The wedding is in two weeks, and several guests still haven't responded to the invitation. What to do?

We know you can't possibly call each and every attendee to double-check their contact information, so please delegate this responsibility to your mother, sister, girlfriend, or the event's organizers. Tell your guests that the wedding is just a few weeks away, and that they should start getting their final seating assignments and guest count in to the catering company.

Remember that every detail of your event should have the same style and color scheme. Accordingly, the wedding invitation wording for guests and palette should match the wedding invitation and website, on name plates and table numbers, and on the menu and event program.

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