Does Tordon Kill Grass? Here's What You Should Know

June 21, 2023

If you are battling stubborn weeds and unwanted plants, you may be curious about the effects of Tordon on your lush green carpet. So does Tordon kill grass? How to use it correctly?

We understand your love and care for your vibrant lawn. Hence, we are here to shed light on this topic. Let's scroll down to explore the impact of Tordon on grass and learn some tips to handle it! 

Does Tordon Kill Grass?

No. Instead of killing grass, Tordon targets some plant types in your garden, such as woody plants, broadleaf species, trees, or bushes. 

What is Tordon?

Tordon is a herbicide brand. Most Tordon products have picloram as their primary ingredient to control broadleaf and woody plants. 

Picloram is effective in killing unwanted vegetation by penetrating the roots and leaves. Then, the chemical will affect the plant's metabolism and growth. 

Effect of Tordon on Grass

When you apply Tordon to your plants, only ones sensitive to the auxin in the product will experience damage. Meanwhile, the grass is resistant to auxin. 

Besides, if you spray Tordon or any picloram-based herbicides on an area before growing grass, there won't be any effect on the grass germination.

You may notice a slight impact on new growth vigor, but picloram is generally safe for newly seeded lawns. 

While Tordon and picloram may not harm grass, you need to read and follow the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure proper application.  

1. Tordon will not kill your grass

Will Tordon Kill A Large Tree?

Yes. And here is how the process of Tordon killing a tree:

  • Application: The tree absorbs the chemicals in Tordon when you apply it. 
  • Absorption: The tree gradually takes up the active ingredients of Tordon through its fibrous cells. When the cells die, the process continues in the root. 
  • Root death: Over time, the herbicide kills the root of the tree, cutting off its access to nutrients and water. Then, it will start to deteriorate, and its overall health will decline. 
  • Tree death: Eventually, the branches and trunk of the tree also die. 

The amount of time Tordon needs to kill a large tree depends on its size. For example, a small tree can't endure more than two weeks. Meanwhile, a mature one may take five weeks before its roots die. 

2. Tordon can kill a large tree

Should You Use Tordon On Your Lawn?

Tordon doesn't harm your green grass. Thus, you may want to use it to eliminate annoying trees in your garden without worrying about it affecting your beautiful lawn. However, check these considerations before deciding: 

  • Lawn health: If your grass is weak, applying Tordon can be harmful to them. In this case, improve your lawn health first before you kill nearby trees with herbicides. Consider using a high-quality lawn mower, like this Great States 815-18, to trim it regularly. 
  • Instructions: Tordon provides many types of herbicides. Hence, you have to check the product's ingredients and instructions carefully before spraying it in your garden. 
  • Environment: Herbicide use harms the environment because of the included chemicals. As a result, you must use it responsibly and follow the guidelines strictly. Do not forget to use protective gear when applying the herbicide. 

3. Consider different factors before applying the herbicide

How To Use Tordon Correctly? 

You need protective gear, like high boots, eyewear, and gloves, while handling Tordon. Then, follow these steps to apply this herbicide to the ugly stumps:

  • Ensure the tree stump area is dry and clean. You can use a lawn mower to treat the lawn area nearby first. Remember to store your machine correctly for the subsequent use. 
  • Remove plants nearby. 
  • Mix Tordon with water in a 1:40 ratio. The liquid then has a light color. 
  • Apply the mixture to the edge of the stump first, then cover the cambium area. 
  • You need several applications for the herbicide to penetrate and skill the roots. 
  • Do not inhale this stump killer when mixing and applying it. Also, inform your family members about the treatment so they can protect themselves from the chemicals. 

How Long Can Tordon Stay in Soil?

Tordon can remain active in the soil for up to one year after application. However, it varies depending on several factors, such as:

  • Soil condition: If the soil is wet and marshy, Tordon will break down quickly. Often, it starts to decay after one month. On the other hand, dry soil allows Tordon to stay for up to four years. 
  • Picloram breakdown: Picloram will finally dissolve into carbon dioxide. This process may reduce the Tordon's presence in the soil over time. 

Is Tordon Safe For Animals? 

Yes. Tordon is safe for animals like dogs and cats that may wander around your yard. In fact, Tordon only affects plants by disrupting their growth process through the plant cells. Meanwhile, The EPA has found no adverse effects of Tordon on animals. 

However, you should keep those animals away from the treated area until dry. This precaution prevents any contact and ingestion of the herbicide when wet. 

On the other hand, Tordon affects fish badly. So if you have a fish pond nearby, take extra caution. Otherwise, the herbicide will come into contact with the water and harm your fish. 

4. Keep animals away from the treated area when the herbicide is wet


Tordon can kill broadleaf weeds and plants in your garden. Yet, your grass isn't susceptible to this herbicide. Hence, applying it to your garden will not affect the green grass.  

Even so, you must follow proper application techniques to apply Tordon correctly. Then, you can control weeds while keeping your lawn thriving. 

Remember that a beautiful lawn is within your reach with the proper care. If you need more lawn maintenance tips, don't hesitate to reach us. 

Thank you for reading!

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