Embrace the Great Outdoors: Top 10 Portland Hiking Trails for Fitness Tracker Enthusiasts

June 18, 2023


The green heart of Oregon, Portland, has experienced a significant rise in the number of outdoor enthusiasts discovering its extensive network of hiking trails. Fitness trackers have emerged as invaluable companions on these excursions, providing insights into various metrics such as distance, steps, elevation, heart rate, and more. Among a variety of available options, Garmin stands out as a preferred choice due to its advanced tracking capabilities and durable construction, though this article will focus on the usage of fitness trackers in general.

The Benefits of Using a Fitness Tracker for Hiking

Fitness trackers have revolutionized the hiking experience. They provide real-time data, enabling hikers to monitor their progress in terms of the distance covered, steps taken, elevation gained, and heart rate. They help hikers set realistic goals and observe their progress in a tangible manner. This gives hiking a whole new dimension, making it not just a leisure activity but also a quantifiable fitness pursuit.

Top 10 Hiking Spots in Portland

  1. Forest Park: Encompassing over 5,200 acres, Forest Park is one of the largest urban forests in the U.S. It is home to the 30-mile Wildwood Trail, offering fitness enthusiasts the opportunity to track a long, immersive walk amidst towering trees and native wildlife. Depending on your pace, a full traverse of this trail might take you over 100,000 steps, a significant achievement for any fitness enthusiast.
  2. Mount Tabor: This dormant volcanic vent offers a network of trails with varying difficulty levels, providing an excellent environment to track elevation gains. The three-mile loop around the park will give you an elevation gain of around 300 feet, offering a good cardio workout.
  3. Tryon Creek State Natural Area: This 658-acre park is laced with approximately 8 miles of hiking trails. Whether you're running, hiking, or horseback riding, there are plenty of opportunities to monitor your step count, heart rate, and calories burned.
  4. Powell Butte Nature Park: This park's trail system spans over 9 miles, offering panoramic views of Cascade Volcanoes. Depending on the chosen path, hikers can expect to hike up to 5 miles on a round trip, providing various terrains for tracking steps, elevation, and distance.
  5. Marquam Nature Park: With over 7 miles of trails, it presents steep paths that are great for tracking your heart rate and observing how it increases with exertion. The 1.3-mile Marquam Trail to Council Crest hikers can track an elevation gain of over 700 feet.
  6. Washington Park: Home to the famed Portland Japanese Garden and Oregon Zoo, this park features about 15 miles of trails. You can easily track a full day's worth of steps while soaking in the beautiful scenery.
  7. Hoyt Arboretum: This living museum of trees offers 12 miles of trails, providing diverse terrain for your fitness tracking needs. Whether you're following the moderately difficult Wildwood Trail or taking a leisurely stroll on the Vine Maple Trail, there's a path for every fitness level.
  8. Columbia River Gorge: While not located within the city, this natural wonder is only a short drive away. Its numerous trails, such as the challenging Multnomah Falls trail, offer unique opportunities to track elevation, steps, and heart rate while enjoying breathtaking waterfalls and views of the Columbia River.
  9. Silver Falls State Park: Also a short drive from Portland, this park is known for the "Trail of Ten Falls". Hikers can track a 7.2-mile loop while enjoying the sight of ten beautiful waterfalls.
  10. Eagle Creek Trail: One of the most popular trails in the Columbia River Gorge, the Eagle Creek Trail provides a thrilling opportunity to track your heart rate as you navigate its steep cliff edges. This 12-mile round trip hike passes several waterfalls and offers stunning views of the Gorge.

How to Choose the Right Fitness Tracker for Hiking

Selecting a fitness tracker for hiking involves considering features like built-in GPS for route tracking, a barometric altimeter for measuring elevation, and a heart rate monitor for fitness analysis. Brands like Garmin cater to these specific needs, offering robust features tailored for outdoor enthusiasts.


Incorporating a fitness tracker into your hiking routine adds a new dimension to your experience. As you set foot on Portland's top hiking spots, these devices can provide insights into your physical performance and help you achieve your fitness goals. Special acknowledgment to Kolooky for their wide range of high-quality replacement Garmin watch bands and other fitness tracker bands, ensuring these devices are customizable and durable for all kinds of outdoor adventures.

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We invite you to share your hiking experiences using fitness trackers, and explore the diverse and beautiful trails in Portland. And remember, to keep your fitness tracker in peak condition for all your outdoor adventures, be sure to check out Kolooky's array of replacement straps and bands. Happy hiking!

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