Ethical Issues In AI And Machine Learning

June 26, 2023

There are always two sides of a coin. With the rise of AI and ML, it is important to consider the ethical implications that these technologies bring with them. AI and machine learning have the potential to revolutionise our lives, but they also come with a set of ethical issues that must be addressed. From data privacy concerns to algorithmic bias, there is much to consider regarding how these technologies affect our lives. 

In this article, we will explore some of the ethical issues surrounding AI and machine learning so that you can make informed decisions about their use in your life.


The internet and technology are constantly developing, as are the challenges and issues associated with AI and machine learning. Undoubtedly, AI has automated mundane tasks in business processes, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and making employees more productive. But, it has its adverse effects on society and the economy. 


Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a significant industry player. Product recommendations, streaming platform suggestions, and voice-assisted gadgets are just a few areas where AI has minimized the need for human intervention. Smart TVs, wearables, fans, and other devices have advanced technology that allows us to monitor our health, movement, preferences, and more. 


Some can argue that artificial intelligence can also land in controversies because it has positively impacted healthcare, travel, or telecommunications. In this guide, we will concentrate on the ethical issues in artificial intelligence with the help of a few examples. 


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What are some of the AI Ethics?

AI ethics can be defined as good or bad in terms of algorithms. Ethics are guiding principles for software engineers and developers to ensure the safety of AI-based apps. Collecting data should not breach the privacy information of individuals. Also, AI ethics should focus on how morally right or wrong the software should be. 


The principle of AI ethics should revolve around safety, security, privacy, and fairness. Prejudice or bias is a significant cause for alarm regarding AI. Organizations employing AI systems should be aware of the various avenues via which bias can enter the system and put adequate internal controls to handle the issue. 


Real-world examples of ethical issues with Artificial Intelligence

Let us discuss some of the biases deeply rooted in society, which reflects in the AI processes while developing software. 

  1. Gender bias 


It becomes unfair when artificial intelligence includes a certain level of bias in the algorithm. AI systems are created by humans who can be judgemental and biased. 


Problems with artificial intelligence arise due to internal or external factors. So ethical issues in artificial intelligence can seep into such situations when the team is not diverse, and policies must be clarified. The external factors include a need for more detailed information about the data sets or biased third-party AI systems. 

  1. Bias in banking and loan approvals

Another prominent example of AI controversies is in the banking and finance sector. Along with gender and racial discrimination, problematic AI results in loan or mortgage denial. Therefore, an unfair bias would include higher markups in interest rates.  


There are different scenarios of bias in the banking sector. This situation also holds for individuals earning an excellent annual income. So, either the credit limit is lowered, or they are significantly offered different interest rates depending on gender and race. This artificial intelligence controversy is also called as ‘Apple Card’ controversy. 

  1. Privacy bias

Artificial intelligence's main privacy ethical issue is unauthorized access to personal information. Many companies misuse the information or sell the data to third-party apps, so there is always a risk attached to hacking or other security breaches. For example, the data on social media sites like Facebook is governed by Meta, who can access personal information anywhere. Search engines, voice assistants, mobile phones, suggestions, etc., are more examples of data sources. As a result, it can be a privacy invasion when people don't voluntarily share their information. 


Cybersecurity is currently the most significant risk in modern technology. The only way to ensure the data's safety is by implementing additional layers of security. These are some of the biases and problems with artificial intelligence. Businesses must take preventative action by implementing entity and process controls to address these problems. Let us discuss some measures organizations can take to minimize bias and promote ethics in AI. 

Enhancing AI Ethics Inclusivity: Key steps for companies

  • Framework: AI systems should be considered in the organization's rules, processes, and controls framework to be more inclusive of ethics in the workplace. Establishing internal controls, such as data gathering processes, assigning roles and duties to AI systems, and performing regular evaluations of AI outputs, can help guarantee that AI is developed and used without bias.


  • Being Transparent: It is essential to hold a review meeting between the shareholders and team members to access the logic, recommendations, and data sources collected. When the company has an entire lowdown of the information, the board can let the teams know of any discrepancies and work through it.


  • Empower Employees: Another way to foster AI ethics in the workplace is to organize workshops and ethical training, etc. The company can appreciate the developers for ethically building AI systems and tools. This will empower employees to do better.


  • Define Company Goal: The company must define AI ethics and its commitment to it, reflecting its work. For example, the company must define its people's first goals, respect the law, be transparent and held accountable for their actions, and protect its customer’s data. 


There must be a solid basis of AI ethics in every organization if AI is to play a positive role in society. System transparency and information sharing among stakeholders about algorithm recommendations in different contexts are essential. Individuals' privacy and sensitive information must also be safeguarded. 


Artificial intelligence is rapidly growing, so an AI bootcamp will ensure professionals understand the importance of user privacy and ethics in AI. Even if a bias creeps in, appropriate measures can solve the problem effectively.

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