From Grief to Growth: How Legacy Trees Offer Comfort and Healing

June 7, 2023

Coping with grief can be arduous; people often seek solace and comfort during this difficult time. People have found ways to heal by planting trees in memorial gardens. Trees are considered symbols of life, growth, and renewal.

Nature has a remarkable ability to help us heal, both physically and emotionally. Spending time in nature can reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, and boost overall well-being.

Trees, in particular, uniquely connect us with the past, present, and future. They are living symbols of life and growth that can offer a sense of comfort during difficult times.

The tree serves as a tangible symbol of their presence and memories. Memorial gardens offer a tranquil space for reflection, remembrance, and healing. Watching a tree grow after planting it can give your life a sense of purpose and meaning, which can help us cope with grief.

How Do Legacy Trees In Memorial Gardens Helps Us Move On Emotionally?

Planting a tree provides a sense of purpose and meaning, allowing us to honour our loved ones and create a lasting legacy. In addition, it's a way to connect with nature and the life cycle, reminding us that life goes on despite the pain of loss.

Watching a tree grow and change throughout the seasons can be a powerful symbol of our loved one's life, reminding us of their presence and impact on our lives. In addition, it can provide a tangible, physical reminder of their memory, creating a relaxing space for reflection and remembrance.

Over time, a legacy tree can become a significant part of our lives and communities, providing shade, beauty, and shelter for wildlife. It can symbolise hope, resilience, and renewal, offering a lasting legacy for future generations.

Planting a legacy tree is a beautiful way to transform the pain of grief into something positive and life-affirming that also helps us to move on in our lives.

How To Plant A Legacy Tree?

While you can plant any tree in memory of a loved one, doing it in a memory garden makes much more sense in the long run. There are several reasons behind it.

First, memorial gardens like the Mornington Greens can infuse human ashes into the soil to pass on the living energy molecules to the tree.

Human ashes in their original form are too alkaline to be mixed into the ground and cannot support proper tree growth. So, these ashes are first treated organically and then placed in the soil beneath the tree you have chosen.

Secondly, memorial gardens are protected areas that cannot be used for logging or redevelopment in the future. So, you can rest assured that the legacy tree will stay safe for generations.

The process of planting a legacy tree is straightforward. All you have to do is find a memorial garden of your liking and choose a memorial tree. The care and maintenance of the tree is the responsibility of management. You will be free to visit the garden.

What Are The Most Popular Legacy Trees Right Now?

Many types of trees are commonly used as legacy trees. Some of the most popular trees used as legacy trees include:

  • Oak trees: Known for their strength and longevity, they are a popular legacy tree choice.
  • Maple trees: These trees are known for their vibrant fall colours and are a popular choice for their beauty and shade.
  • Dogwood trees: With their delicate blossoms, they are a popular choice for their beauty and symbolism.
  • Magnolia trees: Known for their large, fragrant blossoms, magnolia trees are a popular choice for their beauty and elegance.
  • Cherry trees: These trees are known for their stunning spring blossoms and are a popular choice for their beauty and symbolism.
  • Redwood trees: With their towering height and impressive size, they are famous for their awe-inspiring presence.

When choosing a tree for a legacy tree, it's essential to consider the climate and growing conditions of the area, as well as the tree's symbolism and personal significance.

Final Words

A legacy tree is a way to create a lasting legacy that will continue to grow and thrive, just as our memories of our loved ones do.

Legacy trees offer a physical symbol of our loved one's life and provide a space for reflection and remembrance. So if you are struggling with grief and looking for a way to find comfort and healing, consider planting a legacy tree. It's a small but meaningful way to create a lasting tribute to the life of someone you loved and find hope and renewal amid loss.


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