How to Build High-Quality Links for Your Ecommerce Website

June 15, 2023

Getting high-quality links is essential for any website, but it's necessary for ecommerce websites. Link building increases domain authority and brings in new traffic. It also helps ecommerce sites rank higher in search engine results.

Thankfully, numerous strategies exist for creating high-quality links for your e-commerce business.

Create Link-Worthy Content

One of the effective ecommerce link building tactics is creating shareable content link-worthy and can help you get more links from other websites. This can include blog posts, infographics, videos, PDFs, and different types of content. Ensure your content is pertinent to your audience and your e-commerce business.

The finest link-building strategies prioritize quality over number. Your website will gain more authority from high-quality links, boosting its search engine results and increasing traffic.

Ecommerce sites need to be creative when finding ways to get more links. Some methods include writing guest posts on relevant blogs, creating informative content (like buyer guides or case studies), and reaching out to influencers.

Create a Link-Friendly Website

Ecommerce link building is challenging because people often need help to link to your site. They may think it's irrelevant to their audience, or they'll lose trust in your brand.

Optimized URLs are a ranking factor in Google, so creating SEO-friendly links is crucial. Friendly URLs are logically structured, readable by humans, and include keywords that inform search engine bots about the content of a page they lead to.

This helps improve UX and SEO, but it's also essential to have quality content on your ecommerce website that people want to link to. This can include infographics, videos, or PDFs.

Create a Link-Worthy Blog

A well-written blog post with valuable insights can help you generate more links, social shares, and traffic to your site. Try to include visual content like videos, infographics, and gifs in your content to make it more appealing to potential link partners.

Ecommerce sites have a unique challenge when it comes to building links. They must build links to their home and content pages while driving link equity to product, category, and brand pages.

Getting high-quality links for your eCommerce website can be challenging, but it's possible. These tips can create a more effective and natural connection profile to boost your search engine rankings.

Create a Link-Worthy Resource Page

Making a resource page about your business and product is one of the finest strategies for getting links for an e-commerce site. Then, request links from websites and publications dealing with your resource page's subject.

The better, the more links your website has. The strength of these relationships is also crucial, though.

Generally, links from authoritative websites have more credibility than low-quality ones. In addition, it's best to avoid getting links from domains with high DA or Domain Rating scores.

Create a Link-Worthy Video

ecommerce link building is building links to your eCommerce site to boost your organic search visibility. This is done by acquiring quality links from reputable sites with high authority and passing on PageRank to your website.

Creating genuinely useful, interesting, unique, and valuable content is the best way to build links. Most people will only link to content they think will benefit their audience and readers.

One example is compiling complex or time-consuming data for others to replicate themselves. This can be a practical approach for securing links, but it's essential to plan your content ahead of time to ensure that it has the right qualities.

Create a Link-Worthy Infographic

Ecommerce sites are built on revenue; they need to attract visitors to generate that revenue. They can do this through links, which provide trust, visibility in search engine results, and traffic.

Infographics are a tremendous link-building tool for ecommerce sites, and they can be especially effective when used for high-impact pages like product pages. These pages often receive more links than blog posts and resource pages because they are unique, compelling, and shareable.

Another great tactic is digital PR, which involves contacting journalists and bloggers to pitch unique stories that can help their audience. This strategy can be time-consuming but yield significant results if done correctly.

Create a Link-Worthy PDF

Whether you want to generate revenue or improve search visibility, ecommerce sites need links. They are essential for establishing authority, trust, and rankings and are the cornerstone of any SEO campaign.

While securing links to a website's homepage is relatively easy, ensuring links to a specific site page is much more challenging. However, several ecommerce link-building tactics can be used to accomplish this goal.

One effective way to do this is by finding content that references your competitors and then contacting those publishers for a link opportunity. This is often called a "link swap."

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