How To Calculate Battery Size For Led Lights

June 7, 2023

Thinking about using LED lights during load shedding, off-grid, or remote locations? If so, using a rechargeable battery is a reliable solution, and most of the LED lights run on a 12-volt battery.

Using the right battery for your LED lights will give you seamless power output as per your requirements. But how do you calculate the battery size for LED lights? It’s super easy, and you can do it by following the steps below:

  • Determine the power consumption and operating time
  • Calculate energy consumption
  • Determine battery voltage
  • Convert the energy consumption to AH (Amp-Hours)
  • Consider discharge depth

Seems confusing? Don’t worry, throughout this article, I’m going to discuss how you can calculate the battery size for LED lights. Stay tuned.

Why Calculate The Battery Size For Led Lights?

Before diving in, let’s discuss some of the core reasons why you should perfectly calculate the battery size for LED lights. Here are some of the reasons:

  • You’ll ensure that you have enough battery power for the required operating time.
  • The right battery will provide a proper voltage supply, resulting in optimal performance.
  • It helps you invest in the right size battery, which will eventually save you a lot of money.
  • The right battery size will provide a seamless power supply and reduce risks like overheating.

These are the reasons why you should properly calculate the battery size before you use it for LED lights.

How To Calculate Battery Size For Led Lights

When it comes to calculating the battery size for LED lights, there are many steps you have to go through. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions as mentioned below:

Determine The Power Consumption And Operating Time

Start by figuring out how much electrical energy the LED uses and how long you want it to last without needing to recharge the battery. The power consumption is measured in W (Watts) that will be found on light’s label or in the specifications.

Note: If you’re not sure about how many lumens you need to light a room, take help from the led wattage calculator at Modern Place.

Calculate The Total Energy Consumption Of Your LED Light:

After finding out how many LED lights you need for your space, it’s time to calculate the total energy consumption. For example, if you want to use 7 lights and each has a power rating of 5 W (watts), then the total power consumption would be 5W x 7 = 35 watts.

Determine Battery Voltage:

There are numerous LED light types, and there are no universal voltage requirements for all of them. You have to specifically check the voltage requirement of your LED lights or determine what type of power supply they require to work.

Most of the LED lights work perfectly with a 12V or 24V battery. Check the light’s label or its manual to find out your light’s preferred voltage requirements.

Convert The Energy Consumption To Ah (Amp-Hours)

Here the main part comes which is converting the total energy consumption to AH. AH is a battery rating designation that indicates the battery's ability to deliver a specified amount of current for a specified period of time.

Use this formula to proceed the conversation: Watt-Hours (Wh) / Battery Voltage (V) = Amp-Hours (Ah)

For example, the watt-hour is 35W, battery voltage is 12V and then apply the formula:

35 watt-Hours (Wh) / 12 Battery Voltage (V) = 2.91 Amp-Hours (Ah)

Consider Discharge Depth:

You cannot overlook the discharge depth of a battery if you don’t want any kind of damage to your battery and lights. It’s the percentage of battery capacity that can be safely discharged without causing damage.

Always try to get or use a battery that comes with 50% discharge depth if you don't want to encounter any kind of risk. To account for this restriction, divide the corrected amp-hour value by the discharge depth.

For example, if you want to limit the depth of discharge to 50%, divide the adjusted amp-hour number by 0.5 (2.91 Ah / 0.5 = 5.82 Ah).

Track Autonomy Days:

You must track autonomy days if you want your battery to last for specific days without requiring recharging. If you want your battery to last 3 days without recharging, then simply multiply the adjusted amp-hour value (5.82 Ah) by 2 = 11.64 Ah.

How To Choose The Right Battery For An LED Light

While choosing a battery for LED lights, it’s necessary to match the appropriate battery options with the calculated capacity. Here are some necessary aspects that you should consider:

  • Battery Type: There are many types of batteries, including lithium-ion, alkaline, lead-acid, and nickel-metal hybrid. Consider the energy density, discharge characteristics, operating temperature range, and cost of a battery before choosing one.
  • Capacity and Voltage: Double check the battery capacity and voltage before purchasing. Make sure both voltage and capacity meet the calculated requirements.

Risks Of Not Choosing The Right Battery For An LED Light

When you don’t calculate the battery size for LED lights, then it’s obvious that you’ll face several unceremonious incidents while using the lights. Some of them are:

  • The battery you purchase can be either too small or too large. Small battery power will not provide efficient power, and large batteries will be a waste of money.
  • Not having enough battery power will cause poor brightness, overheating, and can even cause a fire hazard.

So, while choosing a battery for LED lights, don't try to play the guessing game, as it can be harmful and will give an unsatisfactory result.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a pretty good idea how to calculate the battery size for LED lights. You also know the necessity of choosing the right battery or what happens if the battery gets through your guesswork. Get the right battery today, and then get your designer light in your space.

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