How to Create a Moroccan-Inspired Bedroom: A Guide to Moroccan Style Décor

June 21, 2023

Interior design fans all around the world have fallen in love with the exotic and beguiling appeal of Moroccan furnishings and accessories. Interiors decorated in a Moroccan style create a visually arresting and calming atmosphere thanks to the style's vibrant colors, intricate patterns, an abundance of textures, and sense of warm exoticism. A Moroccan-inspired theme offers an eclectic blend of traditional and modern design elements, making it an excellent choice for people who want to nurture a one-of-a-kind paradise in their bedroom. You will be able to navigate the fundamentals of Moroccan décor with the assistance of this detailed guide, which will allow you to turn your bedroom into a serene sanctuary that encompasses the essence of this enduring style.

How to Make Sense of Moroccan Decorations:

The fusion of African, Arab, and Mediterranean design elements that characterizes the style of Morocco is a reflection of the country's long and illustrious cultural heritage. Moroccan design is well-known for the intricate architectural features that it incorporates, such as intricate tile work, ornate carvings, and complicated patterns. Moroccan design also highlights a vivid color palette, organic materials, and the excellent workmanship of Moroccan artisans.


In your journey to capture this essence, shop Moroccan decor at Marrakeche Crafts to find everything you need to bring this vibrant style to life in your own home.


Whether you want to completely immerse yourself in Moroccan style or you simply want to add a touch of exotic flair to your space, your bedroom is the ideal canvas for your artistic activity. The following is a guide that will assist you in getting your bedroom decorated in a Moroccan style.


1. Go for Vibrant colours.

The term "Moroccan decor" is sometimes used interchangeably with "a rich and warm color palette," which is meant to evoke images of the country's scenery. The warm tones of reds and oranges evoke the colors of desert dunes and sunsets, while the cool tones of blues and greens reflect the Mediterranean Sea and the verdant oasis valleys. The country is known for its abundant sunshine and its elaborate goldsmithing traditions, which are represented by vibrant yellows and shiny golds.


In a bedroom decorated in the style of Morocco, it is important to strike a balance between bright colors like these and more subdued tones like brown, beige, or white. For instance, you could paint your walls a calming white or an earthy beige color and then add on lively colors using your curtains, bedding, or other furnishings. This strategy helps to guarantee that the brighter colors do not overpower your room, thereby maintaining a tranquil ambiance that is beneficial to relaxation and rest.

2. Take advantage of textures and patterns.

The extravagant combination of different patterns and textures is a signature element of Moroccan interior design. Moroccan design embraces complexity and detail, as shown in the elaborate patterns found in traditional Berber carpets as well as the geometric symmetry of Zellige, which is the name given to the tile work done in Morocco.


Your bedroom can benefit from the addition of pattern and texture if you select upholstered furniture, window coverings, and other soft furnishings with patterns and textures inspired by Moroccan style. Bedspreads, pillows, and throw blankets in opulently embroidered fabrics or with classic Moroccan designs such as geometric shapes, trellises, or medallions may turn an ordinary bedroom into an exotic Moroccan refuge.


The incorporation of texture throughout Moroccan design provides a tactile component, which contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal. You might want to think about incorporating a tufted ottoman, a hardwood headboard with intricate carvings, or metallic side tables with hammered finishes. Materials such as leather, silk, metal, and wood are frequently utilized in Moroccan decoration. These materials can be incorporated into the shapes of furniture, lamp shades, mirrors, and other decorative items.

3. Include Moroccan Furniture and Accessories in Your Decor:

Crafted Moroccan furniture is an essential component of this design style's aesthetic. Each piece is a work of art thanks to the exquisite craftsmanship, complex detailing, and one-of-a-kind designs that make them. This adds a layer of authenticity to your Moroccan-inspired bedroom.


Think of combining pieces such as a carved wooden headboard, a side table with inlaid detailing, or a coffee table made of brass. Not only are they practical additions to your space, but because they frequently contain beautiful patterns and details, traditional Moroccan furniture may also serve as eye-catching embellishments to your interior design.


In order to imbue the area with personality, Moroccan design also makes use of a wide array of accessories in addition to the furniture. For instance, ornate lanterns can be repurposed as table lamps or as hanging light fixtures to produce a soft, diffused glow wherever they are placed. Your bedroom's visual area can be improved while also receiving an aesthetic boost from the addition of mirrors with classic Moroccan motifs that are framed in metal or wood. Do not overlook the importance of including elements like ceramic vases, woven baskets, and the tagine, which is emblematic of Morocco and can serve either as an ornamental component or as a container for stray items.

4. Dress Up Using Textiles:

The extensive use of textiles is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of Moroccan interior design. Fabrics play a significant role in producing an ambiance that is warm and inviting. This is true not only of the thick, fluffy rugs that cover the floor but also of the numerous cushions that adorn the bed and other seating spaces.


Choose a bedspread with an elaborate Moroccan design or go for solid, richly hued bedding and then layer on patterned throw pillows and blankets to round off the look in your bedroom. Either option is a good choice. For an additional layer of both comfort and style, you might want to think about including a Moroccan rug in the space, either in the classic Berber style or a more contemporary design.


Do not be afraid to use a wide variety of materials; a bedroom decorated in the Moroccan style can benefit from the addition of velvet, silk, woven linens, and wool. Combining textures and patterns can add visual interest and give a room a more genuine, lived-in feel.

5. Set the Mood with lighting:

When it comes to Moroccan design, lighting isn't simply about providing illumination; rather, it's about setting the tone and feel of a room. The warm, diffused light that is created by traditional Moroccan lamps and lanterns, which are typically made of metal and straw, contributes to the overall warmth of the space.


As a focal point for the room's illumination, you might want to think about installing a classic Moroccan chandelier or pendant light. Additional lighting can be provided by Moroccan-inspired table lamps and wall sconces, which also help to carry the design aesthetic throughout the space.

6. Include Plants in Your design.

A Moroccan bedroom receives a breath of fresh air and a sense of serenity when plants are brought into the space. Typical Moroccan gardens are quite verdant and packed with a wide range of plant species, from palm trees to succulents. Bringing some of this outdoor greenery inside may help a space feel more in tune with nature.


You can fill the corners of your room with enormous, leafy plants like the monstera or the fiddle leaf fig, or you can opt for smaller succulents to display on shelves or bedside tables. If you don't have a green thumb, fake plants can be a fantastic alternative because they have the same visual impression as real ones but don't require as much maintenance.


Layering different textures, colors, patterns, and handmade components is the key to creating a warm, inviting, and one-of-a-kind atmosphere in a bedroom decorated in the style of Morocco.


Keep in mind that just because you're decorating in a Moroccan style doesn't mean you have to go all the way. The allure of Morocco can be brought into your room with as little as a few well-selected pieces. The approach ought to be pleasurable and representative of your individual preferences in music and art.


Therefore, begin trying out new things, be patient with the process, and work to make your bedroom a haven that reflects who you are as an individual. You may get a range of authentic Moroccan decor products from Marrakeche Crafts, which can assist you in bringing your bedroom, which is influenced by Moroccan design, to life. Have fun with the decorating!



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