How to Design Beautiful Bathroom Wall Panels?

June 7, 2023

Refresh your space and invest in the latest bathroom wall panel ideas for an instant look. Guaranteed to add character to bathrooms, wall panels aren’t just for quaint homes, but this timeless feature is taking on a new lease of life in bathrooms everywhere. From traditional to contemporary spaces, paneled walls are sure to bring charm to any residence. Not only will paneling hide many problems — think uneven or poorly finished walls — but paneling can even hide plumbing, improve smaller bathroom spaces, and give a featureless room, or a newly built forty-four square space, decorative details and fun.

I. Bathroom wall panel ideas for a versatile finish

Classic square siding or shaker-style siding and lap boards will certainly blend happily into historic homes, but look just as good in newer properties. Combine the painted finish of the skirting boards and walls for a smart, seamless style. You can also use slim vertical, ribbed or reed textures, or try a geometric layout for a contemporary look to the wall panels. Reclaimed paneling will help create a rustic casual look, and unpainted wood will bring natural warmth and texture.

II. Does paneling make a bathroom look smaller?

Although paneling will eventually close in the walls, it can still be used to resize a space and produce an optical illusion. As long as you stay with white or light-colored paint, you can utilize huge lap panels horizontally in narrow bathrooms to open up the room. The same is true for vertical tongue and groove, especially if you stretch them all the way to the ceiling.

Shaker-style or thin-ribbed paneling will increase closeness, but lighter-colored painting will assist reflect light. However, dark hues may also deceive the eye. Instead of painting a small room white to enlarge the area, dark colors can achieve the same result by quietly adding additional depth to the room as the light changes throughout the day. Darker colors will blur corners and edges and provide the impression of more space than lighter colors, which will draw attention to the light in the space.

III. Bathroom wall panel designs

1. Opt for a classic tongue and check for an elegant look


When considering bathroom paneling ideas, tongue and groove paneling is a classic choice. Installed as individual panels, they get their name because each plank has a small tongue that fits into a corresponding groove in the next plank. Whether installed to full height or wainscoting height and paired with paint, wallpaper or tile, bathroom paneling offers an affordable way to decorate your space while adding warmth and character to your bathroom. Placed in a vertical panel, it elongates a room, emphasizing its height, but if placed horizontally, it lengthens the space, perfect for pairing with other small bathroom ideas or powder room ideas.

2. Create geometric features with square panels


Square panels are another popular choice for bathroom paneling ideas, creating an elegant focal point. Unlike tongue and groove, they are best reserved for one or two feature walls, or used exclusively under dado railings, as they can feel overwhelming if used on all four walls and create a sense of style in smaller rooms. The claustrophobic atmosphere. Square paneling is traditionally produced as planks attached to the wall, however, this look can equally be achieved by laying strips of wood in a square pattern.

“It’s also important to consider your paneling colors, styles and how you’re going to contrast them. For example, if you’re going to use darker or more intricate wallpaper or paint, contrast it with a simple clean white tongue and groove. Or, if you keep the walls stark white, you can have more fun with intricate paneling, like a square paneled design—you can even paint the trim a contrasting color,” says Jennifer Markowitz, founder of JNR Designs.

3. Match the wallpaper to create a photo frame effect


Combining bathroom paneling ideas with wallpaper is a great way to add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom — and there are many different wallpaper ideas to choose from. Here, the gaps in the paneling are filled with wallpaper, creating an all-in-one work of art.

Moldings are also a great option for a more minimalist bathroom look without losing the elegance of paneling, and it can also be used with wallpaper for the same framed effect.

4. Create a tranquil space with white paneling


White bathroom ideas instantly create a serene space, and paneling is a great way to achieve this look. Combining rustic shiplap panels on the walls and ceiling with delicate square paneling beneath the dado rail creates an elegant yet laid-back look, perfect for relaxing. Opting for white bathroom paneling ideas also offers a great way to add natural light to your bathroom.

5. Use bathroom paneling ideas to maximize small spaces


Small bathrooms benefit greatly from bathroom paneling ideas because they can highlight the room’s proportions. Try combining various paneling types on various walls to get this. Use square paneling to accentuate the length of the room’s shortest walls, and vertical tongue-and-groove paneling to highlight the height of the room’s longer walls.

This illusion continues on the paint. Dark colors are often a no-no in small spaces, however, when used properly, they can create a cozy ambiance that’s perfect for luxury.

Paint the paneling a deep dark blue tone such as Brinjal by Farrow & Ball to create an intimate setting within the cabin space, then balance it out with a lighter shade above the picture rail, which will brighten the room and draw the eye upwards, Thereby exaggerating the height of the room.

IV. What kind of paneling can be used in a bathroom?

MDF paneling is the best material for bathrooms because it is moisture-resistant, so unlike wood it does not expand and contract with changes in air humidity. This will help you avoid cracks after installation, which means less maintenance on your part. However, you’ll want to limit wood paneling to areas that don’t come into direct contact with water, such as showers.

Whether you choose a traditional symmetrical pattern, a simple and elegant tongue and groove, or a more modern geometric design, also make sure you’ve thoroughly considered how your installation will work. Careful planning is essential so you can ensure the connection works properly and that you have considered practical considerations such as its relationship to your bathroom fixtures and fittings.

In addition to wood paneling, panels are made of modern composite materials, although traditional paneling designs made of ceramics and tiles can also be found, which means they can be used in bathroom wall designs.

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