How to Fix a Water-Damaged Vape?

June 21, 2023

Your vape is probably your constant companion, as you take it with you wherever you go. While doing so, it’s not impossible that you face accidents like dropping your vape device in water. It can happen to anyone, and if this happens to you, there’s nothing unusual about it.

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Dropping a vape in water can cause issues to your device as water and wires don't get along. If you accidentally drop your vape into the water, it's probably dead. However, there's always a chance that something that got submerged in water can be revived and put back to use.

In this article, we will talk about what you can do to fix your vape if it gets submerged in water.

How Water Might Damage Your Vape?

Dropping a vape into the water can do serious damage to its internal functions. Some types of water damage, such as those caused by saltwater or dirty water, might be more severe than those caused by clean water. Here are some issues that your water-damaged vape might face-

Short Circuit

A short circuit can be caused by water in your device, which might result in the battery discharging prematurely and in the device turning on and off randomly, making it difficult to use the device further.

Battery Damage

If the vape has been submerged in water, you should not use it since the lithium-ion battery can overheat and catch fire.

Coil Damage

The vape coil is essential because it's what heats up the vape juice to produce the vapor. A burnt flavor, diminished vapor output, or even a complete lack of vapor production might result from water damage to the coil.

Tank Damage

The tank is the part of the vape that stores the liquid. Damage to the seals from water might result in leaks that will waste your vape juice.

Wet Chipset

A chipset is another piece of electronic hardware found in a vape. These tiny chips control everything about the vaping experience, from the automatic draw to the LED light to the temperature of the vapor. If they stay wet, it will cause problems for you, as you can’t take them out like batteries to get them dry.

Vape Juice Getting Mixed with Water

If your disposable vape gets wet and water gets inside it, your vape juice could be diluted and soaked through the internal parts.

Although e-liquid is miscible with water, doing so will render it useless as a vape liquid. Water vaporizes at lower temperatures than the rest of the chemicals in the e-liquid, which can be a problem even if you don't mind diluting the e-liquid. Pops and mouth burns could result from the near-boiling water inside the vape.

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Things to Do if Your Vape Gets Wet

Your vape can get wet for various reasons, including dropping it in your coffee or in a pool The first thing you should do to reduce any harm is to quickly take it out of the water. Once you've pulled your vape from the water, you should act quickly to try to save it by doing the following-

  • Remove its battery right away, along with other components, and put them somewhere safe.
  • Now, dry each part with a dry cloth or a piece of paper towel. Turning on the device too soon after taking it out of the water can cause irreparable damage to the internal mechanisms.
  • Take out the battery, dry the electronics, and empty any remaining water from the disposable vape pen, then let it air dry. To do this, put the device in a warm, dry place for at least 24 hours.

How You Can Fix Your Water-Damaged Vape

The first goal is to avoid a short circuit. Immediately take the gadget out of the water. If the battery is detachable, remove it and put it somewhere safe. The battery cover should be left off.

Remove the tank or pod from your vape if it has one, and put it somewhere safe. That part can be cleaned if necessary by rinsing it in clean water and letting it dry in the open air. There is no risk of a short circuit in a vape tank or pod because there are no electronic parts within. Make sure to disassemble the device as soon as possible, as the airflow will help the inner parts get dry.

After disassembling your vape, the following step is to physically drain the remaining water. To dry off the gadget, wipe it with a paper towel. After removing the pod from your pod system, make sure the chamber at the top of the device is dry. Vape mods with replaceable batteries should have their battery compartments dried out.

Blow through the device to drive the water out of the air intake hole, which is one of the simplest ways to dry a disposable vape. Blow vigorously through the mouthpiece while holding a paper towel over the intake hole at the device's base. You may get rid of a lot of the water that may have gotten into the vape with this method.

Different Ways of Getting Your Vape Dry

Here are some techniques that you can follow to dry your vape-

Rice Method

Putting the vape in a bowl of raw rice is a common technique. With any luck, the rice will soak up any excess moisture from the gadget if you leave it in the bowl for at least 24 hours before powering it on.

Using a Hair Dryer

To speed up the drying process, you can also use a hair dryer. Use it on its lowest setting with the airflow aimed at the vape, but be careful not to overheat it.

Professional Services

You might need to have a professional clean your disposable vape if the damage is severe enough. You can trust that your vape is in good hands with a professional cleaner, as they will use specialized equipment to remove moisture and dry the device, preventing any more rust.

Final Words

If you accidentally drop your vape in water, there will always be the risk of ruining expensive internal components. However, you can act quickly and take the necessary measures to try and save your device.

It's important to keep in mind that not all vapes that get wet can be fixed. Sometimes the damage is too severe, and it might be time to get a new device. And if you try to fix it yourself, you can end up doing much more harm. If you are unsure about what to do, it is best to consult an expert.

Most importantly, you should handle your vape carefully, especially around water, as it's always better to be safe than sorry. You must try and avoid having your vape get wet in the first place. You can do so by protecting your gadget with a waterproof case, keeping it far from water, and keeping up with routine maintenance and cleaning.



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