Maintain A Healthy Drainage System With These 5 Tips

June 5, 2023

Maintaining a sound drainage system is vital. However, it can be challenging because it involves time-intensive tasks, and sudden blockages demanding prompt resolution can be unpredictable. Even so, neglecting the appropriate maintenance of your drainage system can result in various issues, including flooding, clogged drains, and mold growth.

Proper plumbing system maintenance will prolong the lifespan of your drainage system and guarantee a leak-free environment while sparing you from costly repairs. Additionally, by employing appropriate maintenance techniques, concerns like unclogging a sink become irrelevant since the system will never experience any obstructions.

That said, here are five tips for maintaining a healthy drainage system:

1. Use Drain Cleaner

One effective method to prevent clogs and uphold the well-being of your drainage system is by utilizing a drain cleaning product. It's one of the easy tips to clear blocked drains. Typically, these cleansers excel in dissolving any remnants that may have adhered to the drains, causing disruptions to the water flow. Instructions may vary depending on the specific product, but they are generally straightforward to follow.

Simply pour the cleaner into the drain and allow ample time for it to descend before rinsing it away with a steady flow of hot water. This technique effectively sustains the cleanliness of the drains and aids in preventing blockages. Performing this routine regularly, say monthly or twice a year, is recommended.

Avoid combining different drain cleaners and opt exclusively for a natural alternative. Don't use a product that could potentially erode the pipes.

2. Use A Drain Guard

Drain guards are compact screens made of plastic or metal, resembling gratings. They're placed over sink openings to gather debris, which can be easily discarded in the waste bin. A drain guard is paramount in safeguarding your drainage system against blockages as it reduces the volume of refuse flushed down the drain.

It's necessary for kitchen drains, particularly if you frequently wash dishes. Conveniently, you can also acquire a drain guard for your shower. This will effectively capture loose strands of hair and other debris that could flow into the drainage system.

It's best to avoid pouring used cooking oil or similar substances down the drain. The fats can clog the pipes, reducing their effectiveness in draining water, and this might lead to total blockages in your pipes.

3. Flush Your Drains With Hot Water

Prevent clogs in your drainage system by regularly flushing it. Use hot water and a drain cleanser while flushing the pipes. Hot water helps dissolve fats and oils that may have entered the drain, preventing residue buildup. You can also use vinegar and baking soda to unclog your sinks.

A practical starting point is the toilet, facilitating seamless water movement and cleanliness throughout the system. However, refrain from flushing the lines in the presence of a blockage. Attempting to force additional water down a clogged drain can result in a backflow, which can cause flooding in your home. Before starting any drain cleaning procedure, check for any clogs and make sure the water level is low.

4. Look For Any Signs Of Problems

Issues about your drainage system frequently go unnoticed until they reach a critical stage. Nonetheless, you may identify specific signs of clogged drains or other issues by allocating time for a comprehensive property inspection. For example, check for any signs of seepage or unusual odors emanating.

Ignoring regular checkups can lead to leaks and damp patches in unexpected areas on your property can signal hidden drainage issues. Neglecting these problems can lead to irreversible damage and significant financial costs. To protect your property and loved ones, make sure to schedule frequent inspections and address any problem areas promptly.

5. Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Perform a monthly cleaning of your waste disposal unit using a durable brush designed for this purpose. While cleaning, you can use ice cubes and salt to remove slime and grease from the inner walls of the waste disposal unit. Afterward, rinse it thoroughly with cold water. To add a refreshing scent, use half a lemon or lime to freshen up your home.


The complexity of drainage systems goes beyond first impressions, yet with appropriate upkeep, you can save time and money on repairs. If you own a home, prioritizing the maintenance of your drainage system is among the most crucial tasks for maintaining your home's overall health and safety—the well-being of your home hinges on it.

Therefore, it's crucial to follow the above tips to maintain the optimal functioning of your drainage system. Dealing with malfunctions in your drainage system can be overwhelming. So consider hiring a professional to handle all the demanding tasks and alleviate the stress.

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