Motorcycle Accidents: Your Rights and Legal Recourse

June 20, 2023

The state of Colorado offers a multitude of exhilarating opportunities for motorcycle road trips that seem boundless. With its abundance of winding roads and awe-inspiring landscapes, one can spend an entire day traversing the Denver area and only scratch the surface of its captivating offerings. However, motorcycle accidents are an unfortunate roadway reality and are unavoidable in certain cases. Due to a lack of protection in their vehicle, motorcycle riders can suffer from severe injuries in accidents, including broken bones and head trauma. If you ride a motorcycle in Denver, CO, for instance, and are involved in an accident, you must contact reputable Denver motorcycle accident attorneys. They will help you receive the maximum compensation for your losses. For those dealing with the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, there are certain legal rights you need to know.

Rights After a Motorcycle Accident

In case of a motorcycle accident, the rider has the same rights as any other person involved in the accident. The injured rider is eligible for compensation from any party responsible for the incident. However, getting compensation isn't always straightforward after a motorcycle crash—motorcyclists often face more obstacles than victims injured while driving motor vehicles. Insurance companies tend to treat claims by motorcyclists differently compared to automobile drivers.

When there is no-fault auto insurance in several places, it covers medical expenses up to your policy limit, regardless of who was at fault for an accident. That's helpful because it speeds up access to funds when medical bills begin arriving soon after the event.

Regardless of which state you live in or whether or not your insurance covers motorcycles specifically, all motorcyclists must follow certain protocols after becoming involved in an accident:

- Report: The motorcyclist should report any accidents involving death or injury (including themselves) within 24 hours if they were physically incapable due to injuries.

- Obtain Medical Care: Seek immediate medical attention; failure to go get care promptly can be used against you later by insurance companies.

- Gather Information: Collect information about other parties involved, i.e., contact information and driver's license numbers.

- Document the Scene/Extent of Injuries - Take photos & videos with smartphone cameras

- Notify Insurer About the Claim - Contacting your agent right away helps them start assisting you as quickly as possible.

Legal Recourse Options When You're Injured In A Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents happen due to various reasons. It can result from poor road maintenance like potholes or another driver's carelessness on the road. This, in turn, leads to so many challenges that accident victims face, which can be all-encompassing and downright devastating. In situations where others are responsible for your injuries, you may have a claim for financial relief.

Here are some types of legal recourse after a motorcycle wreck:

Filing an Insurance Claim: Filing an insurance claim with either your auto policy or the other person at fault is one option. Insurance companies determine liability and damages in crashes between two insured parties.

A lawsuit Against Other Driver: When filing a personal injury lawsuit, you seek compensation directly from the other party that caused the accident. Hiring attorneys is recommended in these cases because they can negotiate on behalf of their clients and build convincing cases about what happened during the event.

Negotiation & Mediation - Resolving accident-related disputes through mediation or negotiation circumvents the need for court proceedings, which can result in a less stressful experience. In this process, there is no reliance on a judge to determine the compensation amount or settle any appeals in cases of disagreements between the involved parties.

Key Factors To Consider If You're Contemplating Legal Action After A Motorcycle Accident

1) Liability – To hold someone else liable for damages incurred from an accident often requires proving negligence or recklessness by that individual at trial. This part of a case can involve thorough fact-gathering by attorneys working with the evidence presented by police departments and third-party experts like collision analysts.

2) Damages – Courts assess financial penalties by considering the evidence of damages and potential future medical expenses resulting from injuries sustained in a crash. Attorneys often collaborate with medical and economic experts to ensure that all relevant information is taken into account when determining fair monetary awards. These awards encompass various factors, such as short-term medical bills (including post-surgery recovery and therapy), long-term disability or impairment that affects earning capacity over the individual's life expectancy, as well as the pain and suffering experienced after the accident.

3) Deadline - The statute of limitations is usually between one and three years in many states. Getting a legal consultation as quickly as possible after the accident is critical to ensure that filing deadlines are met.

4) Legal representation: Retaining an experienced motorcycle attorney is key for achieving fair compensation and looking out for your rights. They help by properly presenting respective cases' merits or defending those who might be unfairly blamed so that justice can prevail fairly.


If you're injured in a motorcycle accident, you have certain rights to seek financial relief from parties responsible for your injuries, including insurance companies or other drivers. To pursue any of these options effectively requires guidance from skilled attorneys who know the law well enough to fight aggressively on behalf of their clients. Seek professional counsel if you need assistance navigating this process after experiencing an unfortunate incident on the road that left you with significant damages and uncertainty about what comes next.

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