vs Semrush which one is best for rewriting?

June 22, 2023

AI rewriting tools have made content creation an easier task. However, choosing between the better and the best can be challenging.

But don’t worry!

Being a regular user of paraphrasing tools, I’m an expert in judging these tools based on their features.

I will explain the rewriting features of both top-notch paraphrasers i.e. and Semrush, so that you can choose the best of the two. vs Semrush

Features Semrush
Rewriting modes/assistance 8 Rewriting modes:

  • Free rewriter
  • Text improver
  • Near human
  • Plagiarism remover
  • Creative
  • Academic
  • Quill text
  • Sentence rephrase
Seo Writing Score in terms of

  • Readability
  • SEO
  • Tone of voice
  • Originality
Writing Tones 4 writing tones:

  • Formal
  • Casual
  • Professional
  • Witty
3 writing tones:

  • Formal
  • Neutral
  • Casual
Word Limit Free Version: 20,000 words/submission

Paid Version: Unlimited paraphrasing

Paid: 1000 words/submission
Plagiarism remover Included Included
SEO-Optimized rephrasing No Yes. Evaluate the content for SEO optimization
Contextual understanding Moderate High
User-friendly interface Yes No
Multi-lingual support Yes Yes
Pricing Paid for most of the rewriting features Subscription-based plans with tiered pricing | AI Writing Assistant is one of the most popularly known and used online paraphrasers. It is designed for students, freelancers, bloggers, researchers, content marketers, etc.

Compared to all the top rephrasers, this paraphrase tool has the most advanced and versatile rewriting features.

Its smart AI built-in system will assist you in modifying the already-written content in a way that it will sound better than its old version.

Key Features of

Paraphrasing Modes

The paraphrase tool features 8 paraphrasing modes, all are designed to spin the already written content. These modes include

  • Free rewriter: rewording of 20,000 words/submission in free version
  • Text improver: simplify and fix sentence structures
  • Near human: paraphrase the content in human tone
  • Plagiarism remover: rewrite content to make it unique and 100% original
  • Creative: works to add creativity to the content
  • Academic: ideal for rewriting research papers
  • Quill text: makes your content clearer and concise
  • Sentence rephrase: individual sentence rephrasing

Paraphrasing Modes by

Rewriting Tones

To make your paraphrase content ideal for the targeted audience, this word paraphrase offers 4 different rewording tones.

  • Formal: A serious and respectful tone; used in professional or academic settings
  • Casual: A relaxed and informal tone; for friendly conversations or informal writing
  • Professional: Polished tone; used in professional communications & formal documents
  • Witty: cleverness, humor, & playfulness; used to entertain or engage readers

Rewriting Tones by

Multiple Languages offers 30 different languages to paraphrase the content. This feature makes it equally beneficial for native and non-native English speakers.

Multiple Languages by

Multi-Model Input Options

With this rephraser, you will have the choice of inserting the content to be rephrased in the form of an image, document, audio, or speech.

Multi-Model Input Options

Semrush | SEO Writing Assistant & Rephraser

Semrush SEO Writing Assistant is actually a content marketing tool. It will analyze and grade your written article/content to check if it is optimized for the certain provided keywords or not.

One of its key features is the “Rephraser” mode in which the tool will rewrite the inserted content. It will also offer the suggestion for additional changes in the rephrased content.

As a result, you will get SEO-optimized and a better version of the content that makes it perfect for your website.

Key Features of Semrush to Optimize SEO Content

It features 6 SEO standards that give you an idea of the quality of your content. These features are explained here:

Overall Score

Overall score of the content/blog you entered shows “how Google will analyze and rank it.” it will provide you with a quick review of the quality of the content.

Overall Score by


By highlighting the difficult-to-read, long sentences, and complicated sentences, Semrush gives you an overall readability score of your content.

It is also trained to provide alternate and more compelling title suggestions based on Google requirements.

Readability by

SEO Recommendations

Based on the provided keywords, the tool will suggest other semantic or related keywords.

You can check how much your content is SEO-optimized compared to the top 10 pages in the Google SERP.

SEO Recommendations by

The tone of Voice

The tool features 3 rewriting tones:

  • Formal
  • Neutral
  • Casual

tone of Voice by

After analyzing the content for how it will sound to the reader, the tool will give you a one-word compliment.

It will also extract the most formal, neutral, or casual sentences that have been used in the article. Moreover, you will have the option to change the tone of your article.

Plagiarism Checker

Semrush features “Plagiarism Check” to make sure the originality of your content.

You just have to enter the article to be checked for a similarity index. And the tool will provide you with the %age of the original as well as plagiarized content.


It works to rewrite the article/paragraph/blog post to make it more concise, readable, and comprehensive.

The tools provide 3 ideas to further modify the rephrased content. You can also simplify or expand the rewritten content.


Both and Semrush offer powerful features for rewriting text, each with its own strengths.

The choice between the two ultimately depends on your specific needs and priorities. If you prioritize faster content rewriting, accuracy, and ease of use, is the best option.

However, if you require more advanced rewriting capabilities and SEO optimization, Semrush would be the preferred choice.

It is recommended to thoroughly evaluate the features and pricing plans of both tools to make an informed decision based on your specific requirements.


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