Picture Framers Perth: What They Can Do for You?

June 22, 2023

For some artists, the idea of having their artwork properly framed fills them with dread. Between "It's too costly!" and "Why can't I just do it myself?" are common thoughts. If you are skillful enough to handle it yourself, you probably will, but if you are unsure, working with skilled picture framers Perth is one of the best steps you can take to improve and preserve your artwork or pictures.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Picture Framers Perth?

A framer offers much more than just framing your artwork. Artwork preservation and care are specialities of professional framing. In addition to helping you with the design process, they can clarify things like:

  • the advantages of different mounting techniques for your media as well as the advantages of glass glazing over acrylic glazing;
  • the variations between rag mats and cheap paper mats.

Discussing these issues with a qualified framer is about selecting the right materials for the artwork being framed at a cost that works for the customer, not about negotiating a higher sale price.

Working with a framer provides you with the chance to learn more about the maintenance of your art, which is why you should consider it more than just a convenience. Picture framers Perth should always discuss the preservation of your work with you and offer reversible mounting techniques.

You could be requested to sign a release if you decide not to use preservation supplies and techniques, which releases the framer from liability for any potential long-term damage. Remember that you are the client and that even though your framer may be better knowledgeable about how to exhibit and care for your work, you are ultimately in charge.

A frame designer or picture frame shop will be available at full-service framers to help you make your decisions. It can be intimidating to face a wall of 3,000 frame edges and a thousand mat samples, but a smart designer will present you with two or three options that will preserve the dignity of the medium, whether it is oil, acrylic, watercolour, pastel, or another. 

Your designer must be able to explain how the chosen colours, spacers, and frames complement your artwork and aid in drawing the viewer's attention to it. A frame should complement a work of art; therefore, it should be seen without detracting too much from the artwork itself. The designer will then assist you in limiting your alternatives. This is a cooperative effort. 

Deliveries to homes or businesses, installation of a single piece, skilled hanging systems for several pieces, and the creation of storage or shipment boxes are all other services that a framer or picture frame shop may offer.

What Questions Can You Anticipate Receiving from a Qualified Framer?

To learn a little bit more about you, your residence, and your artwork, your framer will start by asking you a few simple questions. Knowing your flooring, basic furniture, wall colour, and personal design preferences is helpful, but a frame doesn't necessarily need to match your sofa. Well-designed framing frequently blends with any decor, and given how varied modern decorating is, smart design works anyplace.

If you have a specific concept for the framing or anything else, the framer should inquire about it. If there is an expedited deadline or a budget that must be adhered to, the framer also needs to be aware of these details; these considerations are especially important for corporate projects or exhibitions.

It's necessary to be aware of installation difficulties such as a marble or brick wall or problematic locations like a basement or bathroom. Special hardware requirements or required treatments, such as protecting the inside package against moisture and humidity, will depend on the desired display position.

What Questions Should You Ask a Qualified Framer?

Be aware that not all of your framing ideas will work well; for instance, it may be difficult to properly float an encaustic monoprint that has been saturated with wax if sheet hinges haven't been glued to the top and back ends of the piece using an encaustic media and heat fusion.

Additionally, framers aren't legally permitted to do that service for you because doing so would change the original work; only the artist is permitted to do so. Picture framers Perth may be aware of what has to be done but lack the knowledge necessary to work with encaustics.

Write down any unique requests or concerns you have so you won't forget to bring them up. Ask questions regarding preservation methods and their significance, and ask your framer to describe the distinctions between glass and acrylic glazing alternatives.

How Can a Good Custom Framer Be Distinguished from a Less Desired One?

A framer who has a loyal customer or who has been recommended to you is always a positive sign; the finest endorsement is from others. Look for picture framers who belong to the Professional Picture Framers Association and businesses with one or more CPFs or MCPFs on staff.

Both titles are given to members of the PPFA who have studied and successfully completed written and practical exams demonstrating their proficiency in the key areas of picture framing and demonstrating their practical understanding of areas.

These qualified framers have received training in knowing when to refer you to a specialist or conservator for your job. A skilled framer is aware of their limitations. Admitting to them does not make a person less of a framer; rather, it shows that someone is sincere.

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