Snapchat Plus Planet: The Meaning of Snapchat Planets & Order 2023

June 17, 2023

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Is Snapchat plus something you've heard of? You've probably heard of Snapchat Planets if this is the case. Do not stress over such a thing. In this essay, we'll go into exhaustive depth.

Among the many great additions available to users who pay for a membership to Snapchat Plus is the ability to track how often their stories have been viewed. One of Snapchat Plus's best additions is the Friends Solar system. In June of 2022, it was released.

Planets in Snapchat, what are they?

The Friends planet system in Snapchat was created to seem like our own solar system. It's very close to the original sequence of the planets in the solar system. If you're familiar with the solar system, you'll have no trouble grasping the concept of a Snapchat planet. In the Snapchat Plus solar system, your pals are the planets, and you are the sun.

The first planet will be the person closest to you in terms of friendship. This person is chosen by Snapchat Plus based on who shared the most streaks. Your closest buddy is the person with whom you share the greatest similarities.

Similarly, the second, third, and subsequent slots are given to the remaining Snapchat planets. Keep in mind that the planetary system is merely symbolic of the friendship level and is meant purely for fun. This function, however, is exclusive to the Snapchat Plus version.

Exactly what are Snapchat Plus's planetary icons represent?

With Snapchat Plus, you may send a friend a "planet" to show how much you care about them. This is how Snapchat Plus displays your buddy list.

From Mercury to Neptune, your eight closest Snapchat pals are each assigned a planet that represents your level of closeness to them. The eight people you interact with the most on Snapchat are your "best friends," or "planets."

The best friend label is represented by a gold ring on the friendship profile.Being "Best Friends" with someone means you're one of their top eight closest friends, while being "Friends" with someone means you're one of their top four closest friends.

Snapchat Plus: What Is It?

Users that upgrade to Snapchat+ gain access to a slew of premium options. Snapchat has a monthly subscription cost for its services. There are three plans available in the US for both iOS and Android users. The monthly, six-month, and annual rates for these bundles are $3.99, $21.99, and $39.99, respectively. However, a free 7-day trial subscription is available.

Among Snapchat+'s more intriguing additions include the ability to customise the app's icon, see who has rewatched your story, and designate particular pals as BFFs. Although a monthly membership is offered, it does not eliminate the need for commercials. According to Jacob Andreou, Snapchat's v.p. of business development, "Ads are going to stay at the foundation of our revenue strategy for the long future."

Planetary Order in SnapChat

Anyone who uses Snapchat or Instagram regularly in 2016 has probably used one of the new Planet Lenses that debuted that year. If you haven't already, you should use their augmented reality filters to transform your surroundings into something out of this world. There are currently four different planetary lenses to select from.

You may effortlessly travel to each planet and have a unique experience.Which planet do you think would be the best to visit first? Here's a quick and easy decision-making framework:

Because Mercury is the closest planet to Earth in our solar system, it will represent you to your top streak friend. He's not only a good friend of yours; he's your best friend. There's a visual indicator: a "Pink planet with red hearts."


The Snapchat solar system's Venus may be found directly opposite Mercury. If you and this friend share a large number of streaks, the username displayed here is theirs. The planet is shown as "Beige with Yellow, Blue, and Pink Hearts."


The Snapchat user in question is referred to as "Earth," after the third planet in our solar system. This planet has a greenish blue hue. Red moons and hearts are included.


Mars is the next planet; it is your fourth best friend in the solar system. Red, blue, and purple hearts on Snapchat Plus stand for the world.


Jupiter — Jupiter is the fifth planet, thus it naturally displays your fifth best friend on Snapchat. Jupiter is an orange colour, yet it has no beating heart.


As the name implies, Saturn is the sixth closest friend on Snapchat, and their avatar is a "yellow planet with a ring."


The bitmoji to Uranus' right depicts the solar system's seventh best pal. Uranus is a heartless green planet.


Neptune Neptune, the farthest planet from the sun, shows a list of your eight closest Snapchat friends. This planet is represented by the slogan "Blue planet with no hearts."

Sign up for Snapchat Plus

A 'Best Friends' or 'a 'Friends' badge with a gold border will appear under your buddy's Bitmoji image on their profile if you and your friend have a linked Bitmoji.

Friends: You're both in their solar system of close friends, but they're not in yours. Close companions: You two (the planets) are like intimate friends who know one other inside and out.

If you click on this badge, you’ll learn the planet you’re assigned to.


This concludes our journey through the Snapchat galaxy. It's amusing to think of your friend list in terms of actual solar systems, with Mercury (being closest to the sun) being your closest friend. Neptune, the planetary system's final member, stands in for the eighth best buddy.

Snap Inc. v. Planet Order Inc.

Questions about the planetary order on Snapchat+? We'll answer them.

What is Snapchat, and why are people asking you this question?

Ans. Snapchat was made as a fun way for its users to pass the time. Mobile phones and tablets are its primary platforms. This application works on both the Android and iOS platforms. Users of the app can send and receive short multimedia clips (called "Snaps") with one another.

Exactly what is Planet Order in Snapchat?

To explain, imagine a solar system with planets representing how close you are to one another.

What does Neptune represent in the Snapchat Solar System?

The blue planet Neptune occupies the eighth place in the solar system. Eighth in a person's list of friends is like Neptune, the eighth planet in the Solar System.


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