Tempe, Arizona - Top 3 Areas To Consider When Buying A House Here

June 6, 2023

As you contemplate buying a home in Tempe, Arizona, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with this dynamic and lively desert city. With its prime location close to Phoenix, outstanding educational institutions, and myriad of leisure activities, Tempe holds great appeal for potential homebuyers. In this blog post, we will take you on a journey through the top three neighborhoods to think about when searching for your perfect house in Tempe.

Factors Affecting House Purchase

Before we dive into specific neighborhoods, let's discuss some fundamental factors that can influence your house purchase decision in Tempe. These factors include your budget, priorities for community life and amenities, and long-term investment potential, says HBSB Holdings. Keep these factors in mind as we explore the best areas to buy a home in Tempe.

Comparing School Districts

School districts are essential for many families when considering where to buy a house. Luckily for residents of Tempe, there are several excellent options available throughout the city. Some popular choices include Kyrene Elementary School District 28 and Tempe Union High School District 213 – both of which boast high academic performance ratings. Make sure to research local schools based on your family's needs before settling on one particular area.

Proximity to Local Amenities

Another significant factor when choosing where to live in any city is how close you will be to local amenities such as grocery stores and restaurants. Several popular shopping centers, like Arizona Mills and Tempe Marketplace, offer diverse dining and entertainment options. When evaluating a neighborhood, take note of nearby amenities' convenience to ensure your daily life is as comfortable as possible.

Assessing Neighborhood Safety

Safety is an essential consideration for any homebuyer. It's important to research crime rates and speak with current residents of the neighborhood you're considering. Online tools like Neighborhood Scout can also help you discern the safety of different areas within Tempe.

Transportation and Commute Times

Tempe has a robust public transportation system that includes buses and light rail service. If commute times are essential for you or any family members, research the proximity of potential homes to relevant public transit facilities or freeways to optimize travel times.

Employment Opportunities in Tempe

If job prospects are a top concern when moving into a new city, look no further than Tempe. Major employers – like Arizona State University (ASU), State Farm Insurance Co., Honeywell Aerospace, and Wells Fargo Bank – contribute significantly to local job growth. Make sure your chosen neighborhood provides easy access to these employment hubs before committing to a property purchase.

Analyzing Housing Market Trends

When making a well-informed choice about purchasing a home in Tempe, it's vital to weigh current real estate market trends such as pricing, variations over time, and future forecasts. Seek guidance from local property specialists who can provide invaluable knowledge of the ongoing developments in various neighborhoods throughout the city.

Historic vs Modern Home Styles

Tempe features an eclectic mix of historic and modern home styles, from charming post-war bungalows to sleek, contemporary new builds. When hunting for your perfect Tempe home, consider both the style and overall maintenance requirements of different properties available on the market.

Navigating the Buying Process

Locating a dependable real estate agent is crucial in guiding you through the intricacies of purchasing a home in Tempe. Make it a priority to collaborate with seasoned experts who can supply precise, trustworthy details about neighborhood characteristics, nearby facilities, and current market patterns.

Area 1: South Tempe Highlights

South Tempe is widely regarded as an ideal choice for families looking for more established neighborhoods. The Warner Ranch community in this area offers spacious homes with large front and back yards – perfect for those seeking a quiet suburban atmosphere. 

Furthermore, South Tempe provides plenty of shopping opportunities locally, whether at the nearby Chandler Fashion Center or neighborhood grocery stores.

Area 2: North Tempe Perks

Located near Arizona State University (ASU), North Tempe is popular among young professionals and students who desire urban living near campus life. This area boasts several parks for outdoor enthusiasts like Riverview Park and Daley Park. Additionally, North Tempe offers an exciting range of shopping venues such as Tempe Marketplace while still being situated within reach of downtown Phoenix amenities.

Area 3: Downtown Living Advantages

If you seek an urban living experience away from ASU’s intense collegiate atmosphere, consider Downtown Tempe. This lively area features many businesses within walking distance – like Mill Avenue's bars, restaurants, shops – providing fantastic opportunities for dining out or socializing with friends. A case study example residents love is Hayden Square – this multipurpose housing complex combines residential and commercial spaces in an urban village setting that exemplifies what makes downtown living special inTempe.


Lastly,  a few tips for house buying in Tempe, Arizona: pay attention to factors such as school proximity, commute time, safety, local amenities, and attractive neighborhoods. With its vibrant community life, a range of housing options, and exceptional amenities, Tempe has something for everyone. South Tempe, North Tempe, and Downtown cater to various lifestyles; explore these lively areas today and you might soon be calling Tempe your new home.


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