The Art of Fencing: 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Video Portfolio When Choosing A Contractor

June 20, 2023

Fencing is essential for your property's privacy, boundary demarcation, and security. You also have the option for custom fencing, which enhances aesthetics, provides tailored functionality, and increases your property's value. Contractors offering bespoke fencing services have pictures or video portfolios. As a homeowner, you should always consider a video portfolio when choosing a fencing contractor for the following reasons:

Craftsmanship Quality Assessment

You can assess the contractor's craftmanship from the video portfolio. Unlike static images, a video portfolio will show the entire process and the final results. This portfolio also lets you observe the contractor's techniques, tools, and how they assemble the components when making fences. A video portfolio also allows you to compare different videos and determine consistency in the result. With this feature, you will clearly understand the contractor's expertise and experience. You can find the video portfolios on the contractors' website or connected social media pages.

Design Ideas Inspiration

A video portfolio can also act as a source of ideas for your custom-tailored fence. Unlike written descriptions or static images, videos provide dynamic visual representations of different designs. You envision how different fence designs will look on your property. In addition, the visual presentation showcase real-life application, which will help you develop ideas ideal for your type of gate, landscape, and architecture. Some videos can contain custom designs with different decorations and materials that can help you inspire fresh ideas or improve the ones on the portfolio to suit your needs.

Close-up View of Attention to Detail

Static images can undoubtedly hide a lot. A fencing contractor's videos, on the other hand, give you a close-up view of attention to detail. Well-recorded videos will offer close-up shots and zoomed views, enabling you to observe the quality of material, joinery precision, and integration of different fence components. The zoomed-in video shots also show the quality of the finish, like trim work, decorations, and embellishments. You can make an informed decision after evaluating attention to detail.

Problem-Solving Skills Evaluation 

The contractors will likely encounter uneven terrain, existing structures, and underground utilities. Besides, they might need more access to the installation site and adverse weather conditions. For that reason, you need a contractor that can overcome any challenges during the project. A video portfolio will showcase projects in various settings. Such projects will have different challenges, and the project video will help you evaluate how the contractor solves the problems without compromising the outcome.

Project Process and Timeline Insights

Projects like custom fencing run on a defined timeline, ideally from planning to clean up. It helps if the contractor works within the timeline to prevent frustrating delays and additional costs. A video portfolio will provide visual documentation of workflow and progress. Some contractors use the videos to explain different steps to educate you as a homeowner. Watching the videos will help you gauge the time a contractor will take to complete the project. Besides, it shows you if the contractor keeps up with the deadline.

Bespoke fencing is your go-to option if you want your property to stand out in the neighborhood. However, static portfolio pictures will not give you the best contractor for such a project because they offer less information.

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