The nuances of a PVC mesh frame for a cement mixture for a foundation

June 1, 2023

Concrete has been used by mankind since ancient times. Until now, he has not found a worthy alternative. After all, the material is durable, reliable, and allows you to make super-powerful monolithic walls of the building, foundations, various platforms, and support pillars. The mortar, which is reinforced with reinforcement made of stainless steel rods, becomes even stronger.

fiber mesh for concrete

Technological novelty

But in recent decades, a high-tech fiber mesh for concrete has been discovered. Today, such material is produced by FiberMix, a concrete fiber manufacturer. In fact, these are polypropylene fibers. They are soft and airy to the touch. When the material enters the concrete solution, it is evenly distributed over the total mass, forms a 3D frame that does not rust, firmly holds the artificial stone from the inside, reliably resists negative external factors that contribute to its destruction.

Why is a cement slurry additive called a mesh?

Polypropylene grout fiber is often referred to as polypropylene mesh because of its structure and characteristics. This is due to the fact that the polypropylene fiber forms a three-dimensional mesh inside the cement matrix, which gives it special properties and functionality.

The product has a number of advantages that make it an effective material for strengthening and improving the performance of cement mortars. Here are a few key aspects that explain the name "polypropylene mesh":

  1. Grid structure: Soft "framework" has a length and thickness that form a complex three-dimensional grid within the cementitious material. This mesh creates numerous contact points and knots that improve the bond between the mortar components and provide increased strength and fracture resistance.
  2. Even distribution: The PVC product ensures that the fibers are evenly distributed within the cement slurry. This results in a more homogeneous and balanced structure, which improves the mechanical properties and stability of the cementitious material.
  3. Strengthening and Reinforcing: The admixture acts as a reinforcing element that improves the mechanical properties of the cement slurry. It increases its strength, resistance to stretching, shear and shock loads. This is especially important in applications where increased durability and resistance to fracture is required, such as in the construction of pavements or concrete structures.
  4. Load distribution: This mesh evenly distributes the load acting on the cementitious material over its entire surface. This reduces the stress concentration at certain points and prevents the occurrence of cracks and deformations. Load distribution also improves fatigue resistance and reduces the likelihood of structural failure over time.
  5. Additional functions: PVC raw materials can also perform additional functions such as improving water resistance, protection against aggressive environments, improving thermal insulation and sound insulation.

Thus, polypropylene grout fiber is called "polypropylene mesh" because of its structure, functionality, and ability to form a three-dimensional mesh within the cement matrix.

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