The Rich Traditions and Customs of Tamil Marriage Ceremonies

June 30, 2023

Tamil marriage ceremonies are known for their grandeur, rich cultural heritage, and deep-rooted traditions. The Tamil community takes pride in preserving their customs, making Tamil weddings a fascinating blend of rituals, symbolism, and celebrations. In this blog, we delve into the intricacies of Tamil marriage ceremonies, exploring the significance of each ritual and the cultural elements that make these weddings truly remarkable.

Pre-Wedding Rituals in Tamil Marriage Ceremonies

Tamil marriage ceremonies are steeped in tradition, and the pre-wedding rituals hold significant importance in setting the stage for the auspicious union. Let's explore three key pre-wedding rituals that are integral to Tamil weddings:

1. Sumangali Prarthanai:

The Sumangali Prarthanai is a heartfelt ritual that honours married women (sumangalis) in the family. It is performed a day before the wedding and involves the gathering of married women who bless the bride for a happy and prosperous married life. These women are considered symbols of marital bliss and are believed to bring good fortune to the bride's new journey. The sumangalis offer prayers, perform aarati (waving of oil lamps) and tie sacred threads (kankanam) around the bride's wrist. This ritual seeks the blessings and guidance of the elder women for a harmonious and fulfilling married life.

2. Pallikal Thellichal:

The Pallikal Thellichal, also known as the "Purification of Wedding Items," marks the beginning of the wedding preparations. It is conducted separately at the bride's and groom's houses. The wedding items, including clothes, jewellery, and other essentials, are meticulously cleaned and purified to ensure their sanctity for the wedding ceremony. This ritual involves the elders in the family performing prayers and sprinkling holy water on the items. The Pallikal Thellichal signifies the transition from the planning phase to the actual preparations, infusing the process with spiritual significance.

3. Naandi Shrardham:

The Naandi Shrardham is a pre-wedding ancestral ritual that seeks blessings from departed ancestors. It is performed by the groom's family a day before the wedding. The ritual involves offering food (Pinda Pradanam) to the ancestors through a priest. The groom's father, accompanied by close family members, performs prayers and makes offerings to honour the lineage and seek blessings for the upcoming wedding. This ritual emphasizes the importance of ancestral blessings and acknowledges the significance of family heritage in the union of two souls.

Engagement Ceremony

The engagement ceremony, known as "Nitchayathartham" or "Nischayathartham," holds a special place in Tamil marriage customs. It is a significant event where the formal commitment between the bride and groom is acknowledged and celebrated. Let's explore the key elements of the engagement ceremony in Tamil weddings:

1. Formalizing the Commitment:

The engagement ceremony marks the official agreement between the families of the bride and groom to unite the couple in marriage. It is a public declaration of their intention to wed and solidifies the relationship. The ceremony symbolizes the beginning of a journey towards lifelong companionship.

2. Exchange of Rings:

The exchange of rings is a prominent feature of the engagement ceremony. The bride and groom exchange rings as a symbolic gesture of their love, commitment, and acceptance of each other. The rings represent the eternal bond they are about to forge and serve as reminders of their promise to one another.

3. Blessings from Elders:

The engagement ceremony is a time when elders from both families come together to bless the couple. They offer their heartfelt wishes and shower blessings for a prosperous and harmonious married life. The blessings from elders hold immense significance as they are believed to bring guidance, wisdom, and good fortune to the couple's future journey together.

4. Announcement of the Wedding Date:

The engagement ceremony is also an occasion to announce the wedding date to the gathered guests and family members. It serves as a formal announcement of the upcoming wedding and allows guests to mark their calendars and make necessary arrangements. The announcement of the wedding date adds excitement and anticipation to the celebration.

Mehndi Ceremony

The Mehndi ceremony, known as "Malli Poo Choodal" in Tamil weddings, is a cherished pre-wedding ritual filled with colour, artistry, and celebration. It revolves around the application of intricate henna designs on the bride's hands and feet. Mehndi holds deep cultural and traditional significance in Tamil weddings. The vibrant henna paste is believed to bring good luck, and prosperity, and ward off evil spirits. The bride's hands and feet become a canvas for expressing creativity and cultural heritage.

The application of Mehndi is an art form in itself. Skilled artists intricately weave patterns and motifs onto the bride's skin using henna paste. The Mehndi ceremony showcases the cultural richness and artistic talents of the community. The natural cooling properties of henna provide a calming effect and help the bride relax amidst the wedding preparations. The Mehndi ceremony is accompanied by traditional songs and music that add to the festive ambience.

Wedding Day Rituals: Symbolizing Union and Vows in Tamil Marriages

The wedding day is a culmination of cherished traditions and rituals that signify the union of two souls in Tamil marriages. Let's explore the significance of key wedding day rituals that add depth and solemnity to the auspicious occasion:

1. Kasi Yatra:

The Kasi Yatra ritual begins with the groom symbolically preparing to embark on a pilgrimage to Kasi (Varanasi), representing a detachment from worldly pleasures. The bride's father intervenes, persuading the groom to choose a married life instead. This ritual showcases the bride's family's eagerness to welcome the groom and their willingness to bless him with a happy and fulfilling married life.

2. Maalai Maatral:

The Maalai Maatral ceremony involves the exchange of garlands between the bride and groom. This ritual signifies their acceptance of each other as life partners. The act of placing the garlands around each other's necks symbolizes their mutual love, respect, and commitment to embark on a lifelong journey together.

3. Oonjal:

The Oonjal ceremony holds a special place in Tamil weddings. The bride and groom are seated on a swing, symbolizing the ups and downs they will experience throughout their married life. The swing represents their union and the support they will provide to each other. As the couple sways on the swing, relatives sing traditional songs, shower blessings, and playfully tease them, creating an atmosphere of joy and unity.

4. Kanyadaanam:

Kanyadaanam is a poignant moment when the bride's father gives away his daughter's hand in marriage. This ritual symbolizes the entrustment of the bride's care and well-being to the groom. It signifies the father's acknowledgement of the groom's responsibility in safeguarding and cherishing his daughter in her new journey as a wife.

5. Mangalya Dharanam:

Mangalya Dharanam is a significant ritual where the groom ties a sacred thread, known as the mangalsutra or thali, around the bride's neck. This act symbolizes their marital bond and commitment to each other. The mangalsutra serves as a constant reminder of their union and signifies the bride's married status.

6. Saptapadi:

The Saptapadi, also known as the Seven Steps, is a pivotal ritual in Tamil weddings. The couple takes seven steps together around the sacred fire (agni), representing their journey through life's seven sacred vows. With each step, they make promises and commitments to each other, including love, companionship, mutual respect, and support. The Saptapadi signifies their pledge to build a harmonious and everlasting bond.

These wedding day rituals in Tamil marriages are deeply rooted in tradition and hold immense cultural and spiritual significance. They bind the couple in love, commitment, and the promise to walk together on the path of married life. Each ritual reflects the values of unity, family blessings, and the sacred bond between husband and wife, making the wedding day an unforgettable celebration of love and togetherness.


Tamil marriage ceremonies are a reflection of the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the Tamil community. Each ritual and custom holds deep significance and adds to the beauty and sanctity of the wedding. The emphasis on family, blessings, and the union of two souls is evident in every aspect of the ceremony. Tamil weddings not only unite two individuals but also bring together families, communities, and a sense of shared cultural pride. These ceremonies serve as a testament to the enduring legacy and vibrant traditions of Tamil culture.

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