What Are The Best Garage Door Springs? 

June 29, 2023

Garage door spring systems are an essential mechanism designed to allow smooth opening and closing of your garage door when commanded. Ideally, many people assume the door opener for the closing and the operation of your garage door is the only vital component in the operation of a garage door. Still, springs are the most critical components that raise and lower our garage door.

Garage door openers start and regulate your garage door's opener motion, while the springs offer the counterbalance needed to close and open the door. Typically, with these springs, openers are helpful.

This post will outline everything about garage door springs, including what they are, their operation, and how to pick the best one for your needs. Let’s get going.

What Are Garage Door Springs?

In a simple definition, garage doors define of long metal coils usually extended to counteract the garage door weight or tightly wound to allow the door to close and open.

Garage doors are divided into two common types mainly:

  1. Extension Spring
  2. Torsion Springs

Both springs have unique functionalities, hence the need to properly understand all systems and their working to establish the best spring system for your garage door.

The main difference between these garage door spring systems is quite simple: Torsion springs are stationed above the garage door opening and operate by twisting. In contrast, the alternative (extension spring system) is placed on either side of your garage door and operates through compression and extension. 

Types of Garage Door Springs

Extension Springs

An extension spring is usually perpendicular to your garage door—several inches from your garage door's track. These long, lightweight springs are often mounted horizontally on either side of your garage door's opening.

Extension springs operate through the concept of 'extension' as you close your garage door. The extension process generates ample energy for storage, which is released when the door opens.

An extension spring is attached to a pulley and cable system at the door's bottom. As you open your garage door, its weight shifts from the door track to the extension spring, increasing tension to control how fast or slow your garage door opens/closes.

Torsion Springs

These are stiff metal coils made from titanium, stainless steel, carbon, or beryllium copper—primarily because they boast a high energy-storing capacity. This is essential since torsion garage springs use energy stored to lower and raise the door.

Torsion springs collect and store energy through the uncoiling and coiling of their metal springs. They are usually mounted to a metallic rod—shaft above your garage door.

How To Determine The Ideal Garage Door Springs

Whether you choose an extension or torsion spring, you must ensure the spring's weight matches the garage door weight. Ensuring the garage door springs effectively support your garage door weight means your door remains balanced and seamless. What's more, it helps maximize your springs' lifespan through proper maintenance.

When purchasing garage door springs, identify the suitable spring based on how your garage door operates.

If the door springs are above the garage door's opening, torsion springs are appropriate. Alternatively, extension springs are the perfect fit if the garage door springs are located on either side of the door's opening.


What is the best Garage Door Spring?

Ultimately, extension springs have been a popular option of the two springs; nonetheless, with time, torsion springs are now the go-to option. Extension springs are now only popular at special events such as new installations.

So, what are the best garage door springs? Torsion springs are by far a more prudent investment since they are not only durable but also reliable. While their upfront cost is somewhat higher, these springs usually go up to 20,000 cycles, unlike 10,000 cycles for extension springs.

Furthermore, extension springs need more moving parts than torsion springs resulting in potentially more maintenance repairs. Alternatively, the torsion spring system is easier on your garage door, leading to relatively less wear and tear and maximum longevity of your door opener.


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