What Should You Know About Western Australia Whale Watching? 

June 18, 2023

Western Australia whale watching has increased dramatically in the past few years. Australia's extended whale season undoubtedly adds to its rising appeal. However, whale viewing season varies around the nation, as do the types of whales you will encounter. Whale populations, such as southern right whales and humpbacks, move to the equatorial waters of Australia for mating periods from Antarctic waters in May. During their journey, minke whales and even the odd blue whale pause in Australia's seas.

Furthermore, the warm seas offer a secure environment for whales to birth and nurse their offspring, adding to Australia's rising whale species. With approximately 60% of the world's whales located in the Australian seas, it is no surprise that this is a popular whale-watching location. On your Australia holiday, make a detour along the coastlines of Australia for a fantastic chance to view these legendary gentle giants. 

What Type of Activity Should You Expect From Whales?

If you've never been on a Western Australia whale-watching excursion, you might be shocked at how busy these massive marine creatures could be. They are mostly foraging for food, but since they need to get up for air, you will almost certainly catch them rising to the surface and might even get a glimpse of them spouting water. When you are fortunate, you could witness a whale breach, that is, if they rush out of the water, exposing practically their whole body. 

Is it Possible to Swim with Whale Sharks?

The chance to swim with whales is an unforgettable experience. On a full-day cruise, whale-watching activities include snorkelling, swimming, and whale-watching. From March to September, take a tour to be up close with these gentle giants. Furthermore, the whale shark is the most likely large animal to be encountered during a whale swim. But do not panic; despite being the world's biggest fish, these creatures behave more like sharks. These gentle fish are used to swimming near people and feed only microorganisms like krill and plankton. So nothing prohibits you from diving into the water with whale sharks.

What Kinds of Whales Can You Expect to See? 

The most frequent mammals observed are humpback whales. However, other breeds are also quite likely to be sighted. Blue and grey whales are the most often seen whales, although you might also spot Bryde's whales, fin whales, or sperm whales. Several species are more visible at different times of the year; therefore, you should ask your tour guide what species you can expect to see on your excursion.

In addition, whale watching Western Australia could be thrilling, and being ready for your whale-watching excursion could make the experience much more pleasurable. It will also equip you for the rare occasions when one of these colossal beasts comes too close for comfort. 

How to Be a Responsible Whale-Watching Tourist?

When you are lucky enough to go Western Australia whale watching, please do so with a reputable company that adheres to a voluntary or statutory code of conduct to minimise the impact on the cetaceans being observed. There are specific broad guidelines that respectable whale-watching visitors must follow. They are as follows:

  • The excursion's goal must be clear: to inform and amuse customers so that they will be inspired to appreciate and love wild cetaceans and their living environments.
  • Customers must not be permitted to throw, feed, or touch anything at the animals. 
  • Do not snap too many photos; it is hard to miss an image of a killer whale or humpback, but following that, sit back and enjoy the scenery. In the long term, it is considerably more potent in your mind.
  • You will need sunglasses and sunscreen when it is sunny. Most outings last a few hours and include sailing on the open sea.
  • Outfit for the occasion: the last thing you wish is to feel unpleasant on your once-in-a-lifetime excursion. The orca spirit team will provide hot cover-alls, but please dress appropriately for the weather. And when you are on a zodiac, you will likely get a little wet.
  • Inquire questions: Nothing makes a naturalist or a captain happier than answering questions about the species they get to spend their day with. 

A local code of behaviour or regulations regulating whale watching Western Australia might be based on the whale-watching region. Although they vary in extent and complexity, and several may not provide total protection for the intended cetaceans, adhering to strict rules is critical. 

Make Sure That You Book Your Excursion With a Trustworthy Company.

Whale watching Western Australia may be an exciting experience. It might also be a lengthy and costly vacation, particularly when you have kids. When going on a whale-watching excursion, it is important to investigate reputable travel operators to ensure a pleasurable and fruitful experience. Moreover, take note of the company's requirements for arriving on time to board the boat. Ensure you arrive early enough to wait for tickets and board the train. Whale watching must be a joyful, peaceful activity; racing about at the outset makes for an overly hurried beginning to your day.

In Summary

Whale watching is viewed as a journey that may bring economic worth to whales, providing an incentive to maintain them in their environment. It's critical for Western Australia whale-watching tour guides and others in charge of regulating whale-watching tourism to recognise both this activity's advantages and possible negative consequences. Failure to make efforts to reduce or mitigate these consequences may result in whales abandoning the place where they're being monitored and pressured. So, as a visitor, ensure you follow the guidelines as well. Before you embark on a whale-watching excursion, look out for crucial information on how to engage in whale-watching properly.

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