Who Takes Charge of Trimming Overhanging Tree Branches in Delaware?

June 23, 2023

Delaware's beautiful landscapes are adorned with lush greenery and towering trees, providing shade and enhancing the state's natural beauty. However, the maintenance of these trees is crucial to ensure the safety of residents and prevent property damage. One common concern is overhanging tree branches that may pose risks to people, vehicles, and infrastructure. In this article, we will explore who is responsible for cutting overhanging tree branches in Delaware, focusing on Wilmington and the services provided by Strobert Tree Services.

Understanding the Role of an Arborist

What is an Arborist?

Arborists are trained professionals who specialize in the care and maintenance of trees. They possess the knowledge and expertise to assess the health and structure of trees, recommend appropriate pruning techniques, and determine if tree removal is necessary. When dealing with overhanging tree branches, arborists play a crucial role in ensuring safety and maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the surroundings.

The Responsibility of Property Owners

Property Owner's Role in Tree Maintenance

The responsibility for maintaining trees in Delaware generally falls upon the property owner. This includes regular pruning and trimming of overhanging branches to prevent hazards. Property owners are expected to proactively address potential risks posed by trees on their premises.

According to the Delaware Code Chapter 14, Timber Trespass, property owners are legally responsible for maintaining trees on their property. Negligence addressing overhanging branches that could cause harm or damage could lead to legal liabilities. Therefore, property owners need to take prompt action to ensure the safety of their surroundings.

Professional Tree Services

Delaware Arborists Strobert Tree Services

While property owners are primarily responsible for tree maintenance, only some possess the knowledge, tools, or physical ability to handle tree pruning or removal. According to a National Association of Landscape Professionals survey, 90% of homeowners believe having trees in their yards is important. Still, only 14% have consulted an arborist in the past three years. This is where professional tree services like Strobert Tree Services come into play.

Strobert Tree Services is a reputable tree care company serving Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey. With years of experience and a team of certified arborists, they offer comprehensive tree care solutions, including pruning and tree removal.

The Expertise of Arborists

Why Hire an Arborist?

Arborists possess the knowledge and skills to prune overhanging tree branches safely and effectively. They understand the biology of trees and can identify which branches need to be removed to maintain the tree's health and structural integrity. Hiring an arborist ensures that the tree pruning is done correctly, minimizing the risk of damage to the tree and the surrounding property.

A study by the International Society of Arboriculture found that well-maintained trees can increase property value by up to 20%. Moreover, professional arborists have the equipment and tools to carry out tree pruning and removal tasks efficiently and safely. They are trained in tree climbing and rigging techniques, ensuring that the job is performed with precision and without endangering the lives of workers or bystanders.


Taking responsibility for maintaining overhanging tree branches is crucial for the safety of both individuals and property in Delaware. While property owners are primarily obligated to address tree care needs, professional arborists' expertise and assistance, such as those at Strobert Tree Services, can ensure the job is done effectively and safely.

Remember, maintaining trees not only prevents accidents but also enhances the aesthetics of the surroundings and adds value to your property. By partnering with a reputable tree care service, property owners can fulfill their responsibility while benefiting from the knowledge and skills of trained arborists. So, if you have overhanging tree branches requiring attention, consider contacting professional services like Strobert Tree Services for a safer and more beautiful Delaware.

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