Why a Trip to Las Vegas Should Be on the Cards This Summer

June 17, 2023

When it comes to Las Vegas, we all know a little something about what to expect. Whether it’s out-of-this-world casinos, dazzling lights, or a thriving nightlife, these tend to be the first things that spring to mind to many. While Las Vegas certainly has its fair share of razzle dazzle, there are many more exciting activities and excursions visitors can check out that don’t have to involve gambling.

If you’re looking to go on a summer vacation and fancy a trip like no other, Las Vegas is a destination that appeals to all age groups. However long you’ve got in Sin City, here are just some reasons why so many people from all over the globe descend on Las Vegas each year.

Bustling Casinos

We couldn’t kick things off without talking about the most popular Las Vegas attraction of all – its casinos! Las Vegas is arguably the most well-known destination for some brilliant casino adventures. You’re sure to have watched casino-themed movies over the years that are based in Sin City. Before you know it, you’re there yourself amongst the glitz and glam!

What makes Las Vegas special is that it’s home to over 100 casinos. Many of them are absolutely gigantic! We can promise you’ll never be too far from the action and you won’t have to walk far to find the fun. One of the most famous casinos of all includes Caesar’s Palace which is a must-visit, even if it’s purely to grab a selfie!


Sure, many tourists drain their bank balances betting in Las Vegas. However, you may be surprised to learn the city is a really affordable destination to visit and stay in! Getting there isn’t too difficult. Not only is there an airport that you can fly into, but you can also hop on a bus to Vegas from starting points all over the country. Check out Wanderu where you can find cheap bus tickets and be on the way to visit Vegas’s iconic landmarks.

Regarding accommodation, you don’t have to pay a fortune to rest your head for the night. While many of the hotel resorts may offer extortionate rates, if you stay a little outside the strip, expect hotel prices to be significantly lower. Like with anywhere, it’s always best to book your trip well in advance. Doing so could see you save a ton of money on your overall adventure.

The Strip

There’s just nothing that comes close to the Las Vegas strip and all those lights in the night sky. If you don’t mind crowds and a fair bit of noise, the dazzling sights of the Las Vegas strip are memories you’ll cling to forever. Once you land on the strip, prepare to feast your eyes on iconic landmarks, amazing street performers and an atmosphere like nothing you’ve experienced before.

The strip is over 4 miles long and is full to the brim with hotels, restaurants, shops, and nightlife attractions. The great thing about the strip is it’s very foot friendly. This means you won’t need to worry about hiring a car to get around. It’s pretty easy to walk from one end of the strip to the other. If you’re visiting in summer, just be aware that temperatures can soar! With that said, it’s good to take regular breaks, drink lots of water and regularly apply sunscreen.

Red Rock Canyon

While we heavily associate Las Vegas with its nightlife and casinos galore, the city is actually a wonderful spot for outdoor explorers too. If you’re looking to have some time away from the hustle and bustle, why not head on a drive and visit the iconic Grand Canyon?

The closest feature of Nevada itself is Red Rock Canyon. This is a landscape that’s not like anything you’ve ever seen before. The canyon is quite simply magnificent and is a gorgeous shade of red. There’s even a campground situated close to the canyon too. This means you can take a 20-minute drive down to Red Rock and stop for lunch while taking in spectacular views that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Music Galore

Las Vegas welcomes superstars from all over the globe who set up residencies in the city. In the past, people would see Las Vegas as the spot performers go to retire. However, in recent years there’s been a real influx of the most current and greatest singers who’ve descended on the city and performed spectacular shows. Who may you ask? The likes of Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Usher, and Katy Perry of course!

Many of these residencies are housed in the casino resorts. However, there are arenas dotted around the city that welcome worldwide tours too. To avoid disappointment, make sure to snap up your tickets well in advance as some shows sell like hotcakes!

Quirky Museums

One great way to spend a day in Las Vegas is by visiting one of the many fun museums around the city. For those nursing a hangover, you may prefer some quieter entertainment like this! The Mob Museum celebrates Las Vegas’s mafia traditions which is a hit with tourists. Another is the National Atomic Testing Museum that gives you all the advice you need should there be an apocalypse!

Another attraction to check out is the Neon Museum. This establishment houses some interesting remains of Las Vegas’s eccentric past. We can promise there’s a museum for every traveler in Las Vegas, so just take your time to look at your options to find one that aligns with your interests.

Fancy Hotels and Resorts

We have to give Las Vegas’s hotels and resorts their own section because of how fantastic they are! If you can stretch your budget, we highly recommend staying in one of the classics. These are the hotspots where you’ll find many of the casinos too.

If you’re after luxury and sophistication, a stay in The Venetian is a must. For those who are after something a little quieter and more affordable, you may prefer options like Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino or Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino. Ultimately, many of Las Vegas’s hotels and resorts are like mini towns! This means you could spend endless hours exploring them and still have more room to cover!

Fremont Street

For Las Vegas visitors craving more of that historical fun, you must pay a visit to Fremont Street. This is an excellent spot to wander down to after checking out the modern-day excitement the city has to offer. Fremont Street is a much-loved attraction that’s a hit with both locals and tourists.

With a worn and loved charm, you’ll find old displays from the city’s past. What’s more, there are a wide array of shops and restaurants to enjoy. There’s even a ginormous aquarium that contains 5 different species of shark!

Whether you’re heading to Las Vegas with a group of friends, family, or even going on a business trip, it’s safe to say the city truly caters to all. Some people may want to spend their time playing casino games while others check out a spectacular show. If there is one thing we can promise, you’ll never get bored in Las Vegas!

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