4 Tips You Can Use To Make Your Cheap Tiny House

July 22, 2023

In a world that pushes us to buy, have more, and be more, a peculiar trend has emerged: the rise of cheap tiny houses. This movement was fueled by skyrocketing mortgage and rent prices, along with a desire for a more meaningful life and reduced ecological footprint.

This trend encourages people to unleash their creativity and make their own cheap tiny houses, reflecting their unique personalities and tastes. Imagine having a home equipped with personalized nooks and canny features that cater to your everyday needs. Making your own tiny house costs far less than a regular home, explaining its global popularity.

Interested in making your own cheap tiny house? In this article, you will learn five tips to apply for your project.

4Tips For Cheap Tiny House Design

Here are the four ingenious tips you can apply.

1. Use Salvaged Material

One of the most reliable tips to make your own cheap tiny house is to utilize salvaged materials. It offers an opportunity to increase the sustainability, creativity, and affordability factors of your house.

The process of using salvaged material starts with planning and designing the blueprint of your cheap tiny house. Consider essential factors such as the number of rooms you need, the functional aspects of the house, and overall design aesthetics.

From there, you can pick and choose where salvaged materials can be used. If you're still unsure, here are some recommendations: reclaimed doors, windows, flooring, plumbing fixtures, and electrical components.

To source the salvaged materials, start by exploring local salvage yards, demolition sites, online marketplaces, and community resources. Adaptability and flexibility are key here; see things as raw materials instead of their designated function. Repurpose any materials as you need them, make it personal, and you will have a cheap tiny house that's entirely yours.

2. Use Tiny House Kits

Nowadays, with the surge of interest in making cheap tiny houses by hand, the housing industry has also picked up by making it easier. One of the innovations made is tiny house kits, which are pre-designed and pre-fabricated packages of essential parts for a cheap tiny house. These kits typically include materials such as frames, windows, doors, and sometimes fixtures.

They are made to simplify and expedite the process of building your own cheap tiny house, allowing you to focus more on other aspects such as aesthetics and functionality. Moreover, using tiny house kits can significantly reduce the time it takes to build your own cheap tiny house, sometimes by months. As a result, incorporating tiny house kits has become a popular option to consider.

3. Reuse Container

Another route you can take to make your own cheap tiny house is to reuse a container. It's an excellent choice for several reasons: it simplifies the construction process, is cheaper than using concrete and bricks, and provides flexibility and ample room for creativity.

Containers are generally more affordable and cost-effective compared to constructing the foundation and structure of a house from scratch. Especially if you can find a second-hand container for repurposing, it can reduce your initial investment by more than $5000. This allows you to allocate more resources for designing the interior of your cheap tiny house.

Additionally, reusing a second-hand container as the base of your cheap tiny house can significantly reduce construction time, giving you more time to focus on other essential parts of the house.

4. Make Cheap Tiny House On Wheels

Last but not least, making your own cheap tiny house on wheels can also be a really good option. It is a compact tiny house constructed from an unused trailer, allowing it to be mobile and transportable. Building a tiny house on wheels means your house can move from place to place as you want and need it to. Hence, it is perfect for those who want to embrace a nomadic lifestyle.

Furthermore, a cheap tiny house on wheels is cost-effective, sustainable, and eco-friendly. It is cost-effective because you don't need to own land to build your tiny house on. Additionally, it is more sustainable and eco-friendly as it requires less energy to operate and leaves a smaller carbon footprint compared to a larger house.

However, there are several key points to consider when constructing a cheap tiny house on wheels. One of the most important aspects is the legal considerations. Remember to check local regulations and building codes for tiny houses on wheels, and ensure compliance with road transportation regulations if you plan to move your tiny house.


In a world that pushes us to pursue more, living in a cheap tiny house can be a refreshing alternative. It helps you save a lot of money, reduce your ecological footprint, and promote a less cluttered yet more meaningful life. Furthermore, making and living in your own cheap tiny house offers flexibility and freedom, especially with a cheap tiny house on wheels. Hence, it's a perfect choice for those who still want to explore the world.

These tips will not only help you save the cost of making your own cheap tiny house but also allow you to enjoy creative freedom and experience less stress. Embark on the journey of building a tiny house and start living a more meaningful life from now on.


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