5 Facts About Fridge Trailer Hire

July 16, 2023

Are you curious about fridge trailer hire and if this is an option for your business? Before jumping into any big decision, you have to do some research. You will have questions if you have not considered hiring a fridge trailer. For example, will this be the best solution for my business? Is it affordable to hire? We have created a guide with five facts about fridge trailer hire to help answer your questions.

Suitable for Any Business

Most assume that fridge trailers are designed exclusively for catering firms. Yes, they are popular with this type of business. After all, you have to food and ingredients at certain, consistent temperatures. Yet, they are not solely used for storing food items. Instead, a variety of businesses can take advantage of this equipment and the benefits it can offer. Since you can choose the temperature, integrated shelves and lighting are available; hiring is a great investment for many.

Thus, any business needing a certain temperature range can use a fridge trailer. For example, this can include florists, camping sites, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals. They are not just for food items. The great thing about them is that you control the temperature, which allows you to store various items for as long as you need. Icecool Trailers can provide the perfect mobile fridge solution for any occasion. You can check out their different sizes and select one for your business. They also handle the delivery to your location. The whole hiring process is easy.

Hiring is Cost Effective

Fridge trailers are expensive to purchase. So, if you like the sound of them, you might be deterred by the price tag when you go shopping for one. Indeed, for many businesses, buying this type of cold storage can be off the cards. To avoid disappointment, this is where hiring comes in. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the same equipment and the benefits it brings. But, you are doing it in a way that is more cost-effective and easier to manage financially.

Indeed, many companies will tell you that hiring a fridge trailer is cost-effective. You avoid the lump sum you have to pay out. Instead, the cost is spread out into manageable instalments. You can decide on the length of hire too, so there is a lot of flexibility. Some companies will also give you a better rate if you hire long-term. This can be an incentive to take the jump and expand your cold storage.

Powered in a Variety of Ways

Of course, fridge trailers need consistent power to stay at the correct temperature. You would assume that you simply plug them in, and this is how all trailers operate. However, most people do not realise that they can be powered in various ways. This offers flexibility in their location and how you can efficiently manage your business.

For example, fridge trailers can be plugged into the power grid. This is true if they are located near your business premises. Most people choose this option if they situating the trailer outside their building and are expanding storage. Alternatively, you can select a power generator, which allows you to take this equipment on the road. For example, if you have an outdoor event to attend, a trailer can be transported and powered with a generator. This allows you to still offer the best service to your customers even if you are in the middle of nowhere.

Repairs Handled for You

Many businesses choose to hire fridge trailers long-term. They can be a fantastic way to boost cold storage and expand your business offerings. But, there is often a worry about what happens if there is a breakdown. Is this an expense you have to cover yourself, or with the cold storage company step in?

Thankfully, the latter is true. When you are hiring, the cold storage company will often handle any repairs. This can be a relief and mean that you do not have any huge expenses to pay. You know that the fridge trailer is going to be serviced and fixed without a big bill. This is another way how hiring can be more cost-effective for your business. You are skipping the maintenance part involved with purchasing cold storage. So, this is something else that is definitely a plus point of hiring.

Assistance with Transportation is Available

As soon as you mention fridge trailers, you assume that you have to transport the cold storage by yourself. This might be appealing if you attend an outdoor event with your business. But, then you think about hiring a vehicle for this task and the insurance you might need. Plus, a member of your team must be comfortable towing the trailer. It takes a lot of organisation to make this happen.

Thankfully, when you hire from a cold storage company, they can take over this task. In other words, they can assist with the transportation and deliver the trailer to wherever it is required. This avoids the time-consuming steps involved in arranging this by yourself. Instead, you just have to wait for the delivery.



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