5 Fatal Electrical Mistakes DIYers Commonly Make

July 19, 2023

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Do-It-Yourself projects are always fun. It’s an excellent pastime for you and your family while also improving a specific aspect of your house. But of course, you can’t DIY everything without proper knowledge, especially regarding utilities like water and electricity.

In fact, not only is it dangerous to DIY your utilities, but it’s also illegal in some states, as you have to get a permit to do so. Before you can even get a permit, you must obtain a certification that proves that you know what you’re doing.

If you plan to DIY your electrical wiring, you might want to think it over first. This article will discuss some of the most common fatal mistakes DIYers make when installing electrical wiring.

Improper Grounding/Bonding

Grounding is an essential step in installing the electrical wiring of a house. It means installing a ground wire to harmlessly channel electrical surges into the ground. Another essential step is bonding, which connects electrically conductive equipment to the system ground.

Not doing both of these steps is dangerous. One of the main risks of not having these systems installed is the danger of your breaker not tripping whenever you get short circuits. We can’t emphasize how many people have been injured because of this mistake, so hiring a Pro Point Electrical Electrician is essential to ensure electrical wiring has been properly installed.

Cutting Wires Too Short

Wires cut too short make for poor wire connection because it makes connecting wires very difficult. Not only that, but it’s also quite dangerous since it could be severed accidentally. Usually, it’s safe to have the wire protrude at least 3 inches from the box itself. However, you can add a 6-inch extension when encountering a wire that’s too short.

You’ll usually find these connectors in hardware or something similar. Or better yet, you can hire a professional electrician to do the work for you if you think things are getting too complicated. They are better equipped and knowledgeable enough to do those things for you safely.

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Faulty Wire Connections

Another common DIY mistake is having faulty wire connections. In cases like these, the usual scenario is that the wires aren’t with the proper nut or have the wrong conduit fittings, which would mean that these connections aren’t watertight. If the conduit fittings are metal, they are probably not adequately bonded.

Of course, the eventual downfall in this scenario is electrical shorts, which are very dangerous for you and your family since they can lead to electrocution. Otherwise, there will be more minor incidents but annoying scenarios like your light bulbs grounding or your outlets taking too long to charge your devices.

Improper Placement of Junction Boxes

Let’s be honest here: junction boxes aren’t aesthetically pleasing and sometimes too noticeable, especially when trying to sell your house. However, as noticeable as they are, they are placed in easily seen places for a reason.

When adding a light fixture or anything that involves electricity, a junction box is usually placed near the area to prevent the spread of sparks, electrical faults, loose connections, etc. Also, they are placed in easily accessible areas so that when something goes wrong with your electricity, the junction box is easily accessible so you can fix the problem immediately.

DIYers usually place their junction box behind walls, appliances, or underground. Just imagine having an electrical emergency, and you have to spend minutes digging out your junction box in a situation where time is of the essence.

Unsecured Outlets

DIYers usually place their outlets in a very unsecure manner. Of course, it’s hazardous to do so since an electrical arc might happen. This is a hazardous situation since it’s a fire hazard, and anything the outlet is attached to is also at risk of getting short-circuited, leading to destruction.

Several signs of an impending electrical arc include the outlet being too hot to the touch or not working anymore. Other than an unsecure outlet, an electrical arc could also be caused by faulty outlets and the environment itself, which is most likely if it’s in an area that is moist or constantly in contact with any type of liquid.

Using the Wrong Wires

Yet another mistake that DIYers usually make is using the wrong wires. For example, using an indoor wire for outdoor purposes, picking a small gauge for the circuit's amperage, or even using the wrong type of wire through a conduit. Of course, this mistake can cost you tons of money in property damage or even risk your life and your loved ones.

Final Words

DIYing is very fun to do, but let’s admit it, not everything can be done through DIY projects. Some things, like your utilities, should be handled by professionals who have the training and experience to do the job efficiently and safely. As fun, as DIY projects are, they aren't your answer when it comes to things that are supposed to be done by professionals.

This is especially true when it comes to electricity. While it may feel nice to be able to address your own electrical issues, it’s extremely dangerous to do it yourself if you aren’t familiar with the work involved. One wrong move, and you might damage your house or, worse, hurt yourself or your family. Hence, let the electricians do what they do best and leave the work to them.


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