7 Tips for Incorporating a Bathtub with a Shower in Your Bathroom

July 17, 2023

Do you get confused about choosing a shower or a bathtub experience after a tiring day? If so, you must incorporate a shower with a bathtub in your bathroom that will save you time.

Additionally, this combination will help you enjoy the experiences together and unwind stress after a tiring day. Moreover, it will help you save space in your bathroom, making it look more spacious and attractive.

If you are someone whose family members have different bathing choices, then it's the ideal way to fulfill everyone's preferences.

In this article, we will cover the essential tips for adequately incorporating a tub with a shower in your bathroom without making it look unorganized. From taking note of the available space to organizing the design of the bathroom, we will guide you from scratch.

So, get set and know how to include a shower in your bathtub to help you get quick baths in a busy lifestyle.

Inspect the Available Space in Your Bathroom

Before proceeding with any plan, you must inspect the space in your bathroom. It will help you prepare a plan for incorporating a bathtub and shower with it.

Measure the correct dimensions and layout of the area where you plan to install both. Further, decide the placement of storage, sinks, and toilets that should likely be away from the bathtub.

Next, ensure that there is adequate walking space without any obstacles like electrical outlets or wires. Thus, ensuring you can come comfortably from your bathtub without any risks.

Declutter the Space around your Bathtub

Bathtub with a Shower 1.jpg

Image Credit: Pixnio

There will be two water sources when you incorporate a shower with a bathtub. So, if there are any items like soaps, candles or shampoo, etc, they are likely to get wet. These not only dirty the bathroom but also make the floor slippery.

Also, if anyone tries to extend their hand to pick up any item nearby, then they have a chance of falling.

On the other hand, your bathroom can look cluttered and disorganized with several things near it. Consequently, you must create proper storage spaces and declutter the area around your bathtub. This will make the bathroom look appealing and ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Choose the Right Combination of Bathtub and Shower for your Bathroom

Do you plan to put a random bathtub and shower combination in your bathroom? If so, you are wrong because this imbalance can look visually poor and give an awkward bathing experience.

To avoid this problem, choose the right combination of bathtub and shower that look aesthetically similar. Thus, they can work in cohesion and offer a lavish experience.

Moreover, such combos are made from similar materials that are more durable, and you will not have to replace one or the other frequently.

Cover the Bathtub-Shower Combo with a Glass Enclosure

Shower Tub in Glass Enclosure.jpg

Image Credit: Pixabay

As you sit in a water-filled tub, the water from the shower placed high on the wall or the ceiling will come into the tub, splashing more water than in a walk-in shower. To ensure that this doesn't create more mess regularly, you can cover this setup with a glass enclosure.

The enclosure won't allow the entire bathroom to get wet. Alongside this, it will make your bathroom more elegant and contemporary in appearance. At the same time, it will enable the light to pass, giving an airy feel.

Install Proper Drainage and Ventilation

As mentioned above, when water flows from both sides, you must have an adequate drainage system. It avoids water overflow and leakages.

Further, create a slight slope towards the drain that will ensure water flow in that direction. You must consult a plumber or expert for this.

Also, more water will create more moisture in your bathroom, causing fungus or mold. It can make a foul odor in your bathroom.

To solve this problem, ensure proper air ventilation in your bathroom by keeping windows open after a bath. Furthermore, you should also install an exhaust fan for it.

Include Grab Bars to Avoid Slips and Falls

Bathtub with a Shower 2.jpg

Image Credit: Pexels

Water will take time to drain out when you have a combo of bathtub and shower. Thus, more time will be required until it dries.

So, when you quickly try to get out of it after a bath, there are chances of falls. To prevent this situation, particularly for older people, you can install grab bars in the right place. It will provide balance while making movements or getting out of the shower. You can also place non slip bath mats for the elderly people near the bathtub to avoid slips and falls.

Install Adequate Lighting

Dim lighting in your bathtub with a shower can make an unpleasant ambiance in the bathroom and create challenges to navigate. So, it is helpful to install adequate lighting to create a pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom and help you get clear visibility during and after baths.

In addition, you can choose to install waterproof lights that won't be damaged after coming in contact with moisture.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to save time in bathing or get a more relaxing and therapeutic bath, incorporating a shower in your bathtub is all you need. It will be the best way to enjoy both experiences and save some space, making it look more open. These tips will help you set the best bathing experience for your family members, meeting everyone's expectations.

Given this flexibility, you can get a refreshing bath session to relax after a tiring day. Plus, you can decorate some candles and flowers near it when you want to get a memorable and extended bath. Consequently, these tips will help you create visual and functional harmony in your bathtub, giving a comfortable bath.


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