Are South London Drain Unblocking Services Costly?

July 13, 2023

You have a sinking feeling when you discover you have a blocked drain. You are wondering how much this problem is going to cost you. Will it be expensive to call in a professional drainage company?

Unfortunately, you often have no choice. A blockage can be so bad that the water cannot drain at all. This can lead to flooding, as well as unpleasant odours and unusable drains. So, there is little you can do to reverse the situation other than call in a drainage company in the South London area.

So, the big question is, are South London drain unblocking services as costly as you think? Are you dreading something that is not that bad? Here is a guide to let you know what you can expect.

Not as Costly as You Think

Drain unblocking services can appear costly when you look at things in black and white. For example, the professionals will be more if you compare the service cost to products you can purchase online or in a local store. But, you have to understand this debate in context and get to know the facts.

First, know that many cheap products do not work. They may help if you have a minor blockage. But, when it comes to bigger problems, they simply do not work. They promise you results, and you rarely see them. They can be labelled as unblockers or drain cleaners. Thus, you have a situation where you are wasting money.

You also have to consider that drain unblockers and cleaning products can be damaging. A cocktail of different chemicals can damage your pipes. When they are allowed to cause damage, this can lead to pipe replacement. This is an expensive task that will cost more than drain unblocking services to fix.

Therefore, you have to realise that unblocking services are necessary. They are not costly when you consider the alternatives. In fact, there are many drainage companies out there that offer great prices and a lot lower than what you would expect. For example, FS Drainage offers blocked drains clearance in South London and offers competitive prices for customers. This includes prices from £50 plus VAT. While it can depend on different factors what the exact price will be, they offer a fixed quote so you know in advance.

Look Out for These Factors

If you want to keep the price down when it comes to drain unblocking services, there are a few factors you should watch out for. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Low Cost Guarantee

Perhaps you have found two drainage companies offering the same services, but one is pricier. Maybe you would prefer the more expensive company but are unhappy with the price difference. Well, watch out for a low-cost guarantee or a price match. This means that a company promises you a lower price if you are able to find one for similar services. This allows you to enjoy a better bill and still have the company you want.

Fixed Price Quotes

Nobody likes to be quoted one price and find out that their bill is much higher later. It makes you feel cheated, and perhaps you would have chosen another drainage company in South London if you knew this would happen. To avoid this becoming a problem, look for a company that advertises fixed-price quotes. This means that the amount they quote you will be fixed, and this is what you will pay for the services. It is not going to change later on. Indeed, this avoids sneaky additions to your bill that you only discover afterwards.

Guarantee on Drain Cleaning

You also want to select a drainage company that offers you a guarantee on drain cleaning. This is useful so you do not have to pay again if you discover another blockage later. Instead, you can call up the company and explain the situation. They should send a team back out since they promised to clean the drains. Indeed, they should carry out further work free of charge in order to remedy the issue. This guarantee offers peace of mind and might save you money later.

Good Customer Reviews

You want to ensure that customers are happy with the service they have received. There is no point in choosing a more economical service if it will not be any good. Thus, spend some time reading what customers have to say about their experience. You will be able to tell whether the team have been accommodating and friendly, as well as good at their job.



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