Bathroom Wall Panel Ideas for Every Interior

July 8, 2023


Waterproof bathroom wall panels not only protect the walls but also add to the charm and uniqueness of the bathroom. If you are tired of ordinary tiles or paint in your bathroom and want to add some originality and freshness, you can try some inventive designs of bathroom slat wall panels, which we hope will offer you with some inspiration and references.

I. Are bathroom wall panels a trend right now?

Paneling may look great in a bathroom even though it is a wet area. Although there is a chance of warping or shrinking, as with most woods exposed to moisture or temperature changes, correct handling will safeguard the wood paneling and maintain it in good shape.

If you’re going to install panels on a wall plinth, ensure all of the slats are coated and the backing is watertight. Any untreated planks should be protected with a stain or varnish.

Use a wood primer first, followed by a professional-grade paint with a lasting finish, when painting wood paneling. Emulsions don’t hold up to scuffs and scratches as well, so if you want a matte finish, go for eggshell paint, a washable low-gloss alternative that works for both contemporary and classic bathroom designs.

Similar to satin, satinwood has a low to medium gloss but is slightly more reflective of light than flat matte finishes. Last but not least, gloss will offer a highly resilient paint finish for a sophisticated, high-gloss appearance. For quicker drying results, choose a water-based product rather than an oil-based one.

II. What kind of paneling can be used in the bathroom?

MDF paneling is ideal for bathrooms because it is moisture-resistant and, unlike wood, does not expand and contract in response to changes in air humidity. This will assist you in avoiding cracks after installation, resulting in less maintenance on your part. Wood paneling, on the other hand, should be limited to areas that do not come into direct contact with water, such as showers.

Helen Shaw, UK Director for Benjamin Moore advises, “Make sure you’ve thoroughly considered how your installation will work, whether you choose a traditional symmetrical pattern, a simple and elegant tongue-and-groove design, or a more modern geometric design.”

Aside from wood paneling, there are panels made of advanced composite materials such as Orac Decor, as well as traditional paneling styles made of ceramics and tiles.

III. Ideas for bathroom wall panels

1. Double delight


Why limit yourself to one set of panels when you can have two? Here, pleated panels sit below traditional framed panels for a dramatic look. Using the same color soothes the eye and draws attention to the different details of the wood. The two sections of the wall are separated by an ornate architrave, which also doubles as a handy shelf.

Dark tones contrast with light floors and keep the room from becoming too dark. The overall look is subtly enhanced by adding potted plants.

2. Frame features


Paneling is a great way to add sparkle to a room. While the bold color adds drama, the crisp, clean white finish can frame any function.

In this bathroom, a white paneled wall draws attention to the vanity. The wood echoes the cabinetry, giving the ensemble a subtle and sophisticated look. And the stark contrast with the black glossy counter adds a touch of glamour. The bright white also works wonderfully in any room that needs to maximize light.


3. Wallpaper


Wallpaper is often overlooked in bathrooms — but with modern materials that can handle wet conditions, there’s no reason to keep using them. Here, heavy, flocked wallpaper looks great above half-height paneling. White wood elevates the look and stops it from being oppressive. A white vanity, white picture frame and delicate vase add style.

If you opt for a gorgeous look like this one, the plain floor gives the eyes somewhere to rest. In this case, dark wood floors provide subtle warmth.


4. Three-quarters theatre


If you’re looking for a little more drama, why not consider three-quarter height wood paneling? This is a great way to create an eye-catching focal point in any room. In the bathroom it is especially suitable as a backdrop for the bathtub.

In this bathroom, white paneling and light blue painted walls are a light, comforting and bright hue. They contrast with the top of the brown marble vanity.

Paneling also provides a way to secure extra-long rails to the wall without risking damage to the drywall. This creates a simple but attractive home for towels, bathrobes and brushes.

5. Floorboard fellowship


The vertical lines of the tongue and groove paneling echo the floor in this tranquil design scheme. It’s a subtle but very effective way to create a soothing cohesion to your design proposals.

Note that the floor here is slightly wider than the panels. If you choose this look, be sure to plan the layout carefully. In both cases, you want the central plank to be exactly in the middle of the room. This will give the end result a pleasing symmetry.

6. Coordinate with cabinets


Another great way to create an elegant look in your bathroom is to coordinate the paneling with your cabinets. In this bathroom, half-height lap panels are painted the same hue as the tub panel and vanity. You can even go a step further and paint the inside of your bathroom door to match.

The double lines between the shiplap planks echo the framed paneling of the cabinets and tub. It’s a subtle detail that makes all the difference. Use accessories for the finishing touch. We love the way the towels here echo the white porcelain, with narrow bands the same color as the wood.

7. Upper half bulge


When we think about paneling, we usually think about placing it at the base of the wall. But this bathroom shows it can work in reverse! In this case, the paneling is kept simple, adding texture and framing sconces, mirrors and artwork.

Keep the top and bottom of the walls the same color for a sophisticated touch. The warm tones go well with the printed patterned floors. Traditional full-height louvres balance the panels, preventing the exterior from becoming top-heavy.

8. Luxury leather


We’re used to thinking of paneling as being made of wood — but that’s not always the case. In this sleek bathroom, the panels are made from leather.

The unusual design features squares of different sizes in cool gray tones. Bold shapes are complemented by square basins and mirrors. The tone complements the gray countertops and brushed metal mirror frames.

Leather is both beautiful and durable. But buying leather panels is an expensive business, so ask if they’re right for your bathroom before buying.

9. Full-on fabulousness


We’ve looked at various options for adding paneling to part of your bathroom wall. But in this look, it covers the entire wall.

The light cream paint stops this effect from being too strong. It pairs perfectly with the cream floors and painted fire walls. A subtle contrast with the white roll-top bathtub adds warmth to the room. The paneling also looks great against wall sconces. Here, uplights were chosen to illuminate the space with a soft glow.



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