Best Brands of Weighted Blankets in 2023

July 3, 2023

When you need a weighted blanket, it means you are tired of troubled sleep, and it will be best if you are not again troubled when trying to find the right brand. And the market out there will never stop being infused by brands.

Some are just out there to get your money at the expense of quality, while some are legit. So what can you do? All there is to do is to read on to discover those brands you can trust.


Have you ever heard of dreams manifesting when searching for a weighted blanket brand with all the blanket types to quench different needs? YNM is such a brand. Their various weighted blankets with different weights, sizes, and materials will surely have the right ones you need.

Take the YNM Cooling Weighted Blanket. Made from 100 % natural bamboo viscose, this blanket is breathable and cool to the touch on its exterior, ensuring a restful night's sleep.

If kids are on your mind, check out the YNM Kids Weighted Blanket with its fun, sophisticated pattern. Crafted from 100% cotton, it comes in two weights to meet the preferences of its user. There's also the YNM Weighted Blanket With Removable Cover that will make all the difference in convenience.

A trustworthy 1-year warranty and 30-day return policy make it worth your investment. Pick up some much-needed relaxation and stress relief from YNM's quality weighted blankets.

Gravity Blankets

Talk of the Weighted Blankets That Bring Gravity to Its Knees. Gravity Blankets has garnered the attention of consumers for its high-quality weighted blankets. Their blankets are made from premium-grade materials with evenly spread glass beads for maximum weight distribution.

There's a Gravity Blanket for every individual preference, ranging from lightweight loungewear to heavyweight sleep solutions.

These blankets have one thing in common - they will have you feeling like gravity is trying to gently guide you into the land of dreams as they luxuriously guide your slumber's way.

Baloo Living

Take on the Weight, Take in the Calm. Baloo Living is another brand that produces excellent weighted blankets. Their blankets are built to last using glass beads made free of harmful chemicals such as lead and chemical-free cotton for fabric. Their blankets encourage calmness with gentle pressure and have many benefits when used as intended.

The company has developed its products from natural and organic sources to be soft, breathable, hypoallergenic, and comfortable. There are various weights suitable for different needs and applications. So wrap yourself up in a Baloo Living weighted blanket and feel all your worries disappear. It's like getting that hug from Mother Nature for real!


Talk of innovation and modernism and think of it bearably. It's common to get conventional blankets filled with beads and pellets. Bearaby may have the glass beads. Yes, but their knit work distributes the weight evenly. Their organic cotton and Tencel products are also user-friendly, besides being eco-friendly.

Wrap up

Choosing the perfect weighted blanket is serious business, but we can still have fun on this road. So why not visit YNM website and check out their fantastic range of weighted blankets? Trust me; your dreams will thank you for this well-intentioned move down the insomnia path later. Now go ahead and snuggle yourself into blissful slumber!


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