DevOps Online Training: Learning DevOps from Anywhere, Anytime

July 10, 2023

DevOps is the latest innovation in the world of software development. It helps to improve collaboration between the operations and development teams, leading to increased productivity and shortened product life cycles. A large number of organizations are adopting DevOps methodologies at a rapid pace.

As a result, the demand for DevOps professionals in the industry is extremely high. In this scenario, pursuing DevOps online training can benefit IT specialists. If you are skeptical about pursuing a DevOps online course, explore this article to understand why it’s pivotal for your career growth.

Benefits of learning DevOps online

A few benefits of pursuing a DevOps online course:


In an online DevOps course, you will get an ample amount of flexibility. It is particularly suitable for working professionals who want to upgrade their skills to pursue better opportunities in the IT sector. The online mode ensures you can learn at your own pace and time while balancing work simultaneously.

Lower cost

The DevOps online training and certification programs are highly affordable. Several online DevOps courses are also available with EMI options. Moreover, the online mode of these courses ensures that you can save on your commuting costs. You will be able to learn comfortably from a corner of your home.

Experienced faculty members

The best DevOps online training program will have the best mentors. You can learn from industry experts, who will design the course curriculum according to the latest trends. The valuable insights from top experts and their mentorship will make you job-ready. Moreover, the mentors will constantly be there to answer your queries and ensure you have a clear understanding of the fundamental DevOps concepts.

Industry-relevant projects

The DevOps online training courses include various industry-related projects. Therefore, these courses will sharpen your theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Working on these projects will allow you to apply your DevOps skills in real-world scenarios.

Networking opportunities

Despite the online mode, you will get opportunities for networking during a DevOps training program. You can connect with peers and industry experts and learn from their valuable insights. Finding valuable connections in the industry will work in your favor while finding jobs.

Salary hike

Several professionals pursue a DevOps online training program to get a hike in their salary. Trained DevOps professionals are in demand in leading organizations all over the globe. The high demand comes with an attractive compensation package and various other perks. The average annual salary for DevOps professionals in the US is $1,05,217.

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Career options after pursuing a DevOps course

After pursuing a DevOps online training program, you can pursue the following job roles:

DevOps Architect

A DevOps architect is required to analyze and execute DevOps processes inside an organization. These professionals are responsible for building the entire DevOps environment and incorporating different DevOps methodologies according to industry standards. They must find the right tools for automating certain aspects of the software development process.

A DevOps architect is also required to speed up the software development, testing, and production deployment. In some organizations, these professionals must mentor the development and operations teams. They have to monitor, review, and maintain technical operations from the perspective of a leader.

Integration Specialists

A DevOps online course also offers the skills to become an integration specialist. These professionals are responsible for collaborating with the operations and development team to maintain the integration and continuity of the code. They are required to possess a holistic view of the working environment.

They must also collaborate with the engineering and testing teams to fulfill infrastructure needs. Integration specialists also help with developed automation. Moreover, they work with cloud architects to execute the containers according to the requirements of the software development engineers.

Automation Engineer

An automation engineer is required to develop and maintain the CI/CD process for different applications. They are required to possess knowledge about tools like Jenkins, Gradle, Maven, Git, and more. They are responsible for automating the configuration management across platforms and infrastructures with the help of tools like Puppet, Chef, and Ansible.

They are also responsible for developing and administering virtual machine containers with the help of Docker, Kubernetes, and other similar tools. Automation engineers also perform logging and monitoring activities with the help of tools like Splunk, ELK stack, Zabbix, and Nagios.

Security Engineer

DevOps security engineers need to be familiar with tools for configuration management and log management to guarantee security. DevOps processes are focused on a continuous philosophy of security.

In a conventional waterfall software development lifecycle, security is primarily implemented while releasing the code to production. However, in DevOps, security is prioritized throughout the product life cycle.

DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer is responsible for building, maintaining, and improving DevOps processes and infrastructures. They must collaborate with the development, operations, and testing teams to maintain a smooth and efficient software delivery pipeline. Some responsibilities of a DevOps engineer are as follows:

  • Writing deployable scripts
  • Testing and debugging software
  • Building reusable code

Collaborating with developers and receiving feedback to understand software condition

DevOps engineers must also troubleshoot issues as and when they pop up to deliver a software solution on time. Moreover, they need to use agile principles to adapt to organizational changes.

Pursuing a DevOps online training program can be highly beneficial for your IT career. The courses offer comprehensive DevOps knowledge and skills that make you noticeable among employers. You can work on various industry-related projects throughout these courses and expand your practical knowledge. Enroll in an online DevOps course today to pursue different career paths in the IT sector.



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