Discovering Your Sonic Identity: A Guide to Choosing the Right Genre Beats

July 26, 2023

Music is an expression of who we are, and finding the right genre for your music is a crucial step in creating your unique sound. The beat you choose lays the foundation of your track, setting its mood and energy. It’s like the heartbeat of your song – and it needs to match your own. So, how do you find the right genre beats for your music?

Understanding Your Musical Preferences

Start with what you know and love. Your favorite songs are a reflection of your tastes, and this can help you identify the genres you gravitate towards. Create a list of your top songs and artists, then categorize them by genre. This process will give you a clearer picture of your musical inclinations.

It's also useful to consider your favorite songs' characteristics. For instance, if your playlist consists of songs with a tempo of 140 beats per minute (BPM), you might lean towards genres such as hip-hop, trap, and grime, which commonly use this tempo . With online platforms offering a vast range of beats for sale. Alternatively, if you find yourself drawn to songs with a slower pace around 90 BPM, genres like hip-hop, R&B, and pop could be your sweet spot

Identifying Your Key

The key of a song can greatly influence its mood and tone. For instance, a song in A minor, such as Kanye West’s “Heartless,” can convey a different emotion compared to a song in A major. Understanding the keys of your favorite tracks can provide valuable insights into the type of beats that resonate with you.

Experiment with different keys while writing or freestyling. This will not only help you understand which keys suit your vocal range but also which ones complement your lyrical content and delivery style.

Navigating Genre Fusion

Music genres are not rigid boxes, and blending elements from different genres can create a unique sound. An artist like Tame Impala mixes psychedelic rock with R&B and electronic, and Anderson Paak blends R&B with hip-hop and jazz. Taking inspiration from these artists, you can start with a root genre that you identify with and mix elements from others to create your distinctive sound.

Think about your dream artists to collaborate with. What genres do they represent? This can be a useful guide in deciding your own genre. If you see yourself sharing a stage with artists like them, it means their music style resonates with yours.

Reflecting on Your Audience

Your music creates a community around you. When choosing your genre, consider the type of audience you want to attract. Reflect on where you enjoy spending your time, the live shows you attend, and the type of music that surrounds you. Your genre should be a reflection of both your personal taste and the community you want to engage with.

Remember, the genre you choose is not a binding contract. As your music evolves, your genre can too. Music is a journey, not a destination, and your genre is simply a path you're exploring.

Unleashing Your Creativity

Write songs, and then write some more. As you create, you'll begin to notice patterns and preferences in your songwriting. This process can provide invaluable insights into the genres that align with your creative instincts.

Your instruments can also guide your genre choice. For instance, if you play the guitar, rock could be a root genre for you. You can then blend other genres into your rock foundation to create a sound that aligns with your skills and preferences.

Ultimately, your genre should feel right. It should reflect who you are as an artist and resonate with your long-term vision. Be patient with yourself, and don't force it. Your sonic identity will emerge organically as you continue to create and explore.


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