Elevate Your Business Through Creative Product Descriptions

July 18, 2023

We commend your dedication as you've invested months of hard work perfecting your new product, and now it's time for its grand launch. Now you’re eagerly uploading it to your website, and you are certain that customers will be dazzled by your innovation and ingenuity.

Yet a week later, crickets. Not a single sale or even an inquiry. What went wrong?

Well, you fell prey to the curse of the generic product description; that's what you thought at that time. Like so many before you, you assumed a basic rundown of specs and features would suffice to entice customers.

A Reality Check!

All the way till now, you have been assuming it all wrong; let us correct you by the facts we have gathered carefully for you.

In today's oversaturated market, it takes a creative, compelling copy of any product to capture attention and obviously - to stand out from the crowd. If you want to move uphill with sales with your new product, you'll need to employ the secret weapon of quirky, curiosity-piquing product descriptions.

Read on to discover how even the most mundane of items can be transformed into irresistible must-haves through the power of words.

Your sale numbers will thank you, and you will thank this blog soon after.

Checklist for Writing Creative Product Descriptions That Generates Crazy Revenue

To create a creative product description that makes your brand stand out and gets you ten folds money, follow this or totally ignore this irreverent checklist if you don’t want sales:

Paint Picture with Words

Help your customers visualize what it’s like to own and use your product. Describe the sensory experience in vivid detail.

For example, mention the smooth rubberized texture of the controls, the freshly-mowed grass scent of the fabric softener, and the symphony of crisp high notes and thundering bass your Bluetooth speaker produces.

Don't just state the facts; bring the product to life!

Focus On Benefits, Not Features

Tell customers what’s in it for them, not just what the product does.

For example, a camera that "captures 20 megapixels of stunning detail" is fine. However, a camera that "lets you take professional-quality photos of your kids without missing a single adorable moment" is better.

Use Vivid Language.

Grab attention with dramatic words and sensory imagery.

If you’re selling lemonade, say its “thirst-quenching” and “sunshine-yellow,” not just “sweet” and “lemon-flavored.”

At the same time, avoid overselling – your lemonade still won’t actually transport customers to a tropical island paradise.

Injecting Humor Appropriately.

A little good-natured wit can make your product descriptions memorable and shareable. Subtly poke fun at the mundane tasks your product helps accomplish or the everyday annoyances it eliminates. Keep things lighthearted and avoid sarcasm.

The goal is to make customers chuckle, not question the quality or usefulness of your product. But be careful – humor is highly subjective and can come across as snarky or lame if not done well. Test it on multiple people first.

  • Share Interesting Backstories or Origin Tales.

Weave an amusing anecdote or story into your product description. Perhaps share how the product idea first came to the inventor or a funny disaster that occurred during the prototyping phase.

Stories help to forge a personal connection and build trust with customers. Just be sure the story is concise and actually reveals something compelling about the product’s benefits or origins. No rambling allowed!

Don’t fabricate details or make claims that aren’t 100% factual.

  • Use A Casual, Conversational Tone.

Write the way you talk to engage customers in real life. Say “you” and “your” and ask lots of questions.

But avoid being too informal – you’re still representing a business. Find the right balance for your brand’s personality.

  • Include Keywords.

Insert popular search terms, synonyms, and related phrases into your descriptions to help with search engine optimization.

But use them naturally – don’t overstuff just for the algorithms. Focus on the humans reading your words.

  • Be Inclusive and Avoid Insensitive Language

Respect people from all walks of life in your writing. And get feedback from a diverse group if possible. Your product descriptions should make everyone feel welcomed and represented.

  • Use Creative Comparisons

Compare your product to something familiar but slightly exaggerated or over the top.

For example, describe a kitchen timer as a "culinary guardian angel" or a massage pillow as "divine cloud nine comforts."

Hyperbolic comparisons are memorable and help customers look at ordinary products in a new light. Have fun with it but avoid being too silly. The comparison should make sense on some level.


All in, with a dose of creativity, you can transform boring old product descriptions into a key part of your brand’s personality.

Engage your customers, give them a chuckle, and convince them that your product is something worth owning all at the same time. That’s the power of wildly creative product descriptions!

In addition, crafting concise product descriptions, to the point, and optimized for search engines, is crucial. While there may be exceptions to this rule, most descriptions should prioritize the inclusion of relevant keywords.

If space is limited, it's advisable to incorporate those keywords into the product title. Incorporating powerful words can help your product shine. Ultimately, the key is to provide shoppers with clear, concise, and easily scannable information. So, don't worry too much!

If it's effective, stick with that formula.

And if you still find yourself in the middle of the sea with your product and no help is around the corner, take Lincoln Creative writers as your rescuers. Let them take charge of writing persuasive and engaging descriptions, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

They’ll provide you with fantastic product descriptions that will bolster sales and set you apart from the competition, as they specialize in creating outstanding product descriptions that capture your audience's attention.

Their team of skilled writers understands the art of crafting compelling product descriptions that effectively showcase your products' unique features and benefits.


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