Garage Door Springs: The Unsung Heroes of Home Security and How to Keep Them Reliable

July 28, 2023

Have you ever contemplated the importance of your garage door? It's a portal that safeguards your vehicle, protects your belongings, and acts as a second entrance to your home. It's a blend of aesthetics, function, and security that, like every mechanical system, requires routine upkeep. And when it comes to the nitty-gritty of garage doors, the heart of the system lies in the humble garage door springs.


As the resident specialists in garage door repair and installation in Milwaukie, we at PDX Garage Door understand the crucial role these components play. And in our experience, the importance of garage door springs is often overlooked until they fail. And when that happens, it can be both inconvenient and dangerous.


This article aims to share our wealth of knowledge about garage door springs and the signals that they may need repair or replacement. Our goal? To ensure the safety and security of your homes while highlighting our professional expertise in everything garage door-related, from garage doors repair in Milwaukie to garage door spring replacement.


Repair or Risk: Signs that Garage Door Springs Need Attention


For an untrained eye, a garage door spring may seem like a minor part, but it carries a huge responsibility. It counteracts the weight of the door, allowing it to open and close smoothly. When these springs experience issues, they can bring the whole system to a halt.


So, what are the signs that your garage door springs need attention? The signs can be subtle or glaringly obvious. One of the most common indicators is a heavy door. If you notice that your garage door seems harder to lift than usual, or it comes crashing down faster than it should, this could be a telltale sign that the springs are wearing out. The springs are designed to make the heavy door feel light. If they're not working properly, you'll feel the full weight of the door.


Another sign of a potentially malfunctioning spring is a loud, sudden noise. If your garage door spring breaks, it can make a noise loud enough to be mistaken for a firecracker or gunshot. This is because the spring unwinds rapidly due to the tension it's under. If you've heard a loud noise coming from your garage recently, it might be worth taking a closer look at your garage door springs.


Yet another sign that your springs need attention is an unevenly opening garage door. When a garage door spring breaks, one side of the door may rise quicker than the other. The door may even appear crooked. This is not just an aesthetic issue but also a safety one, as the door could potentially come off its tracks.


A more obvious sign would be visible gaps in the springs. Over time, due to the strain of lifting and lowering your garage door, the spring may develop a gap or even break into two pieces. This is a clear indication that it's time for a garage door spring replacement.


Ignoring these signs may lead to further damage and costly repairs. Moreover, it can also pose a risk to your safety and that of your loved ones. Therefore, it's crucial to address these signs promptly and seek professional help if needed. PDX Garage Door, the leading service for garage door installation in Milwaukie, is always ready to lend a helping hand.


Remember, catching these issues early on can save you from a troublesome, potentially hazardous situation down the line. Even if you're not entirely sure what's causing the issue, it's always a good idea to have an expert take a look. After all, better safe than sorry!


Preventing Spring Snaps: Essential Maintenance Tips for Longevity and Safety


A well-maintained garage door is not only a convenience; it also adds to the safety and value of your home. While professional maintenance and repair are essential, there are also a few simple steps you can take to ensure your garage door springs, and your entire garage door system, stays in optimal condition.


One of the first steps you can take is regularly checking your garage door balance. This can be done by disconnecting the opener by pulling the release handle (usually a red cord), manually moving the door about halfway up, and then letting go. The door should stay in place. If it begins to fall, this is a sign that your springs are not balanced and may need adjusting or replacement.


Cleaning and lubricating the springs can also prolong their lifespan. Just like any mechanical system, your garage door needs regular lubrication to keep its parts moving smoothly. An appropriate garage door lubricant, which can be purchased at any home improvement store, should be applied to the springs annually. This helps to prevent rust, reduces the friction that can wear down the spring, and keeps it moving smoothly.


However, remember that garage door springs are under high tension and can be dangerous if mishandled. Even basic maintenance tasks like lubrication should be done with caution. If you're uncomfortable performing this task or if the springs appear damaged, it's always best to call a professional service like PDX Garage Door. We specialize in tasks like garage door spring replacement and take the necessary precautions to ensure the job is done safely and correctly.


Another preventive measure is to watch and listen. Sounds simple, right? But it's quite effective. Your garage door will typically make a certain amount of noise when operating, but excessive noise or strange sounds could be a sign that something's wrong. Grinding, squeaking, or rumbling can indicate a variety of problems, including issues with the springs.


Additionally, keeping an eye on your garage door as it operates can help you spot any inconsistencies in its movement that could indicate a problem. If your door seems to be moving slower than usual, or if it jerks while moving, this could be a sign that your springs are wearing out.


Regular maintenance extends the life of your garage door springs and helps prevent sudden breaks that could leave your garage door stranded in an open or closed position. However, like all mechanical parts, springs will eventually wear out and need replacing, regardless of how well you maintain them.


Renewing Strength and Reliability: When it's Time to Replace Garage Door Springs


Despite our best maintenance efforts, there comes a time when garage door springs need to be replaced. The average lifespan of a garage door spring is around 10,000 cycles, with a cycle being an open and close of the garage door. Based on the average usage of twice a day, this means your springs will last about 13-14 years. However, factors such as the weight of the door, the quality of the springs, and the level of maintenance can influence this lifespan.


Beyond the usual signs of malfunctioning springs mentioned earlier, one clear indicator that your garage door springs need to be replaced is age. If it's been more than a decade since you last replaced your springs, it might be a good idea to have them inspected and replaced if needed.

Replacing a garage door spring isn't a DIY job. It can be dangerous due to the high tension the springs are under. The experts at PDX Garage Door are highly trained in safely and effectively performing this task. We ensure that your new springs are the correct size and installed properly for maximum safety and efficiency.


Your garage door is an integral part of your daily life. It's the protective barrier for your precious belongings, and it contributes to the overall aesthetics of your home. We, at PDX Garage Door, understand this importance. Therefore, we are committed to providing you with timely, reliable, and safe garage door repair and installation in Milwaukie. By recognizing the signs of spring wear and tear, performing regular maintenance, and understanding when replacement becomes necessary, you can help keep your garage door functioning at its best.


Remember, when it comes to garage door springs, it's always better to repair or replace before the break. And when it's time to call in the professionals, PDX Garage Door is here to help. We're just a call away, ready to ensure your garage door continues to serve you reliably and safely for years to come.


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