How to select third party Pen Testing Service

July 15, 2023

In the present day cyber security threat environment, third party pen testing services are indispensable. Pen Testing is a proactive security measure. Third Party Pen Testing service teams specialize in ethical hacking. The organizations in this way can have insight into possible security vulnerabilities and weaknesses. In the present scenario, third party pen testers are in high demand, because everyday new security challenges are emerging. The businesses are at risk in absence of a sound security system. Hiring a third party pen testing service is the right solution to stay safe and secure. In this blog we will explore how to select righteous third parties for pen testing services.


Potential Security Assessment Need


The objectives of pen testing services are not the same everywhere. Each third party pen tester's expertise and abilities are different. It depends on the organization and its nature of security issues it is facing. It is crucial for organizations to determine what they want to get from this service. It is very important for an organization to communicate its needs effectively. Pen testers have the ability to identify and exploit the vulnerabilities and address the security risks with the organization. However it is very crucial that third party pen testers and the organization have a mutual understanding and they are on the same page.


Mandatory Skill-sets of Pen Testing Service Team

There are multiple ways to evaluate the skill-sets of the pen testing team. The organizations should look for a well established team to evaluate its security system’s sensitive data. They can seek recommendations from their related industry peers or professional networks. There are various ways to demonstrate knowledge and skill-sets of the third party pen testers. Some of the mandatory qualifications are: Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP). The organizations can evaluate and analyze the team’s skill-sets in their own way.

Required Experience of the Team


It is mandatory to track the record of the pen testing team’s past record and its engagement in other industries. It is mandatory to evaluate the pen testing team’s experience beside its expertise in the work. At least a senior pen tester should have five years’ progressive experience in the cyber security field. He should hold at least one industry certification, mentioning that he was a productive member to identify and address the potential vulnerabilities in the security systems. This type of selection criteria will assist the industry to recruit the righteous pen testing team for its assigned security task.

Project Methodology

Project methodology is the technique through which the pen testers conduct their assessments. It is an approach to identify vulnerabilities. It provides a structured and planned procedure to find weaknesses in the system. So many methodologies are available for pen testing. It is therefore mandatory for pen testers to select the best methodologies and tools. The testers should keep in mind specific requirements of the project. Organizations should inquire the team about the procedure of identifying the weaknesses in the security systems and provide effective remediation recommendations.


Industry Compliance

Industry compliance plays a vital role in pen testing service. Each industry has its own specific compliance standards. It is mandatory to understand and incorporate industry’s rules and regulations. Pen testing services should be conducted in a lawful and responsible manner. Pen testers should obtain prior authorization of the organization’s owner before conducting the test. Testers should handle the data in a secure way, because it may contain employees personal records and credentials. Without presenting a detailed report of the pen test findings, compliance can not be completed. The report should include compliance audit and other necessary details.


Choosing Right Pen Testing Service Team

Selecting the right pen testing team is very important. A talented pen tester has knowledge and skills in various domains of the cyber security field. The team should be aware and updated about the latest cyber security attack techniques. Meanwhile the team should plan a solid defensive measure to eliminate the security threat. Third party pen testers provide unbiased, independent and neutral assessment of the security posture. They bring forward the vulnerabilities that the internal team might have overlooked due to assumptions. In this way outside teams enhance the security measures.


Make an Informed Decision

Third party testers follow a systematic method to identify the vulnerabilities. They do so keeping in mind various organization’s rules and norms to follow sensitive data protection. They exploit the vulnerabilities and weaknesses to assess the potential threat impact. The organization finally makes an informed decision once the potential threats and vulnerabilities are identified. It is important to note that certain steps may vary depending on the organization's specific requirements.


Final Words

Selecting the right third party for pen testing service is a mandatory step to ensure security of the organization. Today in the cyber security landscape new security threats are emerging. Ethical hacking has become indispensable. By employing proactive defensive measures the security teams and the organization can quickly detect and mitigate the security threat. By considering the qualities of the third party pen testers team, the organization can significantly reduce the risk of security threats. In this way the organization can save its reputation, sensitive data and financial assets.





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