Hydrating Skincare Options: How To Achieve a Radiant Complexion

July 21, 2023

If your skin feels dry and dull, it’s time to consider your skincare routine. Whether your face is dry or dehydrated, you can often achieve proper hydration by adding the right products to your lineup. Additionally, you’ll need to ensure you’re using your products correctly. Here is how to achieve radiant, supple skin that is hydrated well throughout the day.

Always Use a Moisturizer

It’s essential to use a moisturizing lotion or cream any time you wash your face. Many cleansers strip away both dirt and oil, and moisturizer replenishes your skin’s hydration. When choosing a moisturizer product, you’ll want to consider your skin type, face goals, and the time of day.

In the morning, it’s often best to use a lightweight moisturizer that protects and beautifies the skin. You can also consider a tinted or dual-purpose cream that serves as a base for your makeup. Night creams often focus on revitalizing your skin while you sleep. You can consider a thicker lotion with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or retinol.

An additional pro tip, don’t dry your face completely after washing. Instead, pat dry and leave it damp when applying your moisturizer.

Consider Milk Cleansers

The paraben-free Celavive Gentle Milk Cleanser effectively cleans the skin while providing balancing skin hydration. If you have dry or sensitive skin, this cleanser supports moisturized skin for up to 24 hours after use.

While cleansing milk products don’t typically include milk, they have a creamy milk-like texture. Compared to other face washes, milk cleansers are mild and unlikely to cause sensitivity. They help lift away impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

Milk cleansers can be used for your morning or nighttime skincare routine. They are a refreshing and gentle option for starting the day. At night, they can be used alone if you’re wearing minimal or no makeup. If you are wearing heavy makeup or sunscreen, you may prefer to double cleanse by using an oil-based remover and then a milk cleanser.

Treat Yourself to a Face Mask

Sheet masks are single-use products that utilize a wide range of ingredients to make your skin look more radiant. These masks are often soaked in a concentrated serum or essence and then sit on the skin for 10 minutes or more, depending on the product.

Many face masks aim to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin. They can be applied in the morning to give your skin a beautiful glow.

Spritz on a Facial Mist

Facial mists are refreshing sprays that you can apply any time of day to replenish your skin. Face mists often include ingredients such as rose water, aloe vera, or hyaluronic acid. You can even apply face mist when wearing makeup. Spray it on before applying foundation to lock in moisture or rehydrate throughout the day.

Avoid These Dry Skin Mistakes

If your face is dry and you can’t identify the cause, make sure you’re not making the following skincare mistakes:

  • Washing with a harsh face cleanser: The more bubbles a face wash makes, the more likely it is to dry out your skin. You may do best to avoid products that include fragrances, alcohol, preservatives, benzoyl peroxide, or salicylic acid.
  • Exfoliating too often: If you’re exfoliating every day, chances are your skin will start to feel itchy and dry. Avoid exfoliators with abrasive ingredients, and aim to use these products only once or twice a week.
  • Using toners unnecessarily: Toners are often used to freshen the skin, but be careful using this product if you have dry skin. You may want to skip this step or use a gentle product, such as natural rose water. Avoid alcohol-based toners.
  • Taking long, hot showers: Hot showers might feel great, but they can potentially dry out your skin. Use lukewarm water when possible for more hydrated skin. Also, ensure you’re not washing off your cleanser with hot water.

Enjoy Beautiful and Well-Hydrated Skin

Everyone wants beautifully hydrated skin. Consider if there are any steps in your skincare routine that are drying out your skin, and then add moisture-boosting products for a radiant complexion.


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