Indoor and outdoor motorcycle storage; what is the best option?

July 5, 2023


Reasons for the storage of motorcycles vary among users. Some motorcycle riders ride their motorcycle all year, while others prefer to ride only when the weather is hot. They see it as mobile air conditions that give more relaxed sensations when it's hot.

For this set of people, storage is a sustainable means to safeguard their motorcycles when winter temperatures fall. Also, some see it as a means to keep their bike safe and clean during a voyage.

Nevertheless, retaining your motorcycle in your own space or personal garage is challenging when you have a hampered space.

That is where the motorcycle storage units come in, to safeguard your motorcycle no matter the season you are in. Regardless of their reasons, people make use of the motorcycle storage unit always with the intent to store it for an extended period.

No matter the reasons for the storage of motorcycles, choosing between indoor and outdoor motorcycle storage units can be pretty overwhelming but rest assured, this article got you covered.

This article will discuss the difference between indoor and outdoor motorcycle storage and how you can choose the best option that works for you.

Even though, Differentiating between indoor and outdoor motorcycle storage can be pretty confusing. The indoor motorcycle storage includes several units enclosed in a building, meaning you must pass a gate or a large entrance before accessing your motorcycle storage unit. Outdoor motorcycle storage is an open space with multiple motorcycle storage units, and each motorcycle storage is accessible to the bike owner.

There must be more about the difference between indoor and outdoor motorcycle storage. Still, it is safer to identify their features to help you select the option that best works for you.

Here are a few conditions to be considered which will assist you in choosing suitable storage for your motorcycle.

1. Ease of procurement: You should opt for outdoor motorcycle storage if you want immediate vehicle access.

In contradiction to indoor motorcycle storage, outdoor motorcycle storage offers you the benefit of directly driving to the entrance of your motorcycle storage. So you will not have to stress over walking from the storage hallway door to your motorcycle storage door.

Based on convenience and accessibility, outdoor motorcycle storage thus gives you the perfect edge over indoor motorcycle storage.

2. Security: Security-wise, indoor storage will take the lead when there is a debate over which storage is more assured.

Indoor motorcycle storage is the best option when it comes to safety. Mind you, outdoor motorcycle storage is adequate in terms of security, but It's better to opt for indoor motorcycle storage to have complete confidence that your motorcycle is safe.

3. Affordability: if you're looking for low-cost motorcycle storage, you're more likely to find it with outdoor motorcycle storage.

Outdoor motorcycle storage is generally more affordable compared to indoor motorcycle storage. This is because they give limited luxuries with minor protection. So When it comes to budget-friendly storage, the payment for outdoor motorcycle storage is the best.

4. Climate: with indoor motorcycle storage, weather, sand, and dust may be fine.

Opting for indoor motorcycle storage may offer better climate and humidity degrees which can be substantial for keeping certain parts of the motorcycle, such as the tires, battery, and so on, in the optimized condition.

5. Susceptibility: motorcycles are more prone to exposure to certain elements such as rain, harsh temperature, snow, wind, etc. Over time, this can cause damage to your motorcycle.

Also in outdoor motorcycle storage, Motorcycles are more likely to be exposed to insects and pests which can cause damage to the delicate parts as a result of the direct opening and closing of the storage door.

There you go with the conditions that suit the two of them, and It's not a one-size-fits-all assurance. Each motorcycle storage may work partially for you as each has unique needs.

However, it's left for you to choose the best factor that is important to you.

Having read the above, you have decided which motorcycle storage you want. The next thing to be aware of is the things needed to be put in place for the storage of your motorcycle.

The safe storage of a motorcycle goes beyond just parking down to your motorcycle storage space and shutting the door.

To keep your motorcycle in a sound condition when next you are ready to use it again, it's essential to take specific steps before putting it up for storage. Below are a few crucial measures needed to be put in place before lodging your motorcycle for storage;

  • It is essential to evacuate the fuel in your motorcycle tank before putting up your motorcycle for storage to avoid damage during storage.
  • Always disconnect the battery from the motorcycle and store it in a mild-climate area to avoid loss of charge and battery drain.
  • Fill your motorcycle with fresh oil to avoid the breakdown of your motorcycle as every oil has an expiration date
  • Ensure you take the tires off your motorcycle to avoid pressure on the tires, as this can cause tires to go flat or even burst.

Follow the tips mentioned above to keep your motorcycle safe while you're away and meet it in good condition whenever you're ready to use it.

You must not only select the suitable type of storage, but you must also correctly size it. Generally, you should select a storage unit that is somewhat larger than your motorcycle. That way, if you have to add other motorcycle parts to them over time, you won't run into space concerns.


Indoor and outdoor motorcycle storage suits every rider. Although, it depends on the factors that are important to you, your choices, and your motorcycle's importance. However, you must evaluate the pros and cons of each motorcycle storage to decide the one that is best for you. While you might be wondering which you prefer, I'd like to stop here to give you enough time to phantom the best.


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