Is Buying 1KG Coffee Beans in Bulk a Good Idea?

July 21, 2023

With the rise of coffee culture and home brewing, coffee enthusiasts worldwide are looking for ways to refine their brewing skills and make their coffee routine more cost-effective and sustainable. Among the most frequent questions that pop up is, "Is buying the best coffee beans of 1kg in bulk a good idea?"

This article dives deep into the question, weighing the pros and cons of purchasing coffee in bulk and sharing insights on maximising the benefits while mitigating potential downsides.

Coffee Consumption - An Overview

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages globally, with billions of cups consumed every day. Coffee consumption habits vary widely, but on average, a coffee drinker consumes approximately 3 cups of coffee a day.

These statistics underline that coffee is a regular, if not daily, expenditure for many of us. Hence, looking for cost-saving measures, such as buying in bulk, is a logical step for coffee lovers.

The Financial Benefits of Buying in Bulk

Substantial Cost Savings

One of the most significant benefits of buying the best coffee beans of 1kg in bulk is the potential for substantial cost savings. Generally, buying in bulk means a lower cost per unit compared to smaller packages.

It's not uncommon to see discounts of up to 30% when buying coffee in 1KG bags versus smaller quantities. This discount can translate into substantial savings over time, especially for regular coffee drinkers.

Economies of Scale

Moreover, there are economies of scale to consider. The larger the quantity of beans you buy, the less packaging, shipping, and handling costs are involved per unit. This is beneficial for your wallet and a greener choice for the environment as it reduces packaging waste and carbon emissions from shipping.

The Quality Aspects of Bulk Coffee Buying

Freshness Matters

While cost savings are enticing, quality must never be compromised. Coffee lovers know that beans' freshness significantly affects the brew's quality.

Coffee beans, especially once they're roasted, start to lose their freshness as soon as they're exposed to air. Oxidation, moisture, light, and heat can degrade the quality of coffee beans, leading to a stale or flat flavour.

Proper Storage is Key

However, when properly stored, bulk coffee beans can retain their freshness for up to a month. The key is to keep them in a cool, dark place and in an airtight container. Some coffee enthusiasts even recommend storing your beans in the freezer to extend their lifespan.

The Sustainability Angle

Bulk buying of coffee beans also has environmental advantages. By buying less frequently but in larger quantities, you reduce the demand for packaging materials and the energy consumed in the process of packaging.

Moreover, if you buy from local roasters, you're reducing the carbon footprint of your coffee by minimising the transport emissions associated with frequent deliveries.

Consider Your Consumption Rate

Before you decide to buy coffee beans in bulk, it's crucial to understand your consumption rate. If you're a solo coffee drinker consuming a single cup a day, a 1KG bag might last too long, and you might risk the beans losing their freshness before you finish them.

However, if you're serving a family of coffee lovers, running a small office, or consuming multiple cups daily, buying in bulk could be a perfect fit for you.

Exploring Variety

For some, the joy of coffee lies in the variety. Different origins, roasts, and blends offer a wide array of flavours to explore. If you're among those who love experimenting with different beans, buying in bulk might limit your exploration.

However, this doesn't necessarily have to be the case. Buying in bulk could mean trying a new 1KG bag every month. You could also share your coffee with friends or family, which helps you go through your coffee faster and spreads the joy of coffee tasting.


Is buying 1KG coffee beans in bulk a good idea? The answer largely depends on your coffee consumption habits, storage capabilities, and your enthusiasm for variety.

Financially and environmentally, it makes sense to buy coffee beans in bulk. However, it's crucial to store your beans correctly to maintain their freshness and quality over time.

If you're a coffee enthusiast who enjoys a lot of coffee and can manage proper storage, buying in bulk can certainly be a great idea. But smaller batches might be the way to go if you savour variety over quantity.

In the end, it's all about understanding your needs and habits. As with many things in life, the "best" choice depends on the individual. As long as you're enjoying your coffee, you're doing it right.


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