Is the Recovery from a Manual FUE Hair Transplant Uncomfortable?

July 13, 2023

Most people know you have to be patient with a hair transplant. That is to say, results are not instant, and it can take several months to see healthy growth. The full results of a manual FUE hair transplant can take up to a year, depending on the surgeon and the success of the surgery.

Many are willing to transform their lives and commit to the recovery process. But, a common question people have is whether this recovery will be uncomfortable. Will there be much pain after the surgery? Do you have to be careful in the months after the procedure? These are good questions, and it is crucial to know the answers before starting the process. This guide will educate you on the recovery from a manual FUE hair transplant.

The First Few Weeks of Recovery

Generally, people cope well with recovery from a manual FUE hair transplant. But, the first few weeks are when the most side effects are reported. For example, you can expect there to be some post-operational swelling. This is a normal reaction from the body and not something you have to worry about. Just note that it can be tender, and you may experience some discomfort. This is usually on the scalp, but it can spread to the forehead and eyes, depending on the person. Pain relief might be recommended to get you through this stage.

Generally, the swelling will go down after around two weeks. Everyone is going to be slightly different and you should rest to ensure that you recover faster. You also want to minimize the risk of getting an infection during this time. The worst will be over when the swelling goes down. The scalp will start to show physical signs of change and healing.

Just know that you will have to be patient in the first few weeks. You are not going to see immediate growth, and it is all about playing the long game. This is when the most discomfort is going to be and if you can have this in mind, you know that better days are coming. Know that a manual FUE hair transplant by Dr Yaman is going to have a shorter recovery process than some other methods. He used the best technology to carry out the surgery, which can lead to better results and a faster recovery. You can contact him for a consultation and to find out what can be achieved.

Be Prepared for Shock Loss

There is a stage that not many people are aware of before having a hair transplant. We are talking about shock loss. This is when the new hair starts to fall out. Immediately, people think they have done something wrong or the new hair grafts are not settling. Thus, they are losing all of their hair. However, this is not true, and you must understand that it is a natural body response. It is going to happen to everyone.

Usually, shock loss does not cause any discomfort. It can be frightening at first if you are unaware of what this is. but, you have to know that it is natural and will not be so bad when you expect it. A surgeon can advise you on how long you can expect this to happen. Then, when you discover that the hair has stopped falling out through this process, you know that the real results will come through. This is going to be the permanent hair growth and you can get excited for what is coming next.

A Pause on Exercise

Generally, you will have to take it easy in the first few months after a manual FUE hair transplant. This allows the donor and recipient areas to heal correctly and ensure you can achieve the best results. For example, in the first two weeks, it is recommended that you sit on the sidelines. This means no exercise during this time; you do not want to raise your blood pressure and exert yourself.

Therefore, you can focus on relaxing the first few weeks after your surgery. This is going to reduce side effects and ensure you are comfortable. After around one month, you can start lightly exercising again. This allows you to get out of the house, and walking is going to be a good form of exercise that is not too strenuous. Again, you can use this period to relax and focus on the recovery.

After around three months, you can return to your normal routine. By this time, discomfort should be away, and you can enjoy your normal exercise routine again. You will not have to worry so much about raising your blood pressure. But, ensuring you are not completely exerting yourself is still advisable.

Careful with The Products You Use

The scalp is going through a healing process straight after surgery. Indeed, the hair follicles that have been implanted are fragile at the beginning. Thus, you must do everything possible to protect them and avoid any stress and damage. At the same time, you need to remove any scabbing that occurs with healing. This will ensure that the follicles can breathe. In order to do this, you will have to wash your hair.

The thought of this scares people straight after they have had the surgery. But, know that your surgeon will advise you on the best techniques. Typically, you will have to be very careful and it is a case of following the aftercare plan. Normally, you will not wash your hair for the first 72 hours.

In the weeks that follow, you need to be very gentle. You should avoid high-pressure showers and wash in the sink or with a bucket instead. You must avoid scratching the scalp too strenuously. In addition, you have to watch what products you use. Your surgeon will be able to advise you on what the best ones are. Typically, they will not contain any hair ingredients that could cause irritation.



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