Moving in the Right Direction: Top 5 Benefits of Sliding Frameless Glass Doors

July 13, 2023

When you choose a seat in a restaurant, office, or living room, which one do you normally take?

For most people, the answer to that question is the one next to the window.

There is, after all, something special about the combination of natural light, a scenic view and a connection with the outside world that makes the experience far more pleasant than staring at a plain wall. To illustrate that point, the seats beside the window are usually the most sought-after spots in the whole place.

But what if you could extend that experience to every corner of your home, business, or next architectural project for a client? By installing sliding frameless glass doors (and sliding glass walls) you can do exactly that, enhancing a room’s aesthetics, treating visitors to unobstructed views of the outdoors, and even making interior rooms feel better connected - often a consideration for working environments.

But it’s not just connectivity, light and views that make sliding frameless glass doors a smart design choice. They can also enhance security, increase energy efficiency and boost the value of your property.

We invite you to take a seat - preferably next to a window - and read on to find out more about the benefits of sliding frameless glass doors.

Benefit #1: Unobstructed views

Do you have a garden that is your pride and joy? Perhaps it changes with the seasons, providing visual interest from the first buds of spring through the colours of autumn and into winter’s icy depths. Ordinarily, you might need to stoop and peer out through a window, crisscrossed by its ‘mutins’, which divide one pane of glass from another. The unfortunate result is a view that is interrupted and fragmented, with your window acting as a barrier to the scenery you hold dear. At best, the panorama is tastefully framed; at worst, it’s obstructed by plastic.

With the right design, sliding frameless glass doors can provide uninterrupted views across your garden and the landscape beyond, combining the stylish homeliness of ‘in here’ with the natural splendour of ‘out there’.

Alt text: An impressive view, perhaps seen through a sliding glass door.

Benefit #2: Increased natural light

The internet is filled with studies that extol the virtues of natural light. Rightfully so. After all, it can make us more productive, happier, and healthier, connecting us with the body’s circadian rhythms.

In fact, a study by Cornell University revealed an 84% drop in sight-related headaches and eye strain when office workers were exposed to natural light in the workplace. Other studies have also shown that workers were 15% more creative under similar conditions.

Aside from the health benefits, natural light can transform a room. It was recently described by the team at SIT Furniture Design Award as “a design element like no other.” It can bring out the rich colour and texture of a material far better than artificial light, making it a key consideration when decorating a room.

Don’t get us wrong, a piece of luxury glazing like a window can certainly provide the health and visual benefits of natural light, but the installation of a sliding frameless glass door can multiply those things tenfold.

Alt text: Natural light, helping these houseplants to thrive.

Benefit #3: Versatility

While sliding frameless glass doors are modern in their design and stylish in their execution, they are not reserved for modern projects alone. One of the things that makes sliding frameless glass doors great is their ability to enhance a rustic farmhouse just as easily as a cutting-edge office block.

If we were to put our fashion hats on, we would say that a sliding frameless glass door is the equivalent of a white t-shirt or a little black dress. They go with so many outfits/architectural design projects, elevating a look to be runway ready. Whatever that means.

Benefit #4: Energy efficiency

You might assume that you can’t have your cake and eat it.

What we mean by that is that you might not think you can have an architectural concept as stylish as sliding frameless glass doors while also being energy efficient enough to make them economically viable.

But what you might not know is that glazing has come a long way over the past century, even the past couple of decades. Things like low-emissivity coatings, electromagnetic glass and thermal barriers can reduce the heat exchange, keeping the inside cool in summer and warm in winter.

Indeed, standard glass windows and doors might not be as energy efficient as bricks and mortar, but that’s why it’s important to choose premium glazing specialists who can boost your EPC rating, something very important as we face climate change and reduce our energy bills.

Relying less on artificial lighting, thanks to the abundance of its natural cousin, you will also see a substantial drop in your electricity bills.

Alt text: A lightbulb, of which you’ll need fewer with the installation of sliding frameless glass doors.

Benefit #5: Boosted property value

Who wouldn’t want to eat their breakfast while gazing out at the grand vista beyond? The very idea is an idyllic one and one that is sure to inspire a potential buyer and influence their final offer.

But aside from potential idyls and hypotheticals, a recent study found that those same buyers will pay up to £20,000 more for a property with an abundance of natural light than one without. It is as desirable as a kitchen island, a manicured garden or a downstairs cloakroom. So, as you consider the possibilities, remember that this architectural investment you make can illuminate both your space and your financial future.

Sliding frameless glass doors are stylish and adaptable, as suitable for a rustic farmhouse renovation as a modern office block. Aside from looking great, their addition can boost your property value and raise its energy efficiency. The benefits are crystal clear. Are you ready to slide into a brighter future?

This article was written by William Messenger on behalf of Cantifix, one of the leading architectural glazing specialists in the UK. As well as creating innovative glass products, they also collaborate on research into the impact of natural light on our health and well-being.



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