OLight Baton 3 Pro Rechargeable LED Flashlight, Desert Tan

July 20, 2023

Olight Baton 3 Pro Rechargeable flashlight packs a punch with its increased power, boasting a remarkable 1,500 lumens, a 30 percent upgrade from its predecessor.

Creative technology takes center stage with the Baton 3 pro. It features a latest hidden proximity sensor, surpassing its previous counterpart. This latest sensor not just boost the flashlight output for everyday use but also cleverly adjusts the brightness when it detects nearby obstacles. Say goodbye to accidental blinding and hello to optimized illumination.

Operating the Baton 3 pro is a breeze thanks to its big concave side switch, providing a relax touch and simple functionality. Equipped with 18650 3200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, this torch can be completely in just 3.5 hours using a perfect USB magnetic charging cable. Once charged, it can run continuously for a remarkable 120 days ensuring long-lasting performance in any condition.

Storage becomes effortless with the added L-shape stand; permit you to perfectly store the flashlight after use. The lengthened and widened 2 way clip gives better security when attaching it to your backpack or pocket. Plus, the new body knurling design provides a non-slip grip, making it relax to hold even in challenging situations.

Prepare for an upgraded EDC flashlight experience with the Baton 3 pro. It is completely loaded with improvements to deliver best performance and functionality, bringing you a new level of lighting experience.


Excellent brightness

The Baton 3 pro is designed to deliver a remarkable highest output of 1,500 lumens, make sure a strong beam that illuminates your surroundings. With a highest throw distance of 175 meters, it becomes an indispensable friend for many outdoor activities, providing better visibility in the dark.

Advanced hidden proximity sensor

The Baton 3 pro features the Olight hidden proximity sensor. This creative sensor successfully detects the obstructions near the lens and manages the light output accordingly. By mechanically dimming the light in the attendance of nearby objectives, it decreases the risk of accidental activation or blockage while maintaining the real beam look and shape.

Side switch

This switch provides a relaxed and responsive touch, making it easier than ever to operate the torch. Additional, the redesign decreases the chance of accidental activation; make sure that your light remains under your control.

Long runtime

With its successful power management, the Baton 3 pro boasts a remarkable runtime of up to 120 days. Whether you are embarking on lengthy work shifts or long outdoor adventures, this torch will continue to give reliable illuminate, get rid of the need for continue recharging or battery replacements.

Perfect magnetic charging

Recharging the Baton 3 pro is effortless, thanks to the MCC3 USB magnetic charging cable. Just connect the cable to the torch magnetic charging port and with a little time span of 3.5 hours, your torch will be completely charged and ready for action once again. This magnetic charging system makes sure a hassle-free and secure charging experience.

Simple storage

The Baton 3 pro comes with an added L-shape stand that provides perfect storage options. Its versatile design permits you to stick the stand anywhere perfect, ensuring that your torch is forever within reach.

Included accessories

The Baton 3 pro is equipped with the necessary accessories to better your full experience. These include the MCC3 USB charging cable for easy recharging and the L-shape stand for convenient storage. With these additions, your torch is completely equipped to meet your lighting needs.

Optimal length

With a length of 3.99 inches or 101.4 millimeters, this EDC light delivers a perfect balance between functionality and compactness, providing a relax grip and ease of handing in many conditions.

Sleek diameter

This light feature a diameter of 0.91 inches or 23 millimeters with a perfect thickness, relax handling, easy storage, and successful utilization in a big range of applications.

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