Reasons Why Your Shopify Sales Are Floundering

July 13, 2023

Are your Shopify sales far lower than you want them to be? Are you not sure what is going wrong? There is a lot of competition on this platform, and you have to work hard to get your store off the ground and running. Perhaps you are doing everything you can think of and your sales are still floundering. Is there any way of picking them up and enjoying a better year?

The answer is yes. There will always be ways to improve your Shopify store and make sure sales increase. You just have to understand why things are going wrong in order to know what to do about it. So, here are some of the common reasons why Shopify stores suffer from sales problems.

Not Showing Up on Relevant Searches

One of the number one reasons why Shopify stores are not getting the sales they want is because of their Google ranking. Simply, they are not showing on searches to the right audience. For example, if you sell football memorabilia, you do not want to be found by people searching for kitchen gadgets. You will not make any sales because those people are not looking for football memorabilia.

Therefore, it is time to shake up your SEO strategy. You need be using relevant keywords and optimise your website for the right audience. This can be quite a difficult and time-consuming process. Thankfully, you can now use Shopify SEO services to fix this problem. You can learn why a Shopify SEO agency is important and how they can boost your rankings when visiting ClickSlice’s website. Indeed, you can use their services if you need help with optimisation.

Unprofessional Branding

Have you ever thought about how your Shopify looks to new customers? Do you look professional and trustworthy? While you may have thought that your branding was fun and unique, it might appear unprofessional to shoppers. You have to remember that when customers do not know you, they might be sceptical about whether you are reliable and if you offer quality products.

Consequently, you should review your branding and think from a shopper’s perspective. You should look at your brand logo and the identity you have on your homepage. Would you make a purchase from this Shopify store? You want to display your message and consider what you are portraying to people buying those products.

Your Website is Complicated

Have you ever tested your website and discovered what it was like for customers? This is a big mistake that many business owners make. They do not try out their Shopify website and know that it is actually complicated to make a purchase or search for what you need. As a result, you might be getting the traffic you want. But, no sales are going through. It can be puzzling why this is happening.


Indeed, it might be because your website is too complicated. People do not have patience when they want to buy something. They want everything to be easy and quick. So, if your site is not set up in this way, it can work against you. People will get irritated and leave. Instead, they will buy a similar product from a competitor. You could have lost a loyal customer.

Low-Quality Images

Did you ever spend much time taking photos of your products before you uploaded them on your website? Business owners are often in a hurry to upload products to their Shopify store. They want them there as quickly as possible so sales can roll in. But, those images could be low-quality and drive customers away. Most people shop with their eyes first, reading descriptions later. So, if you are using poor-quality images on your website, they will not give your products a chance.

Therefore, this is a wake-up call to use better images on your Shopify store. Take the time to replace those that are blurry or simply do not show the product in the best light. This way, you can capture the attention of your customers straight away. They will be more likely to buy a product if it looks great in photos.

Unhelpful Descriptions

Next, you have to think about the descriptions you have for your products. Once you have captured customer attention with good images, you have to secure the sale with a useful and enticing description. Some businesses just optimise the descriptions so they can rank on Google. But, people do read them, and you have to include helpful details on the product so they will continue down the sales funnel.

The next step is to refresh your descriptions. Make sure you are giving details about the products and information that makes them out to be the best. Think about what a customer would want to know about them and include this in the description.



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